Introducing Kattunger: My Hardened Nurgle Team

Yes, it’s more Blood Bowl. No, it’s not the LP yet. I wanted to show off my battle-hardened Nurgle team, named Kattunger, which is Norwegian for “kittens”. Very appropriate.

Can we eat the cameraman now?

A lovely bunch, aren’t they?

I went with Nurgle because I’m fascinated by monster teams, like Zerg or Tyranids. They’re a mix of Chaos and Undead in how they work, and they’re pretty fun to play. Lots of punching. Like at the end of my last match against the Skaven they had a total of 6 players they could put on the field.

Now because they’re undead, they can’t have an Apothecary. Instead they have a Necromancer, who works his/her magic on Regeneration and Nurgle’s Rot as far as I can tell. See, all players come with Nurgle’s Rot, which means that if an enemy player is killed, they will get risen as Rotter than can be hired for free at the end of the match, if you want. Regeneration allows a player to automatically re-roll an injury, and so long as they get a 4+ on a D6 they avoid the injury, and can rejoin the game for the next drive. (D6s are the only dice used in Blood Bowl, with the possible exception of injury rolls that I don’t fully understand yet, so I’ll stop mentioning that.) All Nurgle players except Rotters get Regeneration, and all can get Mutations on level-up, though some only with a lucky roll. None of them have below 8 armour either.

As you can see I have 7 re-rolls (I started with 2, which only cost 70k a piece then, but they cost 140k a piece once you’ve started playing), 5 cheerleaders and 3 assistant coaches. Most teams seem to have more cheerleaders and ass. coaches than me at this point though, so I’m still usually not winning kick-off events. It tends to get somewhat evened out by my high fan factor, though.

We have played 25 matches so far. 19 have been won (some on overtime), 1 has been lost (bloody elves) and 5 have been draws. 32 Touchdowns have been scored, and 11 scored against us. It’s making me wonder whether Normal difficulty is too easy for me, but I like winning, and I do work hard for it, so I’m content on Normal. I have been trying out some matches on Hard in preparation for the LP though, so we’ll see how that goes. Injuries and deaths seem a lot more frequent on Hard, but I’m not sure whether that’s because of improved enemy AI, or the dice actually rolling harsher against you.

Even on Normal I have suffered on average one casualty per match, and while the stats don’t list how many have died, I believe it has been 4. 2 Nurgle Warriors, 1 Pestigor and 1 Rotter. And several Rotters have gotten serious injuries so I’ve just had to fire them from the team because they’re useless with such stat losses.

More dodgy photoshopping! Normally the screen only displays 12 players and you have to scroll down for the rest.

I am fairly proud of my players. 🙂

I have two level 5 players, both Pestigors since they both punch and score touchdowns, one level 4 Nurgle Warrior who I think got MVP like 3 or 4 times. He is good at punching, but an MVP is worth 5 Star Player Points, so he’s advanced rapidly.

Beast of Nurgle: Per Åge

Urgh... uh... um... stay? Yes, I can stay.

A bit too big to fit in the shot.

Named after my gym teacher in elementary school, this guy is the foundation of my wall. He’s not fast, and he has the Really Stupid trait which means he needs team-mates around to remind him what to do, or he’ll just space out. He also has Loner, which means he might ignore team re-rolls, so it’s just best to let him space out rather than try to re-roll unless you’re really desperate, because you’ll lose the re-roll regardless of whether he accepts it or not. But he has an impressive Strength 5, and Armour Value 9, so he’s tough to bring down. His Tentacles allow him to hold players back from moving away from him, especially low-strength players, so I prefer keeping him close to fast, dodgy players. Disturbing Presence adds a -1 modifier to any passes, intercepts or catches done by enemies close to him, and Foul Appearance means that enemy players need to roll a 2+ before they’re allowed to throw a Block against him. Mighty Blow adds a +1 to the armour roll when he punches someone, and then adds +1 to the injury roll if he succeeds in breaking armour.

