Red On Red

[A/N: For this year’s birthday fic, I decide to combine Riko and Ruby, as I have yet to do a serious RubyRiko story. The Silly Lilies series was just for goofs.

I actually came up with the opening for this a couple of months ago, but then it stalled for me. Getting it done turned out to be more difficult than it should have been. I had meant to get it done by yesterday, on the actual day between the birthdays, but it didn’t work out that way.

The opening has changed very little from what I first imagined: Set up the confession, then cut to them having been together for a couple of months. The rest of it has gone through some iterations. The original thought was to write a date, but then I remembered how bad I am at coming up with ideas for what to do on dates. And realised that I just wanted to write about them cuddling. Which then became… a little more heated. 

Side-note: I always feel a little strange when I see doujins and fics where Riko is the top. I gather a lot of people imagine her that way, but I’ve become so conditioned with my own fics and the people around me, that I can’t really see her as not being a bottom. More neko than tachi. And not necessarily because she’s a natural bottom like Yohane, but because she really wants to be. I have no doubts Riko could be a top if she wanted to, as she has certainly “studied” enough to know how, but the key thing is that she doesn’t want to. She wants to be the one who gets kabedon’d, and pushed over. I can see her going so far as to teach her partner how it should be done. I certainly can’t imagine her topping Chika or You. I have probably thought far more about how the different ships would work than is reasonable.

Though if you have a different read on her, fair enough. The important thing is we have fun with our own headcanons. I absolutely do. And I really enjoy the idea of a dominant Ruby. You might have noticed in my earlier fics.]

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Big Discovery

[A/N: Just a silly idea that came to me yesterday, vaguely inspired by the current Bandori event. The story for that is quite good, though it’s nothing like this.

I was just really amused at the idea of Hagumi finally putting two and two together, in her own special way. She has such a pure outlook on life, so why wouldn’t magic let a bear turn into a human?]

Kitazawa Hagumi followed Michelle after practice, because there was something she had forgotten to tell the band’s bear. Michelle always vanished pretty quickly after practice or a performance, but Hagumi was quick too, and managed to catch up to her.


She started to call out, when a shocking sight stopped her. Michelle took off her head, and inside was someone she recognised: Okusawa Misaki. Hagumi let out a gasp.

In truth this was not the first time she had seen this, but her mind had a way of glossing over it. Yet this time, this particular time, she finally put two and two together.

Are Misaki and Michelle the same person? she asked herself.

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Fast Friends

[A/N: I’ve been thinking for a while that I want BanG Dream’s Arisa and Misaki to be friends, so that’s what I decided to write. How did they become friends? Don’t worry about it. Rimi made it happen somehow.

I have Arisa/Kasumi and Kanon/Misaki canon here, but I wanted to focus on the friendship part. Do a few scenes of them interacting. This has become a very important headcanon to me.

And I know I depict Kanon as more confident than she is in the game, but I think it’s more fun that way.]

Ushigome Rimi had a plan. She thought it was a very good plan. In fact, her pride in coming up with it was immense.

“I don’t know about this, Rimi…” Arisa said.

“Yeah, same…” Misaki said.

“See? You’re already thinking so similarly!” Rimi said confidently.

She had thought for a while that Icihigaya Arisa and Okusawa Misaki would get along if they just got over that first hurdle, so she had convinced them both to show up. She could be very persuasive when she wanted to, and getting those two to sit at the same table was an important mission. To help them over that hurdle.

Arisa and Misaki gave each other sympathetic looks. Was this really going to work out?

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Forever More

[A/N: Wow, a YuYuYu fic, in the latter half of 2018. That’s Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, or Yuki Yuna is a Hero for those who don’t know. Truth be told I started this fic ages ago, but then I hit a block, and it sat in my drafts folder for… when did I even start it? Sometime early this year, so at least six months ago. A lot of stuff in my drafts folder tends to fade from my mind, as ideas that never went anywhere, and were never going to go anywhere. But this one kept coming back to me, as if my mind searched for some way to close it. 

