Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo is out!

It’s on XBox Live and PSN. And I have played it. I heard the news via Destructoid last night, and immediately set the demo to download. It clocked in at nearly 2 gigs, and took a wee while for my unstable connection to get down. In the end it turned out to be 2 single-player mission excerpts comprising nearly 30 mins of your time if you don’t skip the cutscenes, and a limited multi-player mode that I have no interest in testing out. Each to their own, yes?

It's almost here!

Minor spoilers for the missions below, so keep reading at your own risk.

The first mission you play as Bumblebee helping to defend the Ark. Since you’re not the biggest brawler you get tasked with defending the bridge while the others go meet the enemy, but computer failure due to the attack drives you on a repair mission. This serves as a tutorial mission, introducing you to the features and mechanics of the game one by one before throwing you into a full-on battle with the aim of finding Optimus Prime.

The second mission let’s you try out a flying Transformer, namely Vortex of the Combaticons. As both a scout and aerial combat specialist, Vortex accompanies Blast Off as they drive their way through a canyon to reach a bridge that needs to be taken out to divert a transport full of precious energon. Since Blast Off is the faster one, he lures enemies out while you have the task of taking them down.

To go along with what Starscream says, for now.

Onslaught wants you, Vortex!

If you have played War For Cybertron, the gameplay of Fall of Cybertron will feel familiar to you right away. The controls and gameplay are pretty much the same, though I do feel they’ve tightened things up and made them more responsive for the sequel. Melee attacks do still lunge you forward, which on one occasion sent me off the edge of a platform, though luckily I was playing Vortex at the time so I could simply transform and fly back up.

It might just be my imagination, but I think the transformations look sleeker and feel smoother this time around. Not that I minded the transforming in the first game, but I know some people had issues with it, and while you might still not like it, I do think it’s even better now. Jumping into the air, transforming and blasting off with an aerial bot still feels really satisfying.

The graphic design has also been spruced up a bit. They seem to have made an effort to combat the complaints of everything looking samey in the first game, and added more colour and variety to the game this time around. The guns look nicer, and the upgraded character models, especially for Optimus, are cool.

Here, have some bullets.

Filthy Decepticons, messing up our bridge!

Speaking of the guns, there seems to be a lot more of them this time, especially among the heavy weapons. It seems you can carry one regular weapon and one heavy weapon this time around, and they have different ammo pickups. There are even armoury pods around that you can unlock by collecting energon off of dead enemies or from crates you smash. I only found these in the Vortex level, and while most of them had new heavy weapons (including a rad disc launcher), I also found a mod thing which seems to be like a special ability you can pick up. The one I found was healing-based, and it seems like an idea with definite potential.

I guess the demo did its job as far as I’m concerned. It felt really good to play, and I’m even more hyped than I was. All this praise might be premature, since it’s possible the full game could be rife with bugbears that will ruin the entire experience. I am somehow doubtful of that though. I guess we’ll see on the 24th (21st in North America, you bastards).



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