Nice Hands

[A/N: I’ve been saying I’ve wanted to do a TaeRimi fic for a while now, so I finally sat down and did it. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do it, but it felt like I had enough pieces by this point to put something together. 

Arisa getting Tae to wear clothes that make her look more cool/handsome was pretty much the first idea I came up with for this concept a while back. I was considering making Rimi just pass out, but thought that would be a little too extreme. It was thinking of what to do for the rest of the fic that took a while. That, and figuring out how to portray Tae’s unusual tendencies as well as possible.

I’d say I’m fairly happy with how it turned out in the end. And I wanted to get this idea done before I started on the next one, as it felt like I had left this one waiting for too long already.]

“Here, O-Tae. Wear this,” Arisa said.

“Why?” Tae asked.

“Just do it.”


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A Witch’s Time

[A/N: It’s not that often I get inspired to do a NSFW explicit fic, but I thought this was a neat idea! Then I got so into writing the setup that I was 2000 words in and no one had their clothes off yet. Oops. So it’s a bit of a slow burn, is what I’m saying. I don’t know if it’s going to be fun or interesting to read, but I was very invested in writing it.

Whether Lucina is actually the type to do something like this might be a matter of debate, but I’d like to think that she wouldn’t be too ashamed of it. No one should be. That’s a message I wanted to put into this. Don’t be ashamed of who you are, or what you want/are into, so long as it’s not harming anyone. And no shame whether someone has no experience, or an abundance of it. No virgin-shaming, or slut-shaming allowed here. 

BDSM isn’t really my kind of kink, hence why the parts I actually detail are pretty tame. Your imagination can fill in the rest if you want. But I was thinking that since it was Lucina’s first time, both with Bayonetta, and at all, then Bayo would take it easy on her, and start with like… a basic tutorial, if you will. And only then would she introduce more advanced and adventurous stuff at a gradual rate.

So even though it’s a little outside my wheelhouse, I had fun writing it, and hope I didn’t grossly misrepresent anything.]

Lucina thought she had found the right place, though it didn’t look quite like she had expected. It appeared to be a fairly simple cottage, though not of an architecture she recognised. But that was only the outside.

She knocked, and found the door opened itself for her. Not a sudden motion, just a slow slide. She poked her head in. “Hello?” No reply.

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Super Smash Bros Time Off – Short Scenes

[A/N: Guess I’m writing Super Smash Bros fanfic too now. Well, this one time, at least.

Seems like I’m far from the only one who watched and liked the World of Light trailer. Somehow that got me onto the thought of what all of them might do on their time off. The main idea being Lucina trying really badly to flirt with some of the other girls. Though I wanted to have some interludes between her attempts, too. I love you, sweet Luci, but you’re a bit of a disaster. :3

I don’t actually know the personalities of many of these characters very well. So it’s a lot of guessing, assumptions, and what I thought would be funniest.

I considered tagging every fandom I brought into this, but that seemed a bit excessive. I’ve tagged every character, even if they only have small appearances.]

Samus Aran was doing maintenance on her arm cannon.

“Hi!” Lucina said, having walked up to the bounty hunter.

Samus looked at her, and smiled. “Hello,” she responded.

“A nice day for some weather, isn’t it?” Lucina said.

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The Body Of Yamato Maya

[A/N: Onto part 7 of the Superpowers AU, and it’s Maya’s turn. This was the one instance of thinking up the superpower first, and deciding who should get it second. For a while I was thinking I wouldn’t find anyone for it, and would have to scrap it. Maya was the best candidate, but getting it to work was tricky. Eventually I decided to just go for it.

Also, it’s Maya’s birthday today. That’s a complete coincidence. Writing has been slow lately, but I was trying to get this done sooner. If I had completed it a week ago, I would have posted it then. Finishing on her birthday was more like a happy accident, I guess.

Maya being clumsy/unlucky is not something I think is part of the canon, that’s more artistic license on my part to fit with her power.

Of course the main obstacle to giving Maya a healing factor was her glasses. Taking her glasses away was out of the question. A cutie is always cuter with glasses on. I pondered if it should be fake glasses, but couldn’t think of a reason why she’d have that. So I settled for anything she had before the power activated stayed. Maybe she even has a few scars from before. I thought about exploring that further, but the fic became long enough as is.

The final scene was probably what took the most work. Not just because it’s like half of the fic, but because it took me a while to figure out how to even do it. Pretty much from the start I wanted to do a scene where Maya got seriously injured in Eve’s presence, and only Eve’s presence, but finding a good setup for that was tough. I still kinda feel like I could have done better, but it’s probably good enough.