Then last night I finally thought of something. Even if it wouldn’t turn out great, I wanted to just wrap this up. Even though I only know of one other person who actually watched through all of season 2 of YuYuYu. And they don’t even read my fics, I think, so who is this for? Only me, probably.

This is set a little over a year after S2 ended, so ideally someone reading should be aware of what happened, but… maybe people will be willing to read it anyway, just because they like me.

As for my Togo/Mimori reasoning. The show establishes that Togo asks Yuuna not to use Mimori shortly after they meet. But I don’t remember it ever being established why. Maybe that is addressed in the novels? My personal guess is that even with her amnesia, a feeling was left behind about what happened to the last person who addressed her by her given name: Gin. The trauma of that rattled both Sonoko and Togo quite badly. Or maybe she somehow felt that Mimori was a fake name, considering she had been Sumi for a while before that, even though she couldn’t remember. But I personally feel like close couples should use their given names for each other, so… I made the call.]

Togo Mimori was walking up the steps towards where Yuuki Yuuna was standing, and spoke up once she figured she was within earshot: “I thought I’d find you here.”

Yuuna glanced down towards her. “Togo-san…” was all she said before she turned back to what she was looking at.

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Unlikely Encounter, Take Two

[A/N: Okay, I had honestly intended that last fic to be a simple stand-alone, but you know how it is. One idea can lead into another, especially with some encouragement. So really you can thank/blame commenter tsukinohana for this one. It got pretty long, though. So I’m hoping it stayed consistent. Regardless it probably has some errors I failed to catch.

Well, it was fun to write, and hopefully at least one person likes it. For what was just a weird out of the blue crossover ship, I gave it more legs than what was probably warranted.

So after doing the ‘they meet in a dream’ thing, the next logical step was ‘well, what if they actually met in real life afterwards’. I hope you enjoy! Just… don’t worry too much about timelines and stuff, I certainly didn’t.]

“Why are we here?” Yohane asked. She was tired, and her feet were aching. Maybe she should have put on better shoes, even if they would have compromised her style. But she hadn’t expected they would end up walking so much.

“We’re exploring!” Ruby said cheerfully, seemingly not having the same concerns.

“But why here?” Yohane pointedly asked. “This is basically the edge of Tokyo.”

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An Unlikely Encounter

[A/N: Inspiration comes from the strangest places. While playing Bandori, I saw someone with the handle “Yohane’s Little Demon”, while using Tsugumi’s newest character card, where she wears a nun’s habit. An exquisite combination. So my mind pretty quickly went to “I smell a crossover” territory. So here it is, short and silly, the two of them having the same dream, even though they aren’t even in the same franchise. Maybe that’s a copout, but I had fun with it. >:3 ]

It was evening, and a lone Sister was sweeping the floor of the church. Mass had been held earlier that day, but now everyone had long since gone home. Even the Father had retired to his residence. So Hazawa Tsugumi was all alone.

She had done this a thousand times before, but there was something unusual about tonight. As she was sweeping, she found some black feathers on the floor. In fact, more seemed to be drifting down from somewhere above.

“Well well, what have we here?” A silky smooth voice suddenly cut the silence, echoing in the vast main hall.

Tsugumi looked up, and saw… an angel. A Divine being was floating above, her wings spread out. They didn’t move, but she was still being effortlessly kept aloft. Her mere existence was blinding.

The angel spoke again, her voice rich and enthralling. “I thought the church would be empty this late, but I knew I felt something~.”

Finally able to do something more than gawp, Tsugumi managed to find her own voice. “O-o great angel, w-what brings you here?” she asked, sounding very feeble. She was clutching her broom hard enough to make her hands ache.

The angel smiled, at once amused, and oddly cruel. “I am sorry to disappoint you, poor, little mortal, but that is not quite correct. I am a fallen angel.”

It dawned on Tsugumi. The black feathers. They were from the angel’s wings. They were pitch black, as was the halo above her head. And the garb she was wearing. There was white accentuating it, but it was mostly black. Not too dissimilar from Tsugumi’s own nun’s habit in that respect, though far more provocative.

