The Music Corner: Songs That Have Made Me Cry

This time I figured I’d go for a bit of theme, and showcase a quintet of songs that have touched me emotionally. I am breaking my own unwritten rules a bit here by including two songs from the same musician, but they affected me for entirely different reasons, so I feel it’s fair game.

Also, because this is based on my own sentimentality and some are context-based, it’s quite possible they won’t have as much effect on you as they did on me.

Regular readers will have probably seen this one coming, but for the first two tracks I turn again to Jonathan Coulton. He’s a very diverse song-writer and is able to hit on some very potent heart-strings when he wants to. The first song is called You Ruined Everything, which he wrote after he became a father for the first time. It speaks about how horrible it is to become a parent, although not really. Since I don’t have my own children, I’m not sure why this song struck me as much as it did, but I can’t deny the facts.

The next song is called When You Go and it deals with loss, or rather, how badly we deal with loss. Even when we know it’s coming, when we know it’s inevitable, it doesn’t hurt any less. Maybe it’s a sign of me getting old before my time, but it’s a song that really resonates with me, and even after hearing it so many times it still makes my voice crack.

Third on the list today is a song from a female duo called Garfunkel & Oates. They are Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci (respectively) from Los Angeles over in sunny Southern California. They like doing humoruous and biting commentary on various issues, including same-sex marriage, pregnant women and dating. Today’s track is a little different from their usual fare, and is just an honest and heart-wrenching song about relationships.

The last two songs are actually related to videogames! I know, I can feel your shock from here. Let’s start with a track from the first Kingdom Hearts game. A lot of you might have already heard this one somewhere, as I’m talking about the sweet Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru. This one probably hit me extra hard because of the context of the game, but it’s still a good track, so it’s going on this list.

As a bonus you can have the Japanese version (titled Hikari) as well.

As the final song for this time I will include a track from the criminally overlooked title Nier. Nier was a strange title from now defunct Japanese studio Cavia, who also did Drakengard. Nier was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, so I’m afraid this track will have little impact without context, but since this is my list, it’s being added anyway. It’s still a beautiful song.

And that concludes another Music Corner. Hopefully you will have found something you like, and I want to apologise for the lack of blog posts the past days, but I’m trying to strike out as a freelancer, so job hunting has had to take precedence.

I will keep you updated, and put out the next Of Tiberium And Time once I get it done.



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