And now I am out of ideas for more people to give powers to. For now, at least. So far I’ve always had a new idea ready to brainstorm after finishing the previous, but nothing has presented itself this time. What I might do is a sort of… bonus fic thingy, just giving some updates about what everyone so far is up to. Extra scenes. Maybe just a cute thing, or some further character development, or story progression. Additionally I’ve considered a spin-off just full of goofy scenarios. We’ll see. I might write on other things a little bit, to give new ideas time to surface. Or maybe I’ll just call things to a close there. Haven’t decided yet.]

Hi. My name is Yamato Maya, and I’m not quite like most people. How to explain it… I heal fast. Super fast. Any injury I suffer heals itself very quickly. Sometimes within seconds if it’s just something small. I think I might be virtually indestructible, but I am not exactly eager to put that to the test. I hope that’s understandable.

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An Extella Special Halloween

[A/N: I have other things to write, but the idea for doing a Halloween thing with the girls I’ve added to my Extella series popped up, and then I wanted to get it done by Halloween… so yeah, here we are. The idea came after seeing the art for Brave Elizabeth, then remembering that Nero has a Caster version, and Tamamo has a Lancer version. It kinda snowballed from there.

Artwork chosen to best reflect what they’re wearing here, not necessarily based on what the “best” art is. So while I’ve gone with all official artwork, I haven’t gone for the stage 4 art except in a couple of cases where that better reflects how they’ve dressed up.

Decided to go different/original with the Jeannes though, so no art for those, I’m afraid.]

With the spooky times descending upon SE.RA.PH., a certain musical duo had approached Kishinami Hakuno to ask about doing something special for Halloween. They had the idea to go on a quest, but with a twist. Hakuno thought it sounded amusing, and agreed to help out.

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Intense Match

[A/N: So… I learned the other day that Misaki is part of the tennis club at Hanasakigawa, and I seem to recall that Himari is in the tennis club at Haneoka. Which gave me the idea of, what if they had a connection during a match against each other? This is not a ship I think I could have imagined in regular circumstances. But I thought it could be a fun one-shot.

Scorching Ping Pong Girls is my favourite anime, so part of the inspiration came from that in how to do portray the match. Though as tennis and table tennis have their obvious differences, I might not have represented things correctly. I looked up some tennis terms to try to make it more authentic.

It was fun to write, and I hope it’s also fun to read. I can understand if people don’t really care for the match, the horniness, or maybe neither. It’s not exactly my usual style.]

The tennis clubs of Hanasakigawa Girls’ High, and Haneoka Girls’ High had decided to hold a friendly competition on Haneoka’s grounds. No stakes (except school pride perhaps), only to test out one’s skill against someone besides their regular practice partners.

Up first were the first-years, and starting out were Okusawa Misaki vs Uehara Himari. Only one set per match. Both clubs had agreed it wasn’t necessary to take this too seriously.

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Arisa and the Toyamas

[A/N: A friend on twitter brought up the idea of Kasumi’s family informally adopting Arisa, and I thought it was a neat idea that I wanted to write a little about. She deserves the happiness of a caring family. I’m sure her grandparents have done well by her, and love her very much, but missing her parents must still be rough.

Also a chance to write more Asuka. I like Kasumi’s little A-chan (Acchan? Aa-chan? Not sure if there’s a universally accepted spelling), and want to give her something to do. Even if that something is just messing with Arisa. :3

It got a bit short, but I’m tired today, and just wanted some simple fluff.

I honestly haven’t the foggiest idea what’s up with Arisa’s parents. They aren’t acknowledged in the canon at all, as far as I can tell. So I tend to lean towards them being dead, as an extra reason for why she’s so defensive, and scared to let people get close. But they might just live in a different part of the country, so far away that Arisa wouldn’t be able to visit them regularly. Or something happened that alienated them from each other. Actually, I hope it’s not the latter.

Also, I wish these kinds of anime would bother to name the parents of the characters. Writing “so-and-so’s mother/father” over and over is a bit cumbersome.]

Ichigaya Arisa rang the doorbell. She had been coming over to the Toyama household more and more with time since she started going out with Kasumi. Perhaps that was only natural, but to her it still felt a little strange. Aside from the obvious reason of her girlfriend living there, there was also something else that made her feel a bit of a draw towards the place.

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The Discovery of Shirokane Rinko

[A/N: And then we have Rinko. She seemed like an obvious candidate for getting superpowers, at least to me. It wasn’t hard finding something that fit her. It was an interesting one to write, as I know she’s very talkative and quick in text, even though she’s slow and awkward in speech. And I thought it was a fun idea that she would use certain videogame terms and concepts to describe things. I could have probably leaned into that even more, but I didn’t want it to feel obnoxious.

The thing about her having clinical anxiety is not something that’s brought up in canon at all. That’s just my personal read on it, as someone who struggles with similar issues. And she would naturally feel a little awkward talking about it, considering how mental health issues still have a lot of stigma attached to them. But I also figured that as someone who’s on the internet a lot, she might be a bit more willing to open up about it than most people.

