To The Moon – PSA

A few days back JPH of Ninja Game Den asked me if I’d played To The Moon. I had to confess that I hadn’t even heard of it. So he told me that I should play it. I acquired it from and did as he said.

This one is as spoiler-free as I could find.

He said it would be a really moving experience, or something along those lines. I do not remember the exact wording. I do remember that he refused to say anything that could even remotely be considered a spoiler. And I’m really glad. You do not want this story spoiled for you at all. I refuse to even explain the premise.

I really didn’t expect all that much going in, but hey, it was both cheap and recommended, so why not. Upon starting up the game I saw it looked like it had been made in RPG Maker, which didn’t help my impression much. The music was really nice though, I’d admit that much, and it was clear that effort had gone into the art.

In the end it turned out to be one of the most beautiful and sad stories about love and life I have ever experienced in any medium. It is one of those rare stories that is truly complemented by the medium it’s in. The only other format I could see this story work as would be maybe a book, and even then I think certain subtleties would be lost.

My recommendation is to get and play this game. It will take about 4 hours of your life, and deliver a wonderful experience. I’ve paid more for films that I’d forgotten a few hours after I watched. I actually got it on sale, and feel like I cheated the developer in the process. You can get it from the homepage, and it also has links to other services where you can get it; namely Steam, GoG and Origin. And the music is done by the lovely Laura Shigihara aka Supershigi. OST can be found here.



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  1. The premise in and by itself isn’t even that much of a spoiler. I mean, I’m not going to post it here if you don’t want it to, but the premise of To The Moon isn’t what has everyone misty-eyed near the end of it.

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