Tsugumi swallowed nervously. How had she not noticed? Was it the radiance of this being that had tricked her eye, or was it the darkness of the evening that had obscured her vision?

“F-fallen? B-but… th-this is holy ground,” Tsugumi stuttered forth. Her legs were shaking. Even if she ran, she probably couldn’t get away. Not that she knew what the fallen angel would do to her, anyway.

“Such an innocent little lamb,” the angel said with a light chuckle. “That matters not for one such as I,” she declared, and slowly descended towards the floor.

Tsugumi was frozen in place as the supernatural being drifted closer. Her appearance was at once captivating, and terrifying. “W-who are you? W-what do you want?” she managed to ask.

“I am the great Yohane, cast from heaven for my sinful beauty,” the angel declared, the name echoing in Tsugumi’s mind. “And what I want… is you, little lamb.” She grinned.

“M-me?” Tsugumi felt like she was shrinking as Yohane came closer.

“Indeed. Your soul has caught my attention with its humble beauty and brilliance,” Yohane said, and her feet finally touched the floor. “Won’t you become one of my little demons?” she asked.

It was a compelling offer, especially due to the voice and being it came from. “B-but I’m a holy woman. Sworn to God,” Tsugumi protested weakly. The angel was even more stunning up close, her purple eyes locking the Sister in place with their mesmerising gaze.

“So was I, once,” Yohane said. The dulcet tones felt like they caressed Tsugumi’s mind. “Won’t you fall with me?”

Tsugumi’s knees felt weak, but before she could collapse, Yohane reached out, and took her chin in her hand.

It was enough to make Tsugumi feel like she was floating. Her broom clattered as it fell to the floor. “Yo… Yohane-sama,” she uttered breathlessly, and the fallen angel’s eyes twinkled.

“Such a sweet little demon,” Yohane purred. “Perhaps I should have a taste~.” She leaned in, and Tsugumi could feel her heat as their lips were about to meet.

* * *

In different places, in different worlds, Hazawa Tsugumi, and Tsushima Yoshiko, woke up.

They both slowly sat up, got up from bed, and headed to the bathroom. As they were washing their hands, they looked in the mirror, and mumbled:

“What a strange dream…”


Anime Hiatus And My General Burnout

I’ve been avoiding and postponing doing this, as if it would somehow make it not true, but it’s time to put in my official notice: I am on indefinite hiatus from writing about anime.

This is probably no surprise to anyone who’s been following along, as I haven’t written anything in close to five months now. Heck, I haven’t even watched anything in about three months. I watched up to the middle of the Spring season, as at the time I was intending to do the mid-season update post as normal, but then it just didn’t happen. My burnout was hitting hard, and at the time I told myself I’d at least do the end of season wrap-up before going on break, but I wasn’t able to do that either.

I didn’t even keep watching the shows. I haven’t completed anything from the Spring season, or even looked at anything from the Summer season. Not even Overlord, which I was so looking forward to after Winter season.

In the end I just had to face the facts, that I was too burned out to keep doing this, and basically took a break from everything. When or if I’ll start back up again, I don’t know. We’ll see how my recovery goes.

For the rest of the post (after the break) I will be getting into more of the reasoning behind this, and talking about what led up to it. It’s been a while since I’ve done any personal blogging, but I just want to get some stuff off my chest. Merely wanted to get the general notice out of the way first, for people who aren’t interested in more than that.

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Bandori Short Scene Collection

[A/N: I occasionally write tiny Bandori scenes on Twitter, kinda like the mini-convos in the game. So I figured I might as well collect a bunch of little stories, some old, some new, in one fic. Add some details, and call it a day. If I get enough ideas, maybe I’ll do another one, but this is everything I can come up with right now. A few ideas had to be discarded as they didn’t pan out, but maybe I’ll be able to figure them out later.

The through-line here is the small arc of Yukina and Lisa, inspired by the impending release of MHGU (MHXX) here in the west, but I threw in a bunch of others as well. Wanted to break things up a bit. While it hadn’t necessarily been the original plan to have them all end up being affectionate/intimate, it just turned out that way. Guess I was feeling a little romantic.]