My first idea for the title was “The Disappearance of Shirokane Rinko”, you know, like the Haruhi spinoff. But then I realised the story was more about the opposite thing happening. So I changed it to Discovery.

You might be able to tell I’m a big Ako/Rinko shipper. But since this isn’t a fic wholly dedicated to them, I wasn’t able to explore every part of their dynamic. Like how Rinko helps Ako come up with terms and expressions for her “darkness speech”. Maybe in another fic. I still wanted to give them some soft time together, though.

The idea to give Ako what I would call a minor power was a pretty late addition, but one I think fits well. Not everyone can have the big, impressive powers. Sorry, Ako. Who knows, maybe she will actually manage to awaken some flashier power at a later stage? I’m not thinking it lets her automatically tell when someone has powers, since that would reveal Sayo to her, just that she’s able to see through them when they’re active. Something I might explore a bit more in a future bonus fic.]

Hi. My name is Shirokane Rinko, and I’m not quite like most people. I can turn invisible. At least, I’m fairly sure that’s how it works. You know, it’s like in those games where you have a thief or rogue with stealth mode. They turn that on, and just vanish. It’s kinda like that. I even get the strange effect of colours looking more washed out. Though I’m not entirely sure if that’s part of the power itself, or just my mind projecting what it expects it to look like. However, I can’t entirely control it.

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The Efforts of Hikawa Sayo

[A/N: Here we are at part 5 of this weird AU: Hikawa Sayo. This one I have had in mind for a while. Since before I started the Moca story. Finding something for Tsugumi was my first plan for part 3, but the shapeshifter idea for Moca was too perfect to pass up. Figuring out what power to give Sayo is probably what took the most time. But I like the idea of making kinda like Supergirl, or Captain Marvel.

I have wanted to write SayoTsugu for a while, but it kept being put off for the sake of other things. So I seized this opportunity with vigour. It’s fun to try something different with each part of this series. Can’t have every story be the same. Though it became quite long. And as I wrote this across several days, I apologise for any sudden tonal shifts that might not feel properly built up to. When a fic gets this long, by the end it can be hard to remember how you phrased things and what mood you set at the start. Hopefully I was able to smooth things out a bit while proofreading.

As I had the idea before I read the latest Bandori event with Sayo in the rain, I debated with myself whether or not to incorporate those parts, as I am still mostly following the same chain of events as the in-game story. A lot of good stuff comes out of those events, and even in an AU it feels like a shame to not make use of it. And I very much like the concept of characters in the midst of growing as people.

Slowly becoming on better terms with her sister was an important aspect of this fic for me. Sayo and Hina have had an arc since the start of the game that basically had its big payoff in the latest event. It is not the end of their story, but it was a big turning point, and I decided I wanted to extrapolate on that. Show a Sayo who really wants to make amends, and improve, even if it’s slow and difficult.

Then the meat of the story is the rapidly developing SayoTsugu relationship. The idea that Sayo would discover Tsugumi, and they would get drawn together by sharing their secrets was there from the start. Of course I didn’t know I would go this long with it, but once I got into writing, I decided to just keep at it until I felt I hit a satisfactory conclusion. I just want the good girls to be happy, and Sayo and Tsugumi are both good girls.]

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The Person of Hazawa Tsugumi

[A/N: Continuing the Bandori Superpowers AU, this is my first instance of going against my original intention. See, originally I had intended to have only one person with superpowers per band. But the idea for Tsugumi came while I was already workshopping Moca’s, and Moca’s was too fun to cancel. I considered scrapping Tsugumi’s idea, but as you can see I decided to go ahead with it.

The inspiration comes from the one-panel comic in the game with Moca and Ran seeing Tsugumi everywhere.

This is closer in tone to the first two again, somewhere inbetween maybe, but I still wanted to try to give it its own personality, like with Tsugumi’s stumbling about how to describe herself (and selves). I’d say she gets gradually more certain as she keeps going.

This is also the highest amount of rewrites I’ve done for a story in a while. I got way, way, waaayyy too into describing the minutiae of Tsugumi’s power. I went into a level of detail that I suspect the majority of you wouldn’t care about, and covering all sorts of edge-cases. In the end a large amount of that went on the chopping block, or got rewritten in a more concise way. If you think it’s still too indepth as it is, you definitely don’t want to see what it used to look like. I even had a different title in mind, but felt like it might fit someone else better.

And I tried to do some setup stuff, in case I want to call back, and/or develop things in future stories. Because I still have ideas for more. >_<]

Hi. My name is Hazawa Tsugumi, and I’m not quite like most people. Um… I suppose the simplest way to explain it is that I can create copies of myself. That isn’t completely correct, but it’s also technically not incorrect. It’s close enough to be understandable, I hope.

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