The Music Corner: Stuff I listen to these days that you might have heard

It has been a lazy day of me recovering from exhaustion, so I figured I’d do a simple Music Corner and maybe cheer up someone’s life a little. 🙂 (One can dream, at least)

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

I will start by going back to dear Jonathan Coulton and a song he did for a game. It’s actually not “Still Alive” this time either, but rather the follow-up for Portal’s sequel: “Want You Gone”. It has not been as well received as “Still Alive ” was as far as I’ve heard, but I find it to be very charming (if grim) and it’s grown on me the more I’ve heard it. I’ve posted the version sung by Ellen McLain (the voice of GlaDOS), but if you’d prefer it in JoCo’s own voice, you can find that here.

Next up we have a song by my favourite Norwegian singer-songwriter: Marit Larsen. She’s the only one I still go out and buy the albums of, and her latest one titled “Spark” is well worth listening to every track on. It wasn’t exactly easy to pick just one from there, but I went for “What If”. It’s a song about being worried about not being good enough, and like all of her songs it has an honesty to it that really tugs on my heart-strings.

In third we have a somewhat silly song from the American singer-songwriter Regina Spektor. She likes to mix both French and Russian into her songs, and though I heard this song on Norwegian radio the first time, I don’t think she’s that well known here. I’ve certainly not found anyone around here who knows of her yet. Maybe I just haven’t asked the right people. Anyways, I hope you enjoy “Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)”. It is actually not her first version of this song. She released the original back in 2001, and this is a re-recorded version, a self-cover if that’s a thing. Also, this song is not to be confused with the Jacques Brel song from 1959 which has seen a lot of covers, but this is not one.

Second to last track today is from the band known as Of Monsters and Men. They’re an indie folk/indie pop band from Iceland who actually have several good songs, but the one I’m showcasing today is the one that everyone has heard: “Little Talks”. I must admit to not having really done my research on this band yet, I just enjoy listening to their music, but I can add that “Little Talks” has a rather weird and extremely well-directed music video to go along with the song, and you can see that here.

The final track today was a little trickier, because I tend to only listen to a handful of tracks at a time before I find something new. So I went for a track by the talented I Fight Dragons. They are a rock band from Chicago who like mixing chiptunes into their songs, and actually have quite the variety in their music. I like most of their songs, though I will say not all of them are as catchy. I discovered these guys through, whom I owe a lot of my music discoveries to these days. The track I picked out is a song that sounds very sweet, though I’ve interpreted it to be about how even though life can be unfair, that’s no reason to give up. So here you have “Not I”.

So that was another Music Corner. Hopefully you found something you liked in my little showcase, and I will be back to videogames tomorrow, probably.



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  1. Hei, regner med å være tilbake på jobb ganske snart. Du får holde fortet til jeg kommer tilbake til baillbyen :)))

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