Tired Backstage

[A/N: I have been playing a lot of Bandori lately, and as such the various girls have been increasingly on my mind. Misaki is easily my favourite of them, though they’re all good girls. While Arisa/Kasumi will always be my OTP for this franchise (can’t get enough of them), I have started to get invested in other pairings too. Like Misaki/Kanon. So I wanted to do a little thing for them.]

Misaki was sitting inside the Michelle costume on a bench backstage after Hello, Happy World’s latest show. There wasn’t much of any movement from the suit.

Kanon walked over to her, carrying a water bottle. “You did good out there, Misaki-chan,” she said in a kind voice.

The bear stirred ever so slightly. “Kanon-san? Ah, thank you.” Misaki’s voice was usually fairly monotone, but it somehow seemed even flatter than usual today.

A hint of concern showed in Kanon’s eyes. “Are you okay?” she asked.

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Anime Spring Season 2018 – Early Impressions

We’re back for another one!

I didn’t know a whole lot beforehand this time, and have been going in more or less blind on most of this stuff. Which has been a bit of a roller coaster, let me tell you.

Nothing for the Actively Avoiding column this time, since I didn’t have enough information to base such a decision on.

Blimey, it feels like there’s a lot this season, though. I’ve been extra delayed for various reasons, so this has taken extra long to get through, but even so it feels like there’s a bit too much. Not to mention that most of it is not terribly exciting. While there’s been a few nice surprises, there’s really nothing that’s blown me away this season. At least not to the extent of last season.

I have also decided to keep my watch list pretty sparse this season. So my mid-season and final posts won’t have a lot on them. I’m thinking of starting with five, plus… two shorts. I have some candidates that might get added if I have time, but for now those five will have to do. Maybe I can do something about my backlog instead.

Let’s just get into it, then. As usual this is just a master-post with a quick summary, while the full impressions are in the links below.

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Damp by Downpour

[A/N: It’s now a little more than a year since I started writing fiction on the regular, and at the time I didn’t really pay attention to birthdays of the Aqours girls, or anyone else for that matter. But this year I am aware that we have reached Watanabe You’s birthday, so! A story! I feel like I could have done better, but I’ve had some issues focusing. That happens sometimes, and there’s not a lot to do about it. In the end I just decided I wanted to post something.

As for the pairing, I decided that via poll. I put up two polls on Twitter, but to keep it kinda random, I didn’t say what the options were for. I had one ship ready for each possible combination, but I maybe should have foreseen that when given three options, people would naturally gravitate towards the middle one. So in the 1-2-3 poll, 2 won handily, and in the A-B-C poll, B won, though it was a much closer call. And 2B was YouRiko. See, the first poll was to decide the year, and the second was listing the names alphabetically. So for example 1A would have been YouMaru, and 3C YouMari. 2C was reserved for Chika/Riko/You, since shipping You with herself, or doing her solo, wasn’t something I wanted in either case.

Making it adult life was simply because that fit better with the idea that came to me. Anyway! In spite of my scatterbrained state, I hope it’s still okay.]

The door smacked close behind a dripping Watanabe You.

“I’m home,” she said in a miserable tone as she peeled her jacket off. The forecast had said it would only be partly cloudy today, but the cloud that had passed over this area had opened itself up, and unloaded upon the populace.

“Welcome back,” said a voice from further inside.

You walked slowly towards the living room as she peeled off more layers of wet clothing.

“Oh wow, it really came down that hard?” Riko commented as the soaked You came into sight.

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Anime Winter Season 2018 – Final Thoughts

The first season of 2018 is wrapped up, at least for my part. It feels like a lot has happened in the month and a half since I last posted about this, and a lot of that has been not anime. I had to tear myself away from BanG Dream: Girls Band Party to actually finish this. The original plan had been to put this out on the day Overlord finished, but that didn’t happen, and then it kept being put off.

Though I whittled my list down to 8 shows (and 3 shorts) by mid-season, it turns out only five of those I actually kept up with regularly. Of the remaining three I watched two of them in a big catch-up at the end, one of them had its production break down in a very public spectacle.

See, I took it upon myself to start a large self-indulgent writing project, which ate a lot of my time, and I didn’t really want to set aside time for other things. Though with Overlord’s finale being a week after just about everything else, it gave me some extra time to get caught up with the rest, but I still didn’t quite get there by that time.

Minor notes: I’ve heard Violet Evergarden and Toji no Miko actually got quite good past the point where I left them behind, so those might still be worth a look. And I assume Kokkoku and Mitsuboshi Colors stayed good as well.

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Everyone Wants A Goth GF

[A/N: The seed for this idea has been around for nearly two weeks, but it only properly sprouted this morning, so it took a while to get started writing. You could say I had a… slow start. Now I have some issues with how Slow Start turned out, but I recognise that it has a lot of good sides too, and Hana and Tama are definitely one of them. As soon as I saw the little scene that confirmed that Hana had some feelings for Tama, I knew I had to turn that into a fic somehow. Including the “goth gf” stuff was just for fun. I’m an unrepentant memester.]

