The Next Big Move

[A/N: I’ve been lazy and distracted this month, so I completely forgot to keep track of the birthday calendar. I was only reminded of You’s birthday when Japanese twitter woke up last night. It was a bit of an ambush. I still wanted to do something, though this was kinda hastily cobbled together. I assume it probably shows.

Going over my past fics, I saw that I had already tried out every pairing for You, so I figured that instead of trying something new, I’d revisit a classic. As always my first thought went to ChikaYou, because I love them, but I already did one with them before Christmas. Instead I wanted to go back to a bit of Youhane. And after some thought settled on the idea of them moving into college dorms together, though of course that meant Yohane would arrive one year behind. Still, I just wanted something sweet.

I did some checking on when the school year starts in Japan, wondering if I could actually tie it directly into You’s birthday. But assuming colleges start at the same time as other schools, it would already be going by now. A shame, but nothing I can do about it.]

Watanabe You checked her phone again. The train was not late, time was just passing slowly. Curse the passage of time, never behaving in a convenient way. She didn’t even know why she was feeling so nervous. It was only a few weeks since they had seen each other last. She had gone home for the graduation. This was just… the next step.

She was about to check the time again when she heard someone call out.

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Brave Steps

[A/N: After a bunch of excitement in the Superpowers AU, I wanted to do something more calm and reflective again, with some cutesy slice-of-life stuff attached. I feel like these are some girls we haven’t seen that much of in a while. So yeah, I just wanted to show a bit of what they’re thinking in terms of recent events, and what they want to do next. Some small steps towards self-improvement.

There is something else I’ve been thinking about, though. How would y’all feel about getting some side stories to this series? I know doing an AU of an AU is a bit much, but I’ve been having some ideas that don’t really fit into this series, as they’re either too silly, too serious, too out of tone, or some combination of the above. But I still want to use characters I’ve established here, or at least a close version of them. For instance I’ve been thinking of something with the working title of “Roselia Rescue Rangers”. I’ve also had a couple ideas for “Magical Girl Aya Adventures”. But I don’t know if either is anything people would want. Is a spin-off of a spin-off too weird?]

Moca was doing one of her favourite things (that didn’t involve food): Practising guitar together with Ran.

It was a nice exercise, where she didn’t have to engage her brain too much, and was free to think about other things. And free to watch Ran play.

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I Love You Too Much

[A/N: The ball might be rolling, though not very quickly. I spent the whole weekend either with family, or watching Super Metroid randomiser races. Was hard to get my head together.

But I decided I wanted to write something super fluffy, and I recalled a short comic I saw on Twitter about a month ago (which I can sadly no longer find). It had Arisa being so in love with Kasumi that she was the clingy one, and couldn’t stop talking about how much in love she was. I thought that was a cute premise to show a different kind of dynamic between the two of them, so I wanted to give it a go.]



Arisa threw her arms around Kasumi, and clung on tight.

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Do You Believe In Magic

[A/N: Finally back at it after so long. It’s a while since the Bandori anime drama resolved itself to a point where I was no longer too upset to write. Episode 10? Or 11? But like a couple of days before that episode aired, I got started on a large original fic project that ended up taking all of my time. I’m proud of how it turned out, but I was pretty brain-dead after its completion. Getting back into writing other stuff took me another week. And now it’s been over six weeks since I posted Incursion, my last Bandori fic, and also the previous entry in this series. Sorry I kept you all waiting.

I could go deeper into my thoughts about how BanG Dream S2 turned out, but I won’t. Maybe somewhere else.

I started this fic before I went on my break, so about a third of it was already done once before I started back up. It essentially just turned into more world-building, back-story, and Aya appreciation. No romantic fluff this time. But coupled with the lewd side-fic I did a couple of days ago, I’m feeling okay with my return. I’ve gotten the ball rolling again. Not sure what is next, but I noted down some ideas that popped up during my hiatus, even if I couldn’t write them right away.

There is another original idea I’d like to try doing, but I’m gonna focus on fanfics again for a while. At least until I decide if I want to do anything more with Because I Love You.]

Now for the news.

Tsugumi turned the volume up a couple notches.

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Hidden Bite

[A/N: I had wanted to save this idea for a little later, since it actually takes place after the next regular part of the Superpowers AU that I still haven’t finished writing. So, very slight spoilers, I guess? But since everything has stalled, I just wanted to write *something*, no matter what it was, or how short or long it was, and get it posted. And this was the only thing that wanted to flow.

Ever since I finished my original story Because I Love You, my brain has felt a bit empty, so getting back into fanfic-writing has been frustratingly hard. I wasn’t planning to taking such a long break from Bandori writing in the first place, but that’s how things ended up. Now I just need to get the ball rolling again.

As usual for my NSFW fics, even if they’re technically part of a series, I don’t tag them onto the list for it. I apologise to any fans for the hassle, but I don’t like the idea of someone reading through the series, hitting next entry, and happening upon something explicit.]

“So you took out a giant monster in a single hit? I would have loved to see that.” Chisato sounded impressed.

