Collisions On Aether: Chapter 6 – Breached Temple

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Chapter 7

No, I have not forgotten that I am doing this series, though I’ve been somewhat preoccupied lately.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

When I was playing through the game the last time it felt like I had so many good ideas for what to say and write about this. I wonder if any of those will be remembered when I reach those parts of the game again.

Regular text is Samus’s thoughts; bold is Wiki and other instances of computer text/speech; “” designates speech; cursive is the narrator.

Okay, the possessed troopers were not a threat, but these things were taken alive. Let’s see what we’re dealing with here.

Dark Splinter

Yikes! These things are fast. And a fully charged shot just glanced off of that one’s hide as it flew past. Maybe I can… aha! Hitting them straight in the eye takes them out. Excellent.

Well, that went quick. Any more? No? I guess I’ll move into the Tyr then and see if there’s anything left. … a crew manifest.

It… seems like I’ve found everyone. Not exactly what I had hoped for… wait! This one. PFC E. Denys is still out there somewhere. It might be too much to hope for, but maybe he’s still alive.

There’s also more map data. Stuff they were able to see on the way in, stuff they’ve scouted since, areas they were able to scan even if they were blocked off, like beyond that security gate out there. They had no more luck with the language than I did.

If I take advantage of this hole in the ship, I should be able to get further up.

Huh, what’s this?

What beautiful images might it have portrayed at one point?

“Wiki, analysis please.”

“It appears to be a piece of art, Samus. Powered, but damaged. Holo-projectors offline. Repairs unlikely.”

Art… perhaps this clearing used to be a park? A play area? Someone’s home? It’s definitely nothing of the sort right now.

O-ho, a kinetic orb cannon! This has distinct similarities to the ones the Chozo used. Let’s see here… yes… I should be able to fit in here as a morph ball, and launch myself even higher.

Weeeeeee- unf!

Seriously, that never gets old. Not the time to start playing around though, Samus, keep it together. I can reach that door now. According to the maps from the ship it should lead to that large structure in the centre.

Ah, it seems I’ve found the last trooper… checking his logs.

Galactic Federation Marine Corps
Personal Log Entry, PFC E. Denys

I’m the only one left. Managed to get out of the hive, but when I got to the ship, everyone was gone…dead. I’m heading for that alien building we saw earlier. Maybe someone can help me there… Wait, something’s moving down there. Hello…?

So much for that hope. I need to find the Luminoth and ask them what the hell is going on this planet of theirs. Dozens of dead troopers, Space Pirates, a dark version of me and trans-dimensional parasites. Sheesh.

Here is another funny gate. According to Wiki it should be able to move, but he can’t detect any control mechanism. Okay, let me just slide down here, and… ah, giant War Wasps. Something every planet needs, obviously.

War Wasp

Okay, now that they’re gone, I’ll launch myself up there, and we can move on.

I can see the entrance to the structure, and it does not seem to be blocked off. Well, not the door at least, but this ledge is too high for me to get onto without my boots. What do we have here apart from wasp hives? Another kinetic orb cannon, I’ll take that. Let me see what I can do about these controls… if I can set the cannon just right, I should be able to…

And from here I can get through this…

And voila! I’m at the door. Hm…? What’s this? That’s a Luminoth! Though it’s dead…

Bioscan complete.
Target has been dead for 8 cycles.
Trace amounts of unknown chemical present in target. It has an effect similar to mummification on dead biomatter. Further analysis required to determine chemical’s effect on living biomatter.

Curious… it seems the Luminoth have not been having it easy here either… I’d best just go inside. These elevator controls look pretty straight-forward.

More dead natives… let’s see here.

Bioscan complete.
Target has been dead for 8.1 cycles.
Despite the presence of local animals, target corpse has not been disturbed. Scans suggest the presence of a toxic biochemical within the target. This may explain the lack of carrion feeding.

Bioscan complete.
Target has been dead for 8.1 cycles.
Target’s size and muscle mass suggests heavy combat training. It’s likely that it was a warrior of some kind. The lack of gear, armour or weapons is curious. Perhaps they were taken by others of its kind?

Were they guarding this structure then? I guess they gave their lives for their duty. Admirable. With them dead for so long anyone or anything could just wander straight in here…

Ack! Bats!

“No, stay away!”

… okay, they’re gone. No one saw that, right? Right. They came from that hole in the wall, which I should probably check out… hm… just a records and re-charging room. I should be able to access this to top up my shields. As I don’t know what I’ll be facing in here, that might be a good idea.

Nice rings.

Now I can move through this door, and… wow, this is impressive.

How far do these chambers stretch?

All these pods… hibernation chambers… for the Luminoth, it seems. Have they all gone to sleep to await their end? That seems strange compared to what little I’ve learned of them so far.

These things in the roof though… something is interfering with my ability to scan them, but they seem like splinter cocoons. That one in the middle is massive, as well. Wiki advises further investigation, so let’s get a closer look…

They’ve noticed me.

Well, I know how to fight these things now. And that woke the big one. Yowch, it’s fast!

Alpha Splinter

Okay, I’ll concentrate on its eyes, and it should go down soon enough.

Another parasite warps in and possesses the Alpha.

Great, just what I needed…

Dark Alpha Splinter

A short, but pitched battle later.

That thing truly hit like a truck. It almost seemed a bit slower with the parasite inside it… It could spit, but that wasn’t too hard to dodge. At least it’s dead now, and… uh… what’s happening to i-

What is this thing…? ‘Unknown Technology’. Very helpful, Wiki.

Samus reaches out her hand to touch the glowing object.

“System Alert. Unknown item acquired.”
“Alien technology has bonded to armour systems.”
“Threat scan complete. No negative impact on suit performance.”

I… that… certainly felt… electric.

What is this mysterious glowing ball we found? (Yes, I know I kinda gave it away with the Youtube titles.) Perhaps answers lie further into the temple.

Chapter 5

Chapter 7



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