Collisions On Aether: Chapter 3 – A Dark Encounter

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I am sometimes productive, and that’s why you get Chapter 3 only a few days behind schedule.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

We are getting into some really interesting parts now, at least in my opinion. I am still working to pin down Samus’s personality, so please bear with me through these teething problems.

Regular text is Samus’s thoughts; bold is Wiki and other instances of computer text/speech; “” designates speech; cursive is the narrator.


What is this? They came back to life? And are firing at me? At least their aim is terrible. Scanning… No, they’re still dead.

Compromised armour, functional weapons.

A parasitic presence? What in the-


One of the reanimated troopers catches Samus with a salvo, which pushes her back, though her shields hold. With practiced precision she goes into action, side-stepping the wild spraying of the walking corpses’ rifles, and downing them one by one using charged shots from her power beam.

What was that? While I’ve faced many things, I can’t say I’ve had the dead get back up and try to blast me away before. Minor shield damage only, good.

“Wiki, what’s your analysis on the parasitic bioform?”

“I can confirm the signature matches residue found on some of the dead splinters, Samus. Need more data to determine its nature and origin.”

I look at the wrecks of the dead troopers. Even if another parasite was to come along, I don’t think it’s possible to get these poor soldiers moving again. No time to get squeamish, though. If this is what they’re doing to the dead troopers, I shudder to think what would happen to those still alive. … if there are any left alive.

I need to get going. I’ll head back to the main room and unlock that gate, and then race for the ship. There might be someone left there.

As Samus gets through the maintenance tunnel again and unfolds from her ball form, the black, smoky forms of more of the parasites appear and possess the dead troopers in this room as well, but they are quickly put down.

Take a hint, smoke monsters. Your strategy isn’t working. Assuming these things are even capable of strategy. Perhaps they’re just some form of aggressive animal. There, that should open the gate, and- oh, come on!

They must have been caught outside when the gate locked.

A short series of charged shots later, and the tunnel beyond is clear of reanimated troopers.

That must have been nearly half of the total troopers that was on the GalFed ship in total. At least that still leaves some hope. This tunnel is really cluttered… it’s almost like they attempted to block the way using cargo crates, but I’m fairly certain the splinters could have just crawled over.

Right, according to the map there should be an elevator at the other end of this next… room…

This does not bode well.

There’s something in here.

Wha- who was that? That almost looked like… almost like… me. And she was… floating. She went into that sphere… which is conveniently blocking my way. Great. Just great. What else do we have in this room?

A few more of the big creatures, killed by accidents. Or perhaps the troopers somehow triggered this. And the sphere is crackling at me.

“Wiki, what do your readings say?”

“Very little, Samus. I was not able to conduct a proper scan of that being, and the anomaly is some sort of dimensional rift. Destination unknown. I suggest investigation, and extreme caution while doing so.”

I enable the olfactory filter to catch a scent of what’s coming from the rift, but I immediately regret it and switch it off again. There’s something very rotten about that smell. And… almost a hint of something familiar, even if I can’t quite place it.

I guess all I can do now is enter the rift.

Ugh, that was a strange sensation. Where am I? Why are the colours so weird? Why is there a shining crystal on top of that pole? And where did- whoa. What are those black creatures? Hey, there’s that dark me. What is she- oh no. Phazon. That’s phazon. Why is… I’ll worry about that later.

She doesn’t seem to have seen me yet, so-

As Samus attempts to stand up, a shot hits the ground right next to her. The Dark Samus is aware of her, and has fired a warning shot.

Wow… I wonder if that’s how people see me when I’m… insistent? No matter, I’ll show her how the real deal op-

When Samus rapidly stands up and raises her arm cannon, another shot rings out and the crystal on the pole behind her shatters into tiny pieces. She is suddenly aware that she’s standing in a small bubble of light, and it’s begun to shrink.

-erates. … Uh, those black creatures are coming closer. So many… the shrieking… where do I even start?

The light bubble extinguishes completely, and Samus is exposed to the atmosphere. She can’t help a hiss escaping between her teeth.

Fuck, that stings! My shields are dwindling rapidly, and-


The creatures pounce on her and she starts firing desperately. Their claws dig into her suit; tugging, tearing and ripping as if they’re trying to pry it right off of her skin. In the struggle she gets knocked back into the rift she came from and she lands with a heavy thud back on the other side and pushes herself back to her feet as the rift vanishes behind her.


That’s gonna throb for a while. I’m… I’m back here? And they didn’t follow? What the hell was that… oh.

“Status alert incoming, Samus. Displaying on your HUD now.”

Chozo Battle Suit Ver. SA1-446B-VM6-P
Alert! Gear stolen by unknown creatures.

Space Jump Thrusters: OFFLINE
Grapple Beam Launcher: OFFLINE
Morph Ball Boost Unit: OFFLINE
Morph Ball Spider Unit: OFFLINE
Power Bomb Generator: OFFLINE
Missile Launcher: OFFLINE
Morph Ball Bomb Module: OFFLINE
Gravity Suit Module: DAMAGED

All remaining systems: Online and Active.

Well. That could have gone better.

For those of you who haven’t actually played any of the Prime games are probably confused as to what Phazon is (and maybe other things as well). It will be revealed in due time during the LP, but I will also give a brief explanation next time.

Chapter 2

Chapter 4



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