Awaited Meetings

[A/N: I wrote the original draft for this over a month ago, but I wasn’t sure whether I really wanted to make it canon. I just wanted to write a space battle, but wasn’t sure if I wanted that to be the canon response from the aliens. So because of that I perhaps went a little further with other-Ran’s bit than I would have otherwise. If it wasn’t going to be canon, I could do what I wanted. And it was fun to make a show of how over-powered Aya is. I’m just not sure if it fits the tone of what I’ve tried to do so far.

But it’s not like I’ve posted a whole lot else lately, so I’ll let you have it anyway. I hope it doesn’t feel too much like it doesn’t fit.]

“Launch torpedoes!”

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[A/N: I’m not quite dead yet. Though it feels like the world has had it in for me lately. I won’t regale you with the full tale, but between physical injuries and other bouts of misfortune I’ve had trouble getting much done. I can mostly use both arms freely again now, and I’m less exhausted.

So I haven’t exactly been overflowing with creative energy either, but I spent most of the week puzzling this together. I just wanted to be able to post something, and was glad I finally had some new ideas for the Superpowers AU. Even if it took a while to write them down.

I am now cautiously attempting to establish a timeline for this setting, since I want to work towards moving them up a year like the game and anime have done. I haven’t really paid much attention to when things are happening before, so this might not entirely line up with what has come before. But I figure the next part will probably take place after New Year’s. I actually have an idea for it.

I have a mostly finished draft for another magical girl Aya story that I might put up tomorrow, or at least soon. I wrote it a while ago, and wasn’t sure whether I wanted to make it canon, or just leave it as a self-indulgence. Regardless I didn’t want to put it up before I had posted this. But since I’ve posted so little for so long, I figure I might as well give it to you. Hopefully it’ll be okay.]

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Parental Concerns

[A/N: I’ve been feeling in a real creative slump lately. I have two or three projects I’m trying to get going, but everything has stalled. So I decided to bring back a daft, goofy idea I had a while back. I think the initial idea came from Bun, I just expanded upon it. Even if it’s short and silly, at least I’ll have written something.

The backstory here that Mordred and Da Vinci Lily are dating, and Mordred has just about zero idea what a sex is. But he’s still a lewd boy, and touching a boob is basically the ultimate lewd in his mind.

I also enjoy the idea that he has a better relationship with Salter (daddy) than Saber (father). I don’t think that’s canon, but it’s what I’m running with.

Though I don’t actually know what Merlin in FGO is like. All I’ve seen of him are memes, and that apparently no one likes him. So my portrayal is probably nowhere near accurate. I do know he magicked a dick onto Saber once. Fate/ is weird.]

Saber Alter Artoria Pendragon was lounging in her room with a large tray of chips. The staff at Burger King had learned what to do the instant they saw her. The burgers had already been devoured, with the wrappers strewn about the floor. Those could be cleaned up later. Preferably by someone else. The chips were for casual noms as she read the manga that Jeanne Alter had lent her. It wasn’t really her sort of thing, but it was something to do. At least there were swords in it.

Suddenly the door flew open.

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Embarrassing Love

[A/N: This started with Bun and I speculating on what sort of parents Arisa and Kasumi would be, which escalated into me wanting to do a fic about it. It ended up being mostly from the daughter’s point of view, so I suppose it’s more incidental KasuAri?

Just wanted to do some cute, domestic family stuff, with some light rebellious teen drama. The idea I’m running with is that Hoshimi is still 12 (almost 13), while Kirari is 8 (soon to be 9). Whether I write either of them true to their ages is a different matter. I don’t have any kids of my own, just nieces and nephews. Maybe 12 is a bit early for a rebellious phase? But I thought the “I’m in middle school now, I’m a big girl” idea was funny.

As for Kasumi and Arisa I’m thinking somewhere in the 35-40 range probably. To me it makes sense they’d wait until they’re at least 22 to have kids, maybe even 25.

The name Hoshimi I got as a suggestion from Bun, as it literally means Starlight, and then Kirari because Kasumi talks about “kira kira doki doki” all the time. Also Kirari from imas Cinderella Girls is a very good girl. And yes, Yona is a reference to the MisaKanon fic I did. Haruka I just made up.]

Toyama Hoshimi had a problem. She was having a couple of friends come over the next day so they could study together, and probably watch a movie or something. But that was not the problem per se. The problem was…

“Good morning, my little starlight~.”

A certain clingy mother.

“Good morning, mom.”

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Visiting Home

[A/N: I played with the idea of Arisa getting cosy with the Toyamas as they informally adopted her last year, and I wanted to revisit that idea. Whether it’s a direct sequel, or just a spiritual sequel I will leave open to your interpretation. I still wish we had some definitive answers on what happened to Arisa’s parents, and when, but Bushiroad might not be interested in ever bringing that up. Nor do they have any interest in naming anyone’s parents.

