Blood Bowl LP Deliberations

Okay, I have now taken the step of putting this idea out here, so we’re going ahead. First off we need to decide what team we’re going to roll. Since there was no real consensus on what to pick (well, human was suggested more than once, but they’re a bit dull in my opinion) I will now show off the three options it’s been narrowed down to, and you can cast your vote on those. If there’s a tie we’ll eliminate the one with the least votes and try again with two.

Emphasis on "Blood" and "Chaos". :3

The three candidates suggested (that I didn’t automatically veto :P) are Orc, Dwarf and Chaos Dwarf. I will present them in that order, and you’re free to cast your vote in a comment or on Twitter and you can also state what type of player you’d rather be. The team-name will likely be “Wulf Space Jam”, unless anyone can trump that.

For all teams there is a starting sum of 1 000 000 gold to outfit your team, but since I will be starting with 2 re-rolls at a cost of 70k each, we are left with a total of 860k to start with, though the plan is to earn more as we go along and add better players in time, assuming we can win. Only 11 players are allowed on the pitch per team at one time, but a team can also have 5 reserves on top of those 11.


Orc teams are generally less concerned about handling the ball, and more about mishandling the enemy.

The names are randomly generated, but can of course be changed, though only once.

With six different player types, Orcs are one of the more diverse teams, and arguably more interesting because of it. None of the players are super expensive, not even the troll, so having a strong starting line-up is pretty much a given. Orcs are not allowed to get Mutations though, which is a slight shame.

I dun even know whatta line is, but I'mda man for it. Orc fer it.

The Lineman is the foot soldier of the Orc teams. They start with no skills, but the high armour value means they’re tough to kill or injure, so should they manage to level up, they’ll likely get Block since the General skills will always be available to them. Movement 5, Strength 3 and Agility 3 are all average, so they could do as ball carriers in a pinch.

I'ma blizz- blituz- blip- I run at dem an punch dem.

The Blitzers come with the Block skill, making them harder to knock down (and better at knocking down) than the standard Linemen. They can also move one square further, which makes them good ball carriers if they can manage to pick it up, which can be dicey with just 3 Agility. A good level-up roll might allow a Blitzer to get +1 Agi or Sure Hands, which would definitely make him a designated ball carrier, but their main role is punching and blitzing stuff.

Wassat? Ya want ta meet my fists?

While the Black Orc is slow, has a measly 2 Agility and comes with no skills, it does have 4 Strength, which makes it really good at hitting stuff successfully. It is unlikely these guys will ever manage to catch or pick up a ball, but punching things comes naturally to them. Again, I’d likely give them Block as soon as they level up.

Catch me if you can!

I don’t normally like using these weak, easy-to-injure players, but with both Dodge and Stunty they are exceptionally good at getting away from and through enemy tackle zones. Sadly Stunty also means that if they do get knocked down, they’re more likely to suffer a serious injury. And having Right Stuff means the Troll can pick up a Goblin and throw it, unless it decides to rather eat it.

Pick up ball. Throw ball.

The Thrower lives up to its name, and is always allowed a free re-roll on picking up and throwing the ball. Catching a ball is another matter, but if you managed to get a Goblin with Catch down the field, you could almost pretend you were an elf team for a moment. With an average of 5 Movement Allowance, they are not ideal ball carriers, but they can manage if they get the ball early in a period. They are also free to join in punching stuff.

Duuuuhhhhhh... wut?

The Troll is big, and slow, and really only good at punching things. Mighty Blow gives it added chance to cause injury even. It does also have Really Stupid, which means that before it can act, it must always roll a D6 and get 4+ to be allowed to do whatever you want it to do. Having another team-mate close-by gives an automatic +2 to the roll, but if the roll still fails, I wouldn’t bother with a re-roll since Loner means it might just ignore it. Interestingly it also has Regeneration, which is usually reserved for undead players. And it can throw Goblins closer to (or into) the End Zone, but Always Hungry means it might decide to eat the Goblin instead.


The Dwarves, or Dorfs as I like to call them, have even less overall Agility than the Orcs, and generally can’t run very fast. They are pretty good at stopping the other team from moving as well though, so they’re fully able to create an opening for a Runner to get through.

Dorfs are hard to stop once they get going.

Even the cheapest dorf is 70k, so it’s unlikely a dorf team will be able to afford a Deathroller right off the bat.

What's that? Ye were goin somewhere? I dinnae think so.

