The Von Braun Incident: Chapter 12 – Egg Hunt

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As I am still using my old build, and not the new, fancy GoG build, I still experience some crashing. Which is why this chapter got delayed by over a day.

You are trying my patience.

I feel like I’ve basically reached a point in the game where resources are no longer an issue. I have a lot of a lot. I can keep my weapons highly maintained. I have all sorts of medical hypos and other healing items. I have a fair amount of ammunition. I’ve gotten my most important stats maxed out. I am doing good. I almost feel powerful. And yet I am astutely aware that one false move, one blunder, one act of hubris, could be the end of me.

I have gotten, and been playing Dead Space 3 since my last chapter. It has a few things that piss me off, and it’s still not as clever as this game is, but I feel like Visceral Games are learning. There have been places where my expectations have been toyed with, and it’s started to freak me out. I love those sections, and if the game had had more of them, I could have called it a worthy successor to System Shock. It is encouraging that they seem to be learning, I’ll give it that. I’ll likely do a full post on it once I have completed it.


121st entry: The clever bastards have booby-trapped the access ladder. And without a complete map of the Rickenbacker, I can’t really see all the nooks and crannies. It’s not a huge ship though, so maybe I’ll be okay. I’ll take it slow. I really have no idea how much trouble they’ve set in my way. That’s one… that’s two… that’s three… aha! I can see the first egg in the bay up here. It… looks more red than black, almost like it’s made of magma. Let’s see if it likes music.

122nd entry: It was not a fan of the gentle hum of my crystal branch. SHODAN says there are still 15 left though, so I have my work cut out for me. I climbed up into a small control booth to activate the crane blocking the way forward, and spotted my second egg, which I also quickly took out. They don’t like explosions either. Lifting the crane revealed two Rumblers and a military droid though, which was unpleasant, but I managed to hole up in the booth until they were disposed of. That leaves me with 14 more eggs to uncover before I can enact my plan. Their own singing will be their undoing.

123rd entry: Captain Diego contacted me. He… he actually sounded human. He said he managed to cast off the influence of the Many. The voices. He says they no longer control him. I do not trust him for a second. I have heard the voices. Heard the singing! Once you are in their grip, is there really a way back? I will have to stop by sickbay at some point anyway. If he is there, I can dispose of him. … I wonder what he meant by seeing “the situation from all possible perspectives”…

124th entry: Another egg down, and I have found a hole. A massive hole. It seems the Rickenbacker has suffered a hull breach due to a breakdown of a meson accelerator coil, but a forcefield is holding the atmosphere in, thankfully. SHODAN assures me the forcefield is not safe to walk on though, and I’ll believe her in this instance. Not to worry, she has a plan for how I am to pass the next coil on the way to the bridge without setting off a similar explosion. I need to get into Nacelle B, but the access card to Nacelle B is on the other side of this hole, according to Croker’s log. And the bridge isn’t extending fully… huh… time to do some climbing, I guess.

125th entry: Two more eggs destroyed. They sing like they don’t even know their approaching doom. I managed to get into the ventilation system and crawl up to higher ground. There was a switch for another bridge support, and I should now be able to jump the gap. Not safely, not at all, but it’s possible. I keep finding Bayliss’s logs, and they detail incidents of when they landed on Tau Ceti V, and what happened shortly after. Apparently the Many took Korenchkin almost immediately, and they started shipping eggs up to the Von Braun. I guess I have my answer as to how the infection spread so fast.

126th entry: Four more eggs smashed. According to SHODAN’s latest tally, that should leave me with another seven to go. I was able to get the drop on another Rumbler in the morgue. The crystal branch unsettled its flesh until it collapsed. I gave it a few more whacks to be safe. I am not sure what it was doing in the morgue, whether it was there for a snack, or it was guarding the two eggs there. I have also noticed that the Rickenbacker is outfitted with a different class of turret. I can still hack them easy, but since these can be affixed to ceilings, I worry I’ll find turrets out of reach. Even with security off, they’ll likely return fire if fired upon. … The latest Bayliss log states that he was the one who brought SHODAN on-board…

127th entry: The signs of fighting around here are possibly even more intense than anything I saw on the Von Braun. Which does make sense, because all the soldiers were here. I’m finding so many viral proliferators though. Did Norris make them all, or did they simply copy his work? Croker’s logs explained the meson accelerator coil incident in a bit more detail than SHODAN did, so I am going to leave the path to Pod 2 alone for now. I’ve found the route to Nacelle B, so we’ll see about SHODAN’s plan. And then I’ll try to figure my way through Croker’s quarantine. I’ll also be passing through the torpedo bay eventually…

128th entry: I have a mere four eggs left as I stand on the threshold to Nacelle B. The amount of security on this vessel is ridiculous compared to the Von Braun. Even more than I’d expect out of a warship. I guess that should come as no surprise considering what went on here. The fighting likely started before the Many had a proper grip on the crew. In the end they prevailed though, and it spread to the Von Braun. At least there are lots of resources around for me to scavenge. There is not much that could pose a serious challenge to me any longer if I play it safe, but the Many have surely prepared for my arrival.

129th entry: The voices speak again. Placating. Peace-offering. They try to reason, to say I could join them. That we are both children of flesh. I could go against SHODAN. Destroy her. Merge with their collective and spread across the galaxy. There is… temptation in that offer. I am tired. Very tired. I am thankful there is not much left, but it would be good to just sit down and… be taken. … My main takeaway from this offer though, is that they now fear me. Their threats didn’t work, and neither did their attacks. I’ve weathered it all, and I’m still going. I will end this threat, and humanity… humanity will be safe. From the Many. From SHODAN. … from me…

130th entry: The voices were quick to rescind their offer as soon as I set foot in Nacelle B. Now they taunt me again. Perhaps we are all insane at this point, and our moods turn in a heartbeat. Crawling through maintenance tunnels is not my idea of a fun time, but SHODAN revealed her plan as I was in there. I found the panel to reverse gravity in Pod 2, which should allow me to safely bypass the secondary meson accelerator coil. And I found another egg, which leaves three. I also got to test my theory, and it seems turrets will not fire back at me so long as security is off. Interesting.

131st entry: There is now only a single egg remaining. I have to say that investing resources into this EMP rifle has paid off. Even on the lowest setting the droids simply shut down and overload. As I walk through these halls I notice that enemies are ever fewer in numbers. And when I have to backtrack there have come no reinforcements to replace them. This is the last stand, for all of us. All their pieces are in play, and… I guess I am SHODAN’s piece. Slowly taking the Many down move by move. Too slow for miss ‘Oh Great And Powerful’ though. She seems to getting impatient. She will have to wait a bit longer though, as I have reached Station 01 in the torpedo bay. There are four buttons here that I don’t know the effect of. The ladder up to Pod 2 is trashed. Pressing the buttons seems to be my only recourse, as I’ve searched the entire area thoroughly for an alternative. I wish I had been given torpedo room training…


Next time we press buttons and hope for fun, and then we need to find that last egg, wherever it is.

Chapter 11

Chapter 13



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