Collisions On Aether: Chapter 1 – Rough Landing


Chapter 2

And here we are! Chapter 1 of my Metroid Prime 2: Echoes narrative LP that I’ve dubbed “Collisions On Aether”.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

As I mentioned in the prologue, this is very much an experiment for me. I’ve never attempted writing in quite this style before. It’s probably a bit strange to read as well. So I will, as last time, define what the different types signify:

Regular text is Samus’s thoughts; bold is Wiki and other instances of computer text/speech; “” designates speech; cursive is the narrator, who I plan to use as minimally as possible.

I’ve also inserted some screenshots and even short clips from the game to try to enhance the experience. I will be recording my entire playthrough so I have material to make clips and screenshots from.

As I get closer to the planet I go over the mission file again.

--- Missions File 02546 ---  8 days ago, contact with Galactic Federation trooper squad Bravo was lost.

--- Contract Agreement ---  Locate Federation troopers and render assistance.

--- Data Confirmation ---  Last transmission received from a rogue planet located in the Dasha region called Aether.

Uploading last known coordinates now.

Concise as usual. There is an attachment to the message providing further details, but they’ve gotten used to me finding out everything anyway, so the briefings have shortened down.

Samus cracks a wry smile as she presses a few keys and brings up the Chozos’ entry on Aether.

I knew I had seen the name before. This is the homeworld of an ancient race called the Luminoth. Sadly this information is largely outdated. It’s been centuries since the Chozo last had contact with them. On the upside I believe most of this should still be viable.

“Wiki, please download all the information the Federation has on Aether.”

The slightly robotic female voice of the onboard computer speaks up after a short pause.

“It is done, Samus. However, there is very little to be had. While technically in Galactic Federation space, the planet Aether has not been physically visited by any Federation dignitaries. Distance scans deemed the surface hazardous, and any diplomatic messages were cold, so it has been categorised as a low priority.”

Wiki was right, as always. Even combined with the Chozo data my intel on the planet is scarce, to put it mildly. It’s curious that the Federation would think the surface to be hazardous, as nothing from the Chozo reports hint at this. I’d say I hate going in blind, but honestly that’s a lie. Exploration is one of the perks of this job. There’s way too much to see in this galaxy for me to stay in one place for long.

The Gunship drops out of FTL as it reaches Aether.

The Planet Aether.

I start up the scanning procedure and disengage the travel shielding so I can see Aether with my own eyes. There is something odd about it… a weird purple tinge and other things that I’m tempted to write off as tricks of the eyes. I glance down at the result screen, and see the early report about the unstable atmosphere. To be honest this has little resemblance to the world described by the Chozo, and even the GalFed reports didn’t make it seem quite so bad. Anyway, time to find these troopers.

“Wiki, scan for Galactic Federation signals and plot a suitable landing area and approach vector.”

“Affirmative, Samus.”

“Galactic Federation vessel located. No detectable comm signals. Severe weather patterns covering most of the planet might be interfering with the readings. I will keep monitoring as we descend.”

After tapping in the commands to take us down, I run a diagnostic on the suit and start activating the components I deem necessary.

Chozo Battle Suit Ver. SA1-446B-VM6-P Online

Considering the possibility of a hazardous atmosphere I set Varia to standard configuration, and keep Gravity on standby. There doesn’t seem to be much water near the landing area anyway. Missile launcher will be active, but I’ll keep Super Missiles on standby until I know what I’m dealing with. Same with Power Bomb. No sense risking destruction of GalFed equipment unnecessarily. Space Jump boosters are online; Grapple Beam online; Morph Ball online; Morph Ball bomb generator and resonant shielding online; Spider Ball and Boost Ball upgrades online.

Alright, that should be it.

Samus finishes just as the Gunship breaks through into the atmosphere.

“Warning! Warning! Weather patterns more severe than anticipated! Taking evasive action!”

“What the-”

The Gunship dodges a few bolts of purple lightning, but to no avail as a large jolt hits the hull straight on.

“Warning! Warning! Power surge in progress! Shutting down! Shut-“

As an explosion rocks the ship I grab the controls. Emergency procedures race through my head as we plummet towards the surface. I try my best to stay on course, but the engines are cutting in and out, and thruster control is minimal. I pray that the straps will hold as I brace for impact and scan the area with my eyes. There! I can land there. If only I can avoid smashing into those rocks. Maybe I should just divert the remaining shield power forwards.

Rocks go flying as the Gunship smashes through some columns, but Samus is able to get the anti-gravity landing gear activated and come to a stop a mere 10 metres from the rock wall.

Okay, it should be safe to reboot Wiki now, and get this ship parked. I’ve seen a lot of crazy weather, but this was new. I suppose that’s the result of an unstable atmosphere. Might make it damn difficult to take off again, but first…

“Wiki, status report.”

“Extensive damage, Samus. Left engine close to shutting down; 47% of fuses overloaded; 3 databanks scrambled, but salvageable; thrusters require overhaul; minor hull cracks, but no breaches; landing gear holding; scanners reduced to 31% efficiency; shielding at 18% integrity. Estimated auto-repair time without aid: approximately 20 hours.”

“Understood. Maybe we can ask the Luminoth for help. Engage stealth systems, I am disembarking.”

If the Luminoth are still around, that is. There was little sign of activity indicating advanced intelligent life. Then again, perhaps the storm simply masked it. I guess my hope for a short and sweet mission just burned out. Curses.

She gets onto the liftpad and exits the ship.

The whole area seems very barren though. I think only the toughest of growths still hang on. My surroundings are mostly rock. Hardly looks like the paradise the Chozo said it was. Surely this place has seen better days.

“Wiki, initiate standard mapping and recording procedures. I want to know everything we can find out along the way.”

“Affirmative, Samus.”

With that said I leap off of the Gunship and plant my feet on the soil of Aether, ready for a new adventure.

And there we go. Please let me know what you think, and how you think I can improve.


Chapter 2



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  1. Not bad, so far. Interesting experiment.

    I don’t remember, so please remind me: is this Wiki dialogue from in-game? Or is that also text of your devising?

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