League of Legends – Sensible Champions Lists update 1

Since I made my original lists, there have been a few more champions added to here, so it was suggested that I should do a little update post on the new ones.

Not fancy, but it'll have to do.

I have since added two new female champions: Nami and Vi; and one new male/monster champion: Thresh. I have also reclassified Ezreal, and you can find the new descriptions for all four below.

The full posts can be found here: FemaleMale 1Male 2

All artwork below accredited to Riot Games.


Kawaii! ^_^ I honestly thought this was a girl when I was just looking through the thumbnails, and was a bit surprised when I actually opened the link to look at “her”. Very clearly here for the sex appeal with his pretty-boy face, fancy hair, numerous belts and ripped clothes. Who told the developers that belts were sexy anyway? I was a bit too harsh the first time around, seeing as this is a ranged character, and the talk about “being there for the sex appeal” was largely facetious. I’ll upgrade him to a cute Pro, and leave it at that.


Would you? And if so, how? :P They’ve added a titillating mermaid. Marvelous. While I fully understand why she’s not dressed, they still saw fit to give her an extensive cleavage. Just please no. It makes me sigh deeply. I guess I can call her a bubbly Con.


Off to visit grandpa. So apparently Spawn and Raziel somehow got together quite intimately (I’m sure the slashfic exists out there somewhere) and this thing is the result of their forbidden tryst. I don’t see anything particularly wrong with this creature, apart from having to wonder why skeletal dreadlocks are a thing. And while his bio might reveal what that key’s for, I prefer to use my imagination and dub him a soulful Pro.


Need a hand? I got two! They were very wise in picking this angle for the artwork, because it obscures the thing that places her firmly in Neutral: the boob window. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t already seen several images of her before she was placed on the official online list. And it’s a shame, because I kinda love her outfit apart from that. Okay, the gloves are silly big, but I can roll with that. She’s actually wearing trousers, and thigh guards, and a largely sensible chestpiece apart from the window. She even has good boots! So very nearly a Pro, but I’ll have to settle for giving her a pounding Neutral.



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