Teaser – Collisions On Aether: Prologue

I’ve been replaying the Metroid Prime series lately and recently finished Metroid Prime 2. As I was playing through it I was struck with all sorts of ideas for doing a narrative let’s play of the game.


In an effort to nail down a style I wrote this little prologue/teaser of what might have occurred right before the game started. I hope to start the full series in January, after I get a video capture card. So basically, it’ll be fanfiction centred around the actual events of the game.

For the prologue I have gone with this style: italics is narrator, normal text is Samus’s thoughts, “” indicates spoken dialogue, bold is the computer. If you wonder why, it’s because that after the prologue I don’t expect the narrator to have a particularly big role. It’ll mostly focus on Samus’s own perceptions and descriptions of what’s happening, so that’s why I gave her thoughts the normal text, as that is supposed to be the norm.


Somewhere in the vast void of space a lone gunship is drifting quietly. The distant twin suns of a nearby system provide only scant light, so the sole occupant simply gazes out at the curtain of stars stretching seemingly to infinity. The low hum of the engines and electronics do not intrude on her thoughts. As the top bounty hunter in the galaxy, Samus Aran is rarely short of work, but right now she has nothing to do except watch and think. She wishes such moments occurred more often.

It all looks so peaceful from here. Little stars just twinkling invitingly and waiting for me. A nice illusion. If only I didn’t know better. Each of those little lights could hide another threat. Maybe more Space Pirates. While there has been no report of them for the past months, I know they’re still out there. Cooking up another hare-brained scheme.

She looks down at her helmet, for once put to the side. Not a scar or scratch remains on it. She muses on how the Chozo were excellent engineers, and runs a hand gently across it.

Strange to think it’s been nearly a year already. I haven’t been back to Tallon IV since. Let the Galactic Federation handle the clean-up.

A wistful sigh escapes her as she casually examines her gloved hand, while in reality she’s looking far beyond it.

I still don’t fully understand what that phazon stuff is. I didn’t think it was safe to bring any of it with me, but I’ve gone over the data I collected from the Space Pirates several times trying to make sense of it. And that thing I fought… I still remember the oily sensation of when it grabbed me. The way it seemed to try to latch onto my mind. When it ripped the phazon suit away from me like that…

She balls the hand into a fist and lightly taps her armrest a few times before she rests it against her chestplate.

It felt like it took a part of me with it. The battle suit is a part of me in a way I don’t fully understand myself. At least the reports from GalFed confirm that the damned thing is no longer alive. The cave collapse and resulting blow-out finished it off. It was way too dangerous to leave alone. Who knows what it could have done if it had gotten out. What it already did… to the Chozo…

A chill races down her spine and she shakes the thoughts from her head. Then she just sits there gazing at nothing for a while. Before a new line of thought gets the chance to arise, the communications console lights up and shakes her out of her reverie.

Now what?

“What is it, Wiki?”

She asks aloud while she moves a hand over to the console and deftly brings up the message as the computer gives her the cliff notes as a reply.

A mission from the Galactic Federation, Samus. One of their vessels has gone missing on a world at the edge of Federation space. Possible Space Pirate involvement.”

While I am tempted to blow it off, I still read through the details. Aether. Didn’t I see that name in the Chozo databanks? I hesitate for a moment before I send off a confirmation message. While I know myself too well to believe I’d actually refuse, it is nice to think that I at least could. Seems like it will be a quick one, at least.

I punch in the commands for Wiki to bring up any relevant information from the databanks, with an added request to download anything he can get from the GalFed databanks on this world. I enter the course and activate the auto-pilot before I put my helmet back on and start reading up on everything Wiki finds.


I hope you enjoyed that little teaser, and will join me when the series gets started. Feel free to offer any feedback you want.



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