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Because I Love You – Epilogue

[A/N: There we go, that’s the actual end. I hope you enjoyed the story in its ups and downs. If you’re up for it, please let me know what you thought. Maybe if there was some particular part you really liked, or which stuck out to you. Though I understand if it’s hard to think of anything. It turned out to be quite a lot of words, after all.

Yet again much thanks to Bunny and Rose for helping me with inspiration, and feedback. Bun in particular listened and responded to so much of my thought process along the way that I’m not sure what I would have done without her. It would have probably been a different, and inferior story assuming I had been able to finish at all. Rose provided several ideas, and helped with information I was missing. And the two of them telling me how they liked the story along the way gave much needed boosts to my ego and confidence. Thank you both so, so much.]

Spring. I have never seen Spring before. Of course I have in my backstory, in the memories that were created for me, but never actually in person. My existence began at the start of Personal Spring. The title seems quite funny now, as I’m standing here. I had always assumed the title referred to Emma’s first romance, which is certainly a sprouting of sorts. But now I’m wondering if the reason for the game ending in Winter is to let the player imagine Emma moving into the very first Spring of her new life. Maybe that’s reading too much into it. But I’m certainly having that experience myself.

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Because I Love You – Chapter 10

[A/N: After looking through what material I had left, I realised there really wasn’t enough for two chapters.

It’s been quite a ride. This is the ending I had in mind basically from the start, but I didn’t know how I was going to get there, nor what the exact details would be. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Working with original characters in an original setting is not something I do a lot, but this has made me want to do more of it. And I’m tempted to see if I can turn this into an e-book, maybe to put up for sale somewhere. It would need a fair bit of re-working and re-writing, especially with the early chapters, as I figured out a lot of details and world-building as I went along. Some of which should probably factor into earlier chapters. So it could end up a somewhat different product. We’ll see. It feels like it would be a lot of work, and my energy reserves are limited. But it might be nice.

So here it is, the end of the game. But is it the end of the story? Spoiler: no. I’m doing an epilogue!]

The second semester starts much like the first.

“Oops~.” I bump into her in the hallway, causing her to drop her books.

But now…

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Because I Love You – Chapter 9

[A/N: I had a tiring weekend, and was pretty much out for the count on Friday and Saturday, so it took me a little extra time to get started on this chapter. Very close to the ending now though. I’ve been looking at what I have left to do, and it might not be enough for two more chapters. I could be writing the ending in chapter 10 rather than 11. Though I won’t truly know until I’m done writing whether or not it should be split up.

One thing I realised I had to figure out for the event for this chapter was to determine where the heck in the year we’re actually at. Which turned into me deciding I needed to figure out what the calendar system for this world should be, and the school year looked like. I’ll spare you the details, but after sorting that out, and going through my notes, I realised we should be at the end of the first semester, and the end of the year. So my idea for maybe doing a harvest festival turned into a new year’s celebration instead.

And this got quite long again, in part because I couldn’t help myself from adding more world-building details.]

The year is almost over. We’ve had the third and final round of exams for the first semester, and are awaiting the results. I think it should have gone well. Emma and I studied together, so hopefully her results will have improved a bit from the second round.

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Because I Love You – Chapter 8

[A/N: Sorry to bring in another exposition dump this late into the story, but I just wanted to clarify something people have been asking about in regards to how this setting views same-sex relationships. While I could have used this to examine how homophobia affects a fictional setting, I decided to not do that. I just want a world where that’s not really an issue, and to bring in a concept I have nagged at several fantasy (and sci-fi) settings for not including: Just let anyone have children with anyone they want. You’ve got magic (technology), just do it.

I realise I could have gone way deeper on all of this, as I love explaining the settings I’ve made. Like going into what happens to families and inheritance when two first-born marry, but I had to cut it off at some point.

And I had to do a homage to my favourite anime Scorching Ping Pong Girls when I got the chance. Consider it an extra layer of self-indulgence on top of an already self-indulgent project.

Thanks to a very good Bun for the suggestion of the tea scene. It was a way better set-up than the one I originally had in mind.]

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Because I Love You – Chapter 7

[A/N: Last chapter ended on Francine’s lowest point, but I don’t want to dwell on that, so I hope to be able to curve things upwards at a reasonable pace, without actually breaking the pacing. Time to move her from gay heartbreak, to gay panic, as a tired Francine starts slipping up, fufufu~

While I’m playing fast and loose with the passage of time in this fic, I’d like to say that this starts at least a week after the grand ball. Just to give everyone some time to reflect on what happened.

I’m not sure it’s really possible to retain the structure of the early chapters any longer. I have ideas for both events and encounters, similar to before, but I want to use them more dynamically rather than adhering to a rigid structure from here on out.

Funny thing is, when I started out I didn’t think the boys would actually play much of a part in this story once I had gotten past their introductions. But I’ve been getting ideas for how to make use of them, which certainly manifests in this chapter.]

“Lady Francine.”

I look up. There’s a voice I don’t hear too often.

“Lord Gabriel.”

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