For a foot soldier, the Dorf Blocker is kinda nuts. Starting with Block and Tackle means it’s tough to bring a Blocker down, and even if you do manage it, Thick Skull means they’re tough to KO. Tackle also means that enemies with Dodge are unable to make use of it, be it to dodge out of the Blocker’s tackle zone, or to try to use Dodge to avoid being knocked down by a Stumble.

I see ye there, wee ball. Come ta papa!

The Runner is basically the only dorf that has anything close to reliable ball-handling skills, and can run far enough to score. Dwarf cages are slow-moving though, so it might take a while to get close enough to the End Zone to make a run for it, but if any dorf can do it, it’s this one.

The beard-split makes me moor air-o-die-na-mick.

While the Blitzer lacks the Tackle skill of the Blocker, it can move farther, making it better suited for, you guessed it, blitzing. With a higher agility score, they can theoretically handle the ball, but I wouldn’t count of them for it. It does mean they only need a 3+ to jump out of an enemy’s tackle zone if necessary though.

Ye think bein bigger makes ye safer? Hah!

The Troll Slayer has two abilities that make it rather dangerous. While it only has a base strength of 3, the Dauntless means that when blocking players with a higher strength value, it rolls a D6 and adds the number to its own strength level. If the strength total is greater than its target, that’s the strength that’s applied to the block. And Frenzy means that if the enemy is pushed, the Troll Slayer will automatically follow and throw another block.

O' course I ha' a permit! I jus... left it in me other beard.

While Blood Bowl allows for quite a lot of player types to enter the field, this thing is actually illegal. You can use it for one drive per match before the referee expels it to the penalty box. With an armour value of 10 and a strength of 7, this thing is virtually impossible to knock down, and can crush any enemy player regardless of size. It can’t actually pick up or carry the ball though, because the dorf riding it is using his hands for other things. Break Tackle means it uses its strength score to dodge out of tackle zones, which means it basically can’t be stopped that way either. And then Juggernaut means it’s crazy good at Blitzing and negates certain skills that would normally allow a player to avoid being blocked or moved.

Chaos Dwarves

The Chaos Dwarves rely on the Hobgoblins to handle the ball, while the rest of the team focuses on smashing the enemy team into pulp.

Only four player types, but pretty interesting ones.

While the Hobgoblins are cheap, the rest of the team is fairly expensive. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to afford a Minotaur from the get-go, but you might be able to squeeze a Bull Centaur in there. Possibly even two. But one Bull Centaur and a third re-roll might be preferable. I’ll do math later, depending on what we pick.

Better this than dancing.

Hobgoblins are slightly faster than average, but also have pretty thin armour. They start with no skills, but can become pretty beastly when leveled up well. Their main job is go for the ball, and be cannon fodder when the coach can’t afford better players. If they do manage to score touchdowns though, it means they’ll level up pretty quickly, so you might be able to get them something useful like Block or Sure Hands.

What do ye mean 'what's up with yer teeth'?

The Chaos Dorf blockers have the same stats and skills as the regular Dorf blockers, which means they’re pretty tough to deal with, and excel at punching others. The Chaos Dorfs are only allowed to field 6 Blockers though, while a Dorf team could theoretically have only Blockers, but 6 tends to be more than enough. And being able to get Mutations can make them a lot more interesting.


Bull Centaurs are supreme blitzers. While they only have a base Movement Allowance of 6, the combination of Sprint and Sure Feet means they can basically move 9 squares per turn with very little risk. Strength 4 gives them pretty hefty punches, and they’d make excellent ball carriers, if they were able to pick up the ball. With a mere 2 agility that’s unlikely, but if they pull it off, you’re pretty much guaranteed a touchdown.

Grrr, yargh.

The Minotaur exists to perpetrate violence. It’s the only thing it’s good at, the only thing it desires. Wild Animal is similar to the Troll’s Really Stupid, in that you need a 4+ roll to be allowed to take action, but if that action is a block or a blitz, you get +2 to the roll. Horns gives it +1 Strength when blitzing, and Frenzy means it will always follow up when simply pushing an enemy player. This thing wants to hurt someone, and it wants it really badly.

And there you have it! Hopefully you’ll have an easier time making a choice, if you want to participate at all, though if you’ve read this far, I suspect you do. As a final note I will be allowed to pick team colour myself, and while I am partial to purple, I am open to suggestions.

May Nuffle smile upon us.



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