It was time for lunch, and Imai Lisa barely had time to get up from her desk before Minato Yukina stormed into the classroom. Usually Lisa was the one who picked up Yukina.

“Lisa, I need a Switch,” Yukina said before Lisa had the chance to say anything, with no preamble.

“A what?” Lisa wasn’t sure if she’d heard that right.

“You know, the gaming thing,” Yukina clarified.

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Avenger Assemble

[A/N: I have a constant debate with myself about how many Servants I want to drag into this setting, as I already probably have more than I know what to do with. Or have time to do anything with, at least. I no longer play Fate GO myself, because my bad gacha luck was upsetting me too much. Would it have been so hard for them to give me a single umu? But I saw other people tweet about the summer event, and what Jalter is up to now, and I fell for the temptation to bring her in.

I did play the campaign where she originally shows up, but I gather she’s changed quite a bit since then. I can’t claim to have an accurate read on what she’s like now, but I gave it a shot based on what other people have shown me. That she’s tired of fighting, but wants to have a fun time, and not get left out. I saw the part about how she learned to get used to reading via manga, and that she got a summer form because Jeanne got one, so she wanted one too. And how she eagerly studied tourist brochures and catalogues to prepare for the trip to Hawaii. And the bit in the hotel room where she tries to get the staff to get rid of Jeanne because she says she’s her big sister. And that she’s started her own doujinshi circle, so I got the suggestion of having her draw things for Altera to colour.

So all of those little things got put together in my mind into this. I wanted to make her a little different from Salter, as well. It was fun to think up, and fun to write. (And yes, I like doing these dramatic openings with anti-climactic endings.)]

The Wastes. The term most used for the vast area of SE.RA.PH. that was still empty. While the Moon Cell continually created new lands, it seemed to have a policy to work on one area at a time, perhaps wanting to bring it up to a certain standard, before moving onto the next.

It was impossible to ascertain how far the Wastes stretched, in large part due to the perpetual mist that blanketed the area. It was hard to see very far in front of you, or perhaps that was just the illusion it wanted to portray. The ground was never visible outside of exactly where you were standing, and in this empty expanse it was hard to tell how high the mist rose, or how close it was. It played with your senses. Most people wouldn’t dare try to go out there, as they weren’t sure if they could make it back. Though there were some who were less at risk than others. Like Servants with the ability to teleport back out.

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Mine Tonight

[A/N: The entire original idea for this fic was just that one line of “You are mine tonight”. Of which I thought “that’s a really good line!” followed by “but what’s it going to be about?” It took a little while to figure out how to make a story out of it. I decided to go back to my roots.

My very first Love Live Sunshine fic was YohaRuby, so I figured it might be time to revisit that. Back then the reason for that ship was simply that it was much easier to come up with an interesting story for such a drama-prone pairing. This was before S2 happened, so at the time I had RubyMaru as my main ship, but I couldn’t come up with an interesting idea for them. But the idea for a YohaRuby story came so easily it almost wrote itself. Yohane lends herself so well to drama and angst.

You can consider this a spiritual sequel, though if you go back, and read that original story and its follow-up now, you might be shocked by how much my writing has changed. I had a different style back then, and less experience, so I keep thinking of how I would have done things differently if I was to write it today. But if I go down that rabbit-hole, I’ll just spend all my time rewriting fics, rather than make new ones. And I think that’s probably a waste of time.

Deciding on the setting took a few iterations. I played with ideas of them still being in high school, it being part of a confession, or a few other things. But making it a moving together story felt like a nice homage/tribute to my old story. And I like the idea of Ruby being lead/top in a relationship, as you might have also seen in my RubyLeah fics, so I kept that part. While I intend this story to be able to stand on its own, in my mind it’s absolutely a sequel to that old story.]

Yohane looked up at the red-haired, green-eyed seductress on top of her.

“You are mine tonight, Yohane~.”

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