He’s only gotten a single MVP, but he’s caused enough injuries to get two level-ups. Since he has to roll double values (2 1s, 2 2s, etc) to access anything but the Strength skills, I started by giving him Guard, so he can assist in attacking or defending any player close-by regardless of how many tackle zones he’s in, which is very helpful on the front line, and then Thick Skull to reduce the amount of knock-outs he suffers. I’d love to be able to give him Block, or Dodge or +1 Strength.

Nurgle Warriors

These guys I’ve named after male RP characters of people I used to play with. I did also have one named Jarenth, but he got killed, sadly (on level 3 as well, which is annoying), and so was another one named Bru. They all come with Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle’s Rot and Regeneration, and can access General, Strength and Mutation skills on normal level-up rolls. Strength 4 and Agility 2 makes them bad with the ball, but good with the fists.


Would you care for a cup of tea?

Level 3 gets you a new hat and some finer gear.

Named after one of the first friends I made in the old RP, Jacen has was my second Warrior to reach level 3, and since I had recently lost Jarenth, I gave him Juggernaut like Jarenth had because it’s a useful skill. On Blitzing it’s hard for the dice to go against him. Enemies with Fend, Stand Firm or Wrestle get those skills ignored, and a Both Down roll can be treated as a Pushed if that is preferred. On the first level-up I gave him Block because that’s always the first I give anyone who levels up if it’s available (well, I might take a stat-up instead).


You wanna punch me? Just try it, punk!

8 more points till level 3.

Jack is named after a character I met some ways into the RP, and who ended up marrying one of my RP characters. He’s been doing well, and gotten himself the Block skill to make him a more effective part of the wall. I used to occasionally pair him up with the Pestigor named after his wife because it amused me, but then she got herself killed.

Lord Brutus

I'm too old for this shit.

Lordship seemingly gives you whole boots.

Lord Brutus is the newest addition to the Warrior ranks, and as such hasn’t had much of a chance to make his mark yet. A few knockouts, but no injuries, and no MVP, so no SPP yet. He’s named after what was possibly the first friend I made in the old RP, though the character doesn’t actually have the title Lord. I just added that because the default name was Lord Stocci Morbid, and I saw that as a sign.


I can do magic tricks!

I wonder if those kneepads can actually bite?

Skip is also named after one of the first friends I made in the old RP group, and he’s been exceptionally brutal. I think he’s personally caused at least 4 of the 7 deaths we have on our stats, and combined with several MVP awards, he reached level 4, which is pretty good for someone who can’t catch, throw or pick-up the ball to score touchdowns. While I got him Block for the first level-up, I got double dice on the second level-up, so I gave him Dodge (from the Agility tree), allowing him to ignore yet another roll of the block die. So anything other than a Defender Down won’t affect him (unless Tackle or Wrestle is involved). On the most recent level-up I gave him Mighty Blow, to let him punch even harder.


These things resemble undead Satyrs, but considering the naming theme of the Nurgle Warriors, I went with names of female RP characters for these ones. They are weaker, but faster than the Nurgle Warriors, and as such have suffered several knock-outs, a few near-deaths (saved by the Regeneration roll) and one actual death, which was Minarys, named after my own RP character married to Jack, and who was level 3 at the time of death, which was rather painful. All Pestigors start with Nurgle’s Rot, Regeneration and Horns, the latter of which gives them +1 Strength when they Blitz, a skill I’m happy to use and abuse. With a normal Strength and Agility of 3 they’re pretty average, but Armour Value of 8 and Movement Allowance of 6 is slightly above average, meaning that they’re my best choice for ball carriers.


Watch this, uncle!

I just realised that Horns basically means ‘ramming speed’, and they’re goat-people…

I was only able to get 3 Pestigors when I first started out, and Cassandra became my fourth once I had the money. She’s named after Brutus’s niece, who could be a trial of patience, and also had a thing going on with Skip at some point I believe. Blimey, it’s like this has turned into a soap opera. I got her Block first, naturally, and then followed up with Strong Arm, which gives her a +1 to Passing the ball. I had an idea of setting her up as my Thrower, and making Minarys my catcher, but then Min died, so yeah… I’m bad at trying to set up crazy elf-like bullshit anyway. But I might be glad I have that skill at some point. She’s scored a fair few touchdowns, and is good at punching things too.


