Remember Me – Gamescom Trailer

I may not be the one who pays the closest attention to all the gaming news any longer, but until someone linked me this trailer on Twitter I had never heard of Remember Me. Now that I’ve seen the trailer I feel very excited for it. (I do recommend watching it full-screen.)

Apparently we have Capcom to thank for this oddity, and my immediate thoughts were that it looked like Watch Dogs, mixed with Assassin’s Creed and starring a female protagonist. It looks really good, and I must say I didn’t expect anything too interesting to come out of the AAA scene from Gamescom.

The city in question seems to be a future Paris, which probably explains the odd accents, and the city seems to be very alive. The lack of cars and small streets do remind me of current-day Paris. The parkour seems to flow nicely, and I must say the idea of just plucking someone’s memories out of thin air to find out where you need to go seems like a neat idea.

I do have to wonder about the memory remixing though. It looks very interesting, but the trailer makes it out to seem like you can only change one thing at a time and then you have to see how that plays out before you can change the next. Neat for a first playthrough, even though I’m sure it will annoy some people that you can’t succeed on your first try. If you’re going for subsequent playthroughs though it could get a bit annoying. Perhaps there will be more than one solution?

Either way, it’s a title I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on. I like this kind of sneaking-around-bollocks gameplay and messing with people’s memories makes me feel bad in a good way. Partially why I enjoyed hunting down memory targets in Prototype.



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