C&C: Generals 2 has become ‘Command and Conquer’ – Gamescom

Okay, I don’t even-

This will be a ranty one. I don’t want to have that trailer showcased here, but Rock, Paper, Shotgun did a piece on this with the trailer, and there’s more information over on MMO-champion if you really want it.

Despite my current stance on Bioware I was actually kinda looking forward Generals 2 just to see what they did with it, and they’re doing it as an all-multiplayer F2P and chopping down the name to just what the original was? Just no.

Rant incoming. Language warning.

What the hell is your problem EA? Are you so scared now that you’re slipping into the abyss that you are determined to drag whatever else you can with you? I already knew you guys were bastards, so I can’t say I’m disappointed, because I didn’t expect any better. But can’t you at least try to prove me wrong? Just once? Had you at least not changed the name I might have been able to let it go, but you did, and it’s the kind of arrogance that seriously pisses me off.

The way you word yourself makes it so very clear that you are aware you are making shit, and just bank on the name getting you money. I would say sales, but you are going F2P because that’s what the industry sees at the money-maker right now. And multi-player only? With maaaaybe added single-player later? So just fuck single-players eh? Curse you, EA. I hope you do go under, and someone more competent and less evil buys you up. I’d settle for more competent, to be honest.

And of course it’s still locked to that dreadful thing they call Origin. EA could have done so much more with that platform, but instead they copy all the bad things from Steam and offer almost none of the benifits, and marry that to a terrible interface that a lot of the time won’t work as it should. Instead of trying to force people to use your little piece of hell, maybe you should try to offer a few incentives?

As for how the game looks, sure it’s pretty, but many poisonous things are. The best thing I can say is that they seem to have base-building in there, something they chucked off the bridge for C&C4. But is it still US vs China vs JLA? I mean one of the sides in there looked more like the Forgotten from that rather terrible browser-based thing they called Tiberium Alliances, you remember the one that stole tank designs from W40K? Though as soon as they were caught they brought out the oars and did their best to row their way out of it.

So you know what Electronic Arts? Fuck off! And screw Bioware for ever involving themselves in this fiasco. Curiously enough Bioware were not at all mentioned in the new trailer. Dare I hope they dropped the project because they realised what a pile of shit they had gotten wrapped up in? Not really, because I’m not that naïve.

Just… I just hope this will have some payback. Some arse-biting. The world is not fair, but I’ll still hope beyond hope that someone deserving will burn.



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