Future Metal Gear Game Pitches

So Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance came out lately (funny how spell check doesn’t think that’s a word) and has gotten a very good reception from what I’ve been able to tell. My friends over at BossDungeon seemed to particularly enjoy it. After a discussion with Sir Tobbii on Twitter I began wondering… where can this series go next?

I am serious Cyborg.

As this game brought us such wonders as epic melon slicing, ninja kittens and civilians immune to rocket launchers, it’s no wonder people have high hopes for future titles. I have not played a Metal Gear game since Solid 3, but I see this as no barrier for me becoming the next head writer, and as such I have several pitches ready already.

We’ll start with the one I posted on Twitter a while back, and move on from there.

Metal Gear Rising: Resemblance

Raiden faces his greatest test yet as he has to battle an army of clones made from a lock of his own hair! Will coming face-to-face with so many versions of himself be too much for our hero?

Metal Gear Rising: Resonance

Raiden enrolls into the music academy the love of his life goes to, with the aim of learning how to become in total harmony with her. Can the cyborg hands meant to wield weapons also handle the instruments that carry the notes of heartstrings? (The love of his life might be a bird.)

Metal Gear Rising: Remembrance

Raiden encounters his most insidious foe yet: Dr. Alzheimer! The investigation will be a tough one, as none of his victims even remember that something was done to them. Can our hero stop Dr. Alzheimer’s nefarious schemes, or will he too be doomed to an existence of oblivion?

Metal Gear Rising: Revisit

In this thrilling continuation of Remembrance, Raiden ends up in the clutches of the seemingly benign Memory Lane corporation. The company is actually a front for our hero’s old enemy, Dr. Alzheimer, who has figured out how to trap people in their old memories. With Raiden now trapped on his personal echo of “Big Shell”, can he defeat his own demons and remember who he truly is?

Metal Gear Rising: Repatriation

As a tentative world peace has settled in, Raiden now lends his talents to the US Immigrations Office. The economy is on the brink of disaster, so can our hero correctly choose who to let in and who to send back to their own countries in order help the nation back on its feet?

Metal Gear Rising: Recrimination

With a fresh law degree in hand, Raiden quickly becomes a successful prosecutor on the fast track to district attorney. But what will he do when one of the crime lords he tries to convict sets him up for a major fall? Can he fight these counter-allegations, or will crime win the day?

These ideas are all amazing, of course. I am clearly the best pick to lead the next Metal Gear production. But feel free to share your own pitches in the comments below. :3



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