Why are you so wrong?!

You wanna know something that really makes me angry? Truly furious? Of course you do! It’s when someone says they like or love something that I despise.

I don’t really mind so much if people don’t like, or even hate, something that I do like, or love. Like Transformers, or Jim Sterling. I generally don’t care, or just giggle at their rage. I might feel a little sorry for them.

I don’t care much if someone likes something I dislike, be it multi-player deathmatches or seafood. I can often see why they’d like it, even if it isn’t my thing, or I might just not care one way or the other as it doesn’t really feel like it affects me in any way.

I can even learn to live with someone liking something I hate, depending on what they say about it. Though it could just be that I feel too tired to argue any more about it, like with the Mass Effect 3 ending (just don’t start with me about artistic integrity and vision when it comes to that pile of utter arse-spurt).

But when someone I know say they like, or love, something that I truly despise, that is when my rage starts kicking in. (The reaction is not as strong with strangers, because why should I care?) Say for instance that someone should say that they loved Metroid: Other M. And/or started defending the decisions made regarding that game’s narrative and characterisation. That’s the kind of stuff that makes me seethe and long for my own flame-thrower. Or I should happen to see someone purchasing a copy of one of the Twilight movies, or worse: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. (That movie was not only a crime against the Transformers franchise, but against good taste, cinematography and the movie industry as a whole.) It makes me want to slap them on the spot and ask them what they hell they’re doing.

It shouldn’t affect me. I shouldn’t care. Rationally I know this. People are dumb. I can’t fix them. But it makes my blood boil something fierce. It’s completely irrational (unless it’s people perpetuating and defending misogyny, rape and/or homophobia, but that’s a different post). I acknowledge this. It doesn’t help it go away. I see these people, these enablers, as what keep the problem around. They are the ones who perpetuate it, and make people in charge churn out more of the same dross. I hate them with a fiery passion that could set the world ablaze had I been pyrokinetic.

I am John Erik. I am Rita. I am Wulf. And I am allergic to stupid and wish to see it outlawed. There is a difference between variations in taste, and just being dead wrong.



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