Did someone need my attention?

Yay for green!

Helene is the replacement I got after Minarys died, and is named after another character of mine, whose main job is a healer. Now after I got Block with her, I got really lucky with the dice on the second level-up, and could get +1 Movement or +1 Armour, and I went for Movement, because running is what these things do. She’s been doing really well when it comes to catching up to the other Pestigors, I feel.


Come over here, I won't bite. Headbutt or punch, maybe, but certainly not bite.

Yes, those claws are fabulous.

Joan is named after a succubus character another friend of mine made, and she’s the grandmother of Nika, and technically the aunt of Helene, I believe. It’s complicated. While Nika was initially the most brutal of my Pestigors, Joan has surpassed her, partially because I’ve built her that way. With Mighty Blow as her second level-up skill, her punches became a lot more dangerous, and when I got her Tackle, it meant that Dodge is largely useless against her. It can’t be used to get out of her tackle zone, or to avoid a Defender Stumbles roll if she throws a block against them. Then I gave her Claw, just to make injuries more likely, as she only needs a roll of 8 on 2D6 to automatically break armour.


I'm the best this team has!

I find it interesting how Mutations actually do change the look of the players.

Nika was my first Pestigor to reach level 3, 4 and 5, even though Joan has never been far behind. She’s named after one of the characters of yet another friend of mine, and she’s the granddaughter of Joan, and niece of Helene. At the start she was easily my most brutal, and best scoring, player, so I started evolving her to be better with the ball. After making sure she got Block, I gave her Sure Hands for an automatic re-roll on picking up the ball, Extra Arms to get +1 to Catch, Intercept and Pick-up and finally Kick to allow me better control of where I want the ball to go (it halves the spread area of kick-offs). In normal circumstances it’s highly unlikely that Nika will fumble the ball, and she has 13 Touchdowns to prove it.


These guys are so decidedly average, that I have just given them the most average Norwegian guy names I could think of. They also get injured really easily because of their Decay skill, which forces them to roll twice on injuries, and apply the worst result, so they have twice the chance of suffering death or a stat-reducing injury. So there’s been a quite a few shifts in the Rotter line, and I usually keep them as reserves, but a few of them have done well enough to make it to level 3. And since they do have Agility 3 and Movement 5, they can become emergency ball carriers.



Erik is one of my reserve players. He doesn’t see action unless enough of his team-mates are knocked out that I have to use him.


Slightly above average.

Håkon is usually a reserve, but I gave him Dauntless after Block, because I was looking at Dorf Troll Slayers, and it turns out Dauntless can be really useful. So if I face a team with a lot of Strength 4+ players, I put Håkon in to even out the odds a bit, and it’s worked great so far.


More average.

Johan is my newest Rotter, and hasn’t been on the field once. He might get his chance, but he’s on the reserve bench for now.


Slightly Pro-ver average.

Magnus is a regular on the pitch, though I put him on the reserve bench if I need to field Håkon instead. As an experiment I gave him Pro, which gives him a free re-roll per turn on any dice roll I choose, and that has come in handy a few times. Magnus is also the only Rotter currently on the team who has managed to score a touchdown, of which I’m sure he’s really proud.


Over average.

With Simon I got a really lucky roll when he leveled-up to 3, and was able to give him +1 Movement, which has made a lot more useful on the field, so he always comes along. I have no idea if I’ll get more level-ups with him, but that extra square of movement has helped me out so much.

And there you have my main team. I know this post ran a bit long, but I am pretty proud of these guys and how I’ve been able to coach them. And for aspiring Blood Bowl coaches, maybe it was a bit informative as well?



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  1. Well, I was certainly informed and entertained 😀

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