The Music Corner: 5 nerdy songs you might not have heard of

First off a disclaimer. I am not attempting to compete with Mumbles or anyone else here, and this will probably not be a very regular section. But since I like to educate, I figured I might throw up one of these once in a while, so perhaps people who know me will have a better understanding of what I’m singing all the time. (Also, I don’t really know much about music genres, so I can’t provide a whole lot of info there.)

Let us start with a track by Jonathan Coulton. Now I personally thought most people knew who JoCo is, but I’ve found that among my friends even those who had heard about “Still Alive” didn’t recognise his name or had heard any of his other songs. JoCo is an American singer-songwriter who seems to primarily specialise in soft rock and folk rock, and writes quirky, witty songs that often touch on very geeky subjects, like science, self-hating monsters and simply being a nerd. The track I’ve picked out today is “That Spells DNA”, a song that would have been hilarious to make curriculum in biology classes.

Second up today is The Arrogant Worms, a trio of comedic musicians from Canada who don’t focus that much on nerdy stuff (though often on Canadian stuff), but pretty much exclusively do funny songs that occasionally descend into madness. They have written their own national anthem, sung about how horrible flying can be and discussed river piracy in an area largely devoid of bodies of water. I have picked out a song that is definitely more on the nerdy side, a more modern love song if you will: “Log in to you”.

In third we have Paul and Storm, a comedy duo of American singer-songwriters that tend to put on some fantastic live-shows, coincidentally often together with Jonathan Coulton. While they write songs about lots of weird stuff, it is quite often related to geek culture. The song I’ve picked out is one they wrote for a contest where the theme was to write a song about the moon. Strangely enough they were the only ones to do one about a werewolf, I give you: “Cruel, Cruel Moon”.

With only two ones left we move to Jim’s Big Ego, an American band from Boston who don’t primarily do nerdy songs, though they have a couple on their list. They have done songs about being a Boston band, how stressful everyday life can be and paranoia. The song I picked out today is a tribute to an old hero named Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, fittingly named “The Ballad of Barry Allen”.

And my final pick of the day is Mark Aaron James, a man consisting entirely of first names. I must confess to not knowing a lot about him, besides the fact that his homepage states he was in London for 3 years. He did however write another superhero song, about how even they can have troubles with their love life. The last of today’s picks: “Aquaman’s Lament”.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip into my musical world, and perhaps you’ve been tempted to look into more stuff these artists have done. Suggestions for new musicians and songs to look at are of course welcome.



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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I know tons about Mark Aaron James. (He’s one of my favorite topics). He’s from Cocoa Beach, FL, loves shellfish and the fiction of Christopher Moore. He also occasionally Googles himself so he can say “howdy” to people who say nice things about his songs. Feel free to inquire about anything that doesn’t cover.

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