How To Play At The Park

[A/N: This is the last of the three short ideas I had for this round. It’s unlikely this will be the last time I’ll visit this series, but it might be a while before next time. We’ll see, nothing is ever set in stone. I just really wanted to write about some of my favourite characters having children. Chris deserves to be happy. All of them do.]

“Ena! Don’t run too fast, sweetie!”


Miku let out a sigh as the little girl sped off. At least all the kids were on grass, and they’d had the foresight to dress them in clothes where it wasn’t a big deal if they got dirty.

Chris patted her on the shoulder. “Reminds you of a certain someone, huh?”

They shared a smile as said someone was following the kids to keep an eye on them.

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How A Fluff Cares For Sleepy Girls

[A/N: After doing one new story to this series, I immediately got the urge to do one more. With a bit of a time skip. Maybe I’ll even do another one, we’ll see. Hopefully you don’t mind getting the stories in little bursts like this, rather than regular intervals.

I just wanted a bit of domestic slice of life with some good girls.]

Chris was done studying for the day. She hadn’t quite started the final year yet, but she still had to prepare herself. Good grades didn’t happen on her own, and she had her thesis to worry about in the coming year. Not that she was super worried or anything, but she wanted to do well.

She opened the window in her room to let some of the stuffiness out. It was definitely getting warmer as Spring progressed, but not quite warm enough to sit with the window open all day. She took the time to stretch her arms and back, before heading into the living room.

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How To Not Come Up With A Name

[A/N: Been a long time since I’ve posted anything now. Motivation is hard to come by these days. But this idea didn’t want to go away, and was keeping me awake, so I decided it was best to write it down.

The seed of this idea has been around for a while, but I was originally thinking I should first write a story about how the baby was conceived. However I couldn’t get in the mood to write something lewd, so that’ll have to wait until later. Feels good to have written something, though. Maybe it’ll get the ball rolling again. Or maybe not. We’ll see.]

“I’m home!”

Yukine Chris shut the front door behind her. It had taken a while for this place to truly feel like home, but now she couldn’t imagine it being anywhere else. Or with anyone else.

“Welcome back!” replied a voice from further in.

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Mutual Yearning

[A/N: Currently playing through Atelier Ryza 2 (it’s very good), and I keep saying Klaudia needs to be more assertive, so I wrote about just that. It’s very short, but it’s all I’m able to manage right now. Just needed to get it out of my system.]

There was a knock at the door.


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Different Perceptions

[A/N: I’ve been enjoying the new Love Live series a lot more than I expected. I have zero history with the game that Nijigasaki are in, so I knew next to nothing about these girls going in, but I’ve come to like them a lot. Love Live’s still got it.

Ayumu/Yuu quickly shot high up on my list of ships. I love couples with comfortable, intimate dynamics like that. See also Nanako/Yukari of Locodol. And I’ve been thinking it might be fun to try doing a story with them. So this is what I ended up with.¬†

I was quite surprised to see how obvious they’re being with Ayumu’s signs of jealousy. Looking forward to see what they’re going to do with that, since I expect they wouldn’t keep putting it in if they weren’t going somewhere with it.

Props to them for wanting to make this show even more obviously gay than Sunshine was. I know there’s a subset of the fanbase that keeps denying there’s anything gay about this franchise, so maybe this one will finally convince them. Probably not, though. When you’re that stuck in denial, you’re probably never coming out of it.]

Today’s the day. The day that Uehara Ayumu would finally confess her love to Takasaki Yuu, and ask her out.

She had always been someone who struggled with putting herself out there, and every time she had considered taking this step, she had ended up telling herself that she could put it off for later. That there was no rush. They had always been together, so she could always wait a little longer.

But since they joined the school idol club at Nijigasaki, she had started to feel… pressured. Yuu was suddenly paying attention to more girls, and it made Ayumu feel uneasy. There was a sensation in her chest that welled up every time Yuu complimented someone else. Hugged someone else. As much as she hated to admit it, Ayumu felt jealous.

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Morning Routine

[A/N: So I saw this tweet, and the art really made me want to do another LL Sunshine fic. You is so hot, and I had the idea that anyone who saw her like that would probably feel the same. So I wanted to do something with it, and I believe I’ve said before that I have a huge soft spot for ChikaYou. It’s probably my favourite Love Live ship. The idea that Chika would remain oblivious until she saw You like that a few times was too good to pass up. I hope you like it.

