Back to work

So I had my first day at the new job today. Which means that I won’t have as much time for writing in the time ahead. I had almost forgotten how exhausting it can be to deal with people the whole day long. Sadly my first impression of my new workplace was not especially good.

Okay, my new coworkers seemed nice enough, but… they seemed to have no spirit. And working 10 years in retail I know it can be soul-crushing at times, but these people all seemed to already be quite crushed. Maybe I just don’t know them properly yet, I guess we’ll see. There were two occasions where I was all alone with a big line of people and trying to use the call bell to call for reinforcements just didn’t work. No one came for a long time. Apparently a lot of people were at work when I asked whether there was just a few of us left. I guess they were all hiding from the customers. And as far as I know there was no other way to get a hold of people. Okay, it’s annoying, but it also strikes me as rather unprofessional, because people actually carrying work phones that can be accessed from the register is obviously way too sensible.

And the customers had this tendency of going and putting their wares on empty registers even though I was sitting in a different one. And they could see me. Thankfully none of them raised any trouble when I asked them to come around to the other side, and while I at first wondered if it was an issue with all the old people being slightly senile, I later ascribed it to the customers being used to finding empty registers, putting their goods down and waiting for someone to come along. I don’t know how this chain does things, but I’ve been taught that the registers should never be left unattended, even if it’s a calm moment. You can go and do other stuff, so long as you’re in view of the registers and notice when customers come. I’ve noticed other times in other stores of the same chain that the registers have been completely unattended and no one has been in sight or showed up for several minutes. So I am forced to assume that this is part of how this chain trains its employees.

Also, there is no employee parking, so I have to rely on there being free parking spaces around, which can be a hassle. And it’s really small compared to what I’m used to, but that is just an issue of acclimatisation. All in all, I think I’m going to keep looking for something else. Maybe talk to head office about transferring. I’m not sure what the procedure is because of the special circumstances regarding this job. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.



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