Ichinose Hana could see the stairs up to the meeting point, and before she even got to the first step, she heard someone call from above.


The excited voice belonged Momochi Tamate, or just Tama-chan for short. Excited seemed to be her natural state.

Hana waved. “Hello Tama-chan!”

Tama had called Hana the day before to ask her to come shopping, and since it was a day off, they had even managed to get going early.

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King Without A Country

[A/N: After writing the previous Fate/ fic, I got an idea for a follow-up. Inspired in part by a comment I received on the last one. Though it got a bit more serious as I was trying to explore my idea of what Saber Alter is like. Originally got perhaps a bit too dark compared to what I intended, so I made some moves to lighten it up a bit. Deleted some of the angstier lines, and such. Got perhaps a little too goofy towards the end, but I think that’s probably fine.]

Saber Alter, Artoria Pendragon, was pondering her new life in this strange realm. It had been a few weeks since she was erroneously summoned to SE.RA.PH., and she still hadn’t figured out what she wanted to do next.

Since there was no Grail War, there was no point in her being here, but she couldn’t come to a decision about what she wanted to do. If she wanted to leave, then where would she go? If she wanted to fight, then who would be her opponent? If she wanted a cause, where would she find one? In a world so unlike anything she had encountered since she became a Heroic Spirit, she felt rather lost.

“Here you go, miss!”

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New Arrival

[A/N: Inspired by Kelira’s Nero/Saber Alter fic, I wanted to do a sort of reverse version, where Saber Alter shows up on SE.RA.PH., in a bit of a sillier, goofier style. And though there’s no NSFW stuff in this fic, anything I write featuring Nero will get the “let Nero fuck” tag, just in case Type-Moon are watching. You know what you have to do for Extella Link, you cowards.]

With all the battles over (for now), the main focus in SE.RA.PH.’s new Roman Empire was making sure there was enough housing and facilities for all the new citizens. There seemed to be more people showing up every day, and Kishinami Hakuno was overseeing construction today. While the labourers handled the actual work, it was sometimes necessary (or helpful) to access the Royal Authority to proceed.

She had dressed up for the role, adorning a suit she felt was properly overseer-ish. A dark grey affair, with a white shirt and red tie. And a hardhat. The hardhat was important. It was orange. Some part of her had always wanted one of those, so when she had a legitimate excuse to wear one, she had gone for it. Well, arguably legitimate, as she didn’t actually wander into the construction zone, but it was the principle of the matter.

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Wicked Gem

[A/N: This one has been on my mind for a while, ever since I saw the new Ruby UR. Those are the outfits I’m trying to describe down there, but I’m not great at it, as you might tell. Been months since I’ve touched the Ruby/Leah pairing now, but it’s a very good one, so it was only a matter of time until it came back. It turned out a bit hornier than I originally intended, but once I finally got writing, I just went with the flow.]

Leah had gotten her bag, and was walking as briskly as she could while trying to seem like she wasn’t really in a rush. It felt like ages since she had seen Ruby last, and she couldn’t wait to see her again. But she couldn’t make it too obvious. What would Ruby think if Leah came running at her? It would be unseemly.

There was still a quickness to her step as she got out of the exit into the main terminal. She looked around. Where was…


Someone called out to her side. Leah recognised that was voice, and she turned towards it. It was:


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Surprise Photos

[A/N: This ended up taking longer to write than I had intended, because I completely stalled on it initially. Still, I’m fairly happy with how it eventually turned out. Yuru Camp was an absolute delight to watch, and it was (among other things) an interesting example of showing the difference between a romantically coded friendship in Nadeshiko and Rin, and a platonically coded friendship, be it Ena and Rin, or Nadeshiko and Aki or Aoi. Aki and Aoi themselves had more of an “old married couple” vibe going. But I digress. I wanted cute, soft Nadeshiko/Rin, so I wrote that.]

It was way too early to be awake if Nadeshiko had a choice, but sometimes nature called at inconvenient times.

What time is it even? she wondered, and fumbled around for her phone. Got it. It was… barely four in the morning. Not fair. Well, the bathroom wasn’t that far of a walk away.

As she was unzipping herself from the bag, she figured she might as well quickly check if she had notifications she’d missed since last night. It probably…

She paused.

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Want To Take Care Of You

[A/N: Just a silly little idea I had for Slow Start. That show seems to revel in being able to get away with certain things by using its adult characters for certain scenes, and I find Shion and Hiroe to be a cute pairing, so I wanted to do a little something with that.]

Shion made sure she was balancing the bowl properly before she rang the door.

“Coming!” came a sweet voice from inside. Someone with black hair, and black eyes, opened the door. “Oh, landlady!”

Oh, she’s not wearing sweats today. Lucky me~ “Hello, Hannen-san,” Shion said, and smiled brightly.

“Did you need something?” Hiroe asked.

Oh yes. “Ah, you see, I was making some meat and potatoes, but got a bit overeager with how much I put in. I brought you some leftovers, if you’d like.” She lifted the bowl she was holding to make sure Hiroe took notice. “If you already have plans, feel free to put it in the fridge for later.”

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