Personal update: My recovery hasn’t been entirely smooth, but I feel a lot better, and hopefully the other issues will work out soon.]

Watanabe You woke up. This was a regular occurrence for her, even after starting college, though her morning routine had gone through a few changes. First she would get up, adjust her night trunks, loosen her bra, and pull on a shirt. Her mother claimed that wearing a bra to bed made it take longer for boobs to start to sag, and although You wasn’t sure about how correct that was, it had simply become habit. It would feel weird to sleep without, but she couldn’t deny it felt nice to set them free in the morning. It had been a long time since she slept in pajamas.

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Rare Camp

[A/N: Just a random short idea I had. I’ve touched upon this pair once before, and suddenly got an urge to do it again. It’s still rarepair week, right? I guess that’s my excuse. If you want to match SaayaTomoe, and ChisatoKanon, then these two would be left over, so to speak. Not that I’ve done either of the previous two ships in a while. Actually, I haven’t I’ve written my ChisaKanon story yet, have I? It’s still just an idea sitting around.]

In an unusual turn of events, the tennis clubs of Haneoka and Hanasakigawa high schools had decided to do a joint training camp. The club captains had had a chat, and thought it was a great opportunity to not only learn from each other, and change things up with new sparring partners, but also hold a mini tournament at the end with school pride on the line. Any rumours about anything else being at stake had not been confirmed.

But there were two members who had more important things on their minds. Namely each other.

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Hi From The Future

[A/N: My first fanfic in a long time, and it’s not any of the many drafts that have piled up, but a daft idea I came up with a couple of days ago. What if Nanami Morfonica was Chisato and Aya’s daughter travelled back from the future?

To be fair I’ve had the impression ever since Morfonica was revealed that Nanami looks like the lovechild of Chisato and Aya. And since they’re not in EN Bandori yet, I don’t actually know anything about what the Morfonica members are actually like. I briefly skimmed their Bandori wikia entries, but I hardly did any extensive research. So I apologise in advance for getting Nanami’s character completely wrong (probably). This is totally just judging the book by the cover.]

It was time for another live concert for Pastel*Palettes. Well, almost time. They still had to get ready, and in an unusual twist there was a different band there as their opening act that day. It wasn’t the first time they’d played with another band, far from it, but it was the first time a band had been specifically hired to be their opening act. To Aya it seemed like a sign of how big they were getting. Only the popular bands had opening acts.

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Toyama Charm

[A/N: The world is falling apart, but I still try to get a little bit of writing done when I can. Here’s more adult KasuAri, this time with kids (who are indeed named after K-On), and AsuRokka coming to visit.

I should warn you it’s a bit rough, but I’m basically in “better than nothing” mode. Also I couldn’t figure out how to properly end it, or continue it, then I got tired of dwelling on it, so it kinda just… ends.

I feel like I don’t even need to catch the virus to be in peril, the sheer stress about the state of the world might kill me anyway. I’ve been playing a lot of Atelier Ryza to try to take my mind off of things.]

“I’m heading out!”

“Out where, Yui?”

“To Hana-chan’s!”

Kasumi poked her head into the entryway. “Okay. Take care.” She waved.

Yui waved back. “See you later, mommy.”

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[A/N: March has not been a great month for creative inspiration and energy. Between the pandemic, family issues, and personal struggles it’s been too much stress and worry. But I finally managed to get a short thing done.

I’ve had this idea for a while, but actually writing it was a different matter. Hard to find the right time and motivation to do it. I’m happy to finally have something written, and I hope things will soon get easier again.]

“How’s this?” Byleth asked.

“Perfect, as always.”

It was a calm time for Edelgard von Hresvelg. The war felt like a distant memory by this point, even if they were still fighting a different kind of war. But as far as they could tell Those Who Slither In The Dark did not have much left. They’d seized a lot of their hideouts, taken down all the leaders they were aware of, even if those snakes surely had more they weren’t aware of. They’d even secured a lot of the very meticulous research notes the cult had made. Between Hanneman, Linhardt, and Hubert they’d managed to decipher ways to undo some of the harm that had been done. Edelgard had her lifespan restored, and naturally they had hurried to do the same to Lysithea. Seeing the girl die before her had been one of Edelgard’s big fears. She probably wouldn’t have lasted long herself, but all indications had been that Lysithea had even less time.

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