For now all I can run with is my own headcanon, and use it for cosy fluff! I had meant for it to be a little shorter, but I got carried away.]

“Come in, come in~.”

Kasumi opened the door for Arisa. The two of them had walked home together from school that day. All the way to Kasumi’s home, in fact.

“I’m home!” Kasumi called out as they were taking off their shoes, and putting their bags to the side.

A return call came from the direction of the living room: “Welcome back!”

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Magical Girl Aya: A Day On The Other Side

[A/N: While I will often try to mix things up a little, and post a few unrelated things in between entries in a series for a change of pace and all that, this idea didn’t want to wait. I started writing the day after I posted the prequel story, because I was just brimming with ideas for how things might be different in other-Ran’s world. Like half of them I couldn’t even find a way to fit into this. And most of the ones that did only got a mention, or was hinted at, rather than fully explored. There’s just too much potential.

So I ended up focusing on a few things. I could probably just write chapters upon chapters about this, but with the limitations of it all having to be from Aya’s point of view, and her only having one day to explore, I could only do so much. And even then it became a fair amount of words.

I know this is one of my more niche series, but I really like writing it, and I hope you like reading it. I’m thinking that next up I might actually return to the main Superpowers AU series. I just needed to get this out of my head first.]

Aya zipped behind the invader, and seized its third leg. With a mighty heave she spun around, and used the force of the swing to catapult the monster into the air.


“Got it!”

Ran aimed her magical rod upwards. The flower at the tip glowed, blossomed, and fired a thin beam that pierced right through the centre of the invader. There was a brief shriek, then it went poof. The black mist vanished in seconds.

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Magical Girl Aya: First Battle

[A/N: While I enjoy overpowered characters, and Aya is a lot of fun to write, I wanted to show that she wasn’t always that way. When she started out, she didn’t really know how to do a lot yet. Not even reply to the Guardians telepathically. So here’s the first prequel chapter of Magical Girl Aya. Her very first battle. I might do more prequels, even if I’m not sure what they would be about yet.

I also feel like I should work more on the Superpowers AU main story, but I’m in a complete ideas drought for it. Other ideas keep popping up instead. But I try to always keep it in the back of my mind. I’m sure something will come along.]

Maruyama Aya had a very exciting secret. She was a magical girl! It was true, she had been hand-picked and everything. They had given her a pretty pink rod, just like the magical girls on TV had. Though hers was even prettier. It had a star at the tip. And it hummed in her hands, so she knew it was magical.

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Engaging Conversation

[A/N: It has been a tiring week, and at the end of it all I wanted to do was write some ultra-sweet fluff. I know it’s very short, but it feels to me like it contains everything it should, and is the length it needs to be. I don’t want to try to artificially inflate it.

I knew I wanted to do this idea before I knew which couple I wanted to do it with. For instance I also considered Kanon/Misaki, Moca/Ran, and a few others. I know the whole getting down on one knee, presenting a ring, doing the “will you marry me” line is a very romantic idea, but I wanted to do a different approach. Sayo felt like a good fit for it. I think it’s reasonably common IRL, it’s just not shown off in TV and movies much.

Unrelated to anything in particular, I kept typing her name as Sayou for some reason. I have no idea why.]

Hikawa Sayo had been thinking about something for a little while. It was currently morning, and across the table from her sat Hazawa Tsugumi, who was focused on the tablet lying on the table next to her breakfast. Maybe reading the news. Though the faint smile on her lips suggested it was probably not the news. Whatever it was, it had her attention well enough that she was just holding her chopsticks idle. The two of them had been living together for a while, and there was something Sayo wanted to bring up. Since they both had the day off, it seemed like a good time. She took another sip of her coffee, then put the cup down.

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[A/N: I’ve been thinking about doing a Saaya/Tomoe for a while, but only recently got an idea sorted. I tried to get it done in time for Saaya’s birthday, but I was just too tired to get my brain in gear. So here it is a few days late.

I’m not sure exactly how rare this pair is, but I haven’t seen a ton of it personally. Though since they do both do a lot in the downtown area, and clearly know each other well, I don’t think it’s a huge leap to ship them, at least once in a while. A disaster like Tomoe could use someone who has things a little more together, hehe. ;3 ]

The bell jingled as the door to Yamabuki Bakery opened.


Saaya looked up from stocking the shelves. “Tomoe!”

“Yo, what’s up?” Tomoe walked over to Saaya.

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Magical Girl Aya – Ambassador

[A/N: With the line established that Aya protects the world against any and all external threats, I got the amusing image of her having to fend off an alien invasion. That’s not quite what this story turned into, instead she has to try to be an ambassador.

This was written entirely for myself. I can’t really imagine who else would be interested. But when has that ever stopped me posting what I’ve written?]

“We have reached extended orbit, captain.”

Captain Tar’Ub tapped idly at their console. “Understood.” They brought up a closer view of the planet ahead of them. “You are certain we won’t get detected?”

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