We are getting a Deadpool Videogame!

I don’t normally do news posts (and I can’t think who hasn’t heard of this yet), and I probably won’t do many, but I felt this case warranted one.

Deadpool, everyone’s favourite Canadian super-mercenary, was revealed yesterday to be getting his own videogame, with a showy trailer that didn’t really reveal much about the actual gameplay. More like a teaser.

So Deadpool says hi (voiced by Nolan North, but then again he did good job in Hulk vs Wolverine, so I won’t question it too much), and so do the voices in his head, and people are shot and chopped up and blown up, and we learn it’s High Moon Studios doing this thing with Activision publishing.

Opening with the classical music and then suddenly showing Deadpool and he talks right at the camera, addressing the audience, feels very right. There’s the thing with the bouncy castle I really don’t get, and then the other bouncy who I feel like I should recognise. The mooks he’s fighting don’t really seem familiar, but I’m sure someone will tell me I’m wrong. And then the trailer ends with “Suck it, Wolverine” which I admit made me laugh.

This is actually the first videogame where Deadpool is the main character. Sure he has showed up in lots of stuff, but he’s never had a star role before this. It’s a little odd, because personally I think Deadpool would probably work better as a game than a movie. We won’t know until we actually get the game of course, but they seem to have at least captured his character pretty well.

Now Highmoon Studios do not have the longest pedigree, but they did make the excellent Transformers: War For Cybertron and are doing the upcoming Fall of Cybertron as well, so I do think they probably have a handle on third-person action, which is what Deadpool looks like it’s going to be.

There is every possibility that the game will suck, and the trailer was definitely not as cool as this, but from all the information we have so far (which admittedly is not a lot) I am definitely feeling cautiously optimistic.

Considering I have read a lot of the comics (and recently got the very amusing and highly recommended “Deadpool Corps” series, which you can get at Comixology) maybe I will do a closer look at Deadpool at some future date.



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