Wulf Space Jam – Match 1: Vs Underworld Judges (Khemri)

Team Intro

Match 2

It’s a brand new day, and the sun is high, so let’s kick some arse. It’s time for Wulf Space Jam’s first match, and we’re not starting out easy. Khemri is a terrible race to go up against, but they’re only slightly more experienced than us, so maybe we’ll do alright. The one comfort is that they’re even worse at picking up the ball than we are.

Our dawn has arrived!

The Khemri are undead from an ancient civilisation that used to be one of the earliest Blood Bowl players. Now that the game has risen in popularity again, the Khemri have risen too, to join the game once more. We’ll be facing 4 Tomb Guardians, 2 Blitz-Ras, 2 Thro-Ras and 3 Skeletons. I will take you through what we’re facing in more detail, and then explain today’s topic, but if you’re not interested, feel free to skip to where it says “Match Begins”.

Normally no player on a Khemri team has more than Agility 2, so ball-handling is not their best asset. On the other hand they can field 4 Tomb Guardians.

This field will be your tomb!

See what we have to deal with? Four Strength 5 players. Granted, they don’t really have any useful skills besides Regeneration, and if we do manage to injure one, Decay will make sure they suffer. Since they come with Armour Value 9 as well, that could be tricky, so we might have to take some dumb risks here, like rolling red dice (I’ll explain those later) against them.

There’s also the 2 Blitz-Ras, both of whom are leveled up. One is level 2 and has gotten Tackle, but this is the one we have to look out for:

Ra Ra Ra!

Iumut Tabra is their star player at an impressive level 3, and the dice have been favourable towards him, as he’s gotten +1 Agility, and with that a decent chance of actually picking up the ball. Puttymaker and the Hobgoblins can keep up with him, but since he has Block and they do not, it means it will be trickier to knock him down, and Armour Value 8 will keep him reasonably safe from harm. If we can actually lock him down with our Blockers, that would be ideal. He doesn’t have Dodge, so getting out of Tackle Zones will be difficult for him.

We should also be wary of the Thro-Ras.

Look Ra, two hands!

While their stats are slightly below average, they do have both Sure Hands and Pass, so it’s feasible that they might be able to pick up the ball, and then chuck it down the field.

Clack clack.

These things are really not much to worry about. With the combination of Regeneration and Thick Skull they will be tougher to knock out, but even the Hobs should be able to handle these fairly well.

Topic of the Day: Block Dice

The Block Die is the most visible roll in Blood Bowl, as the game forces you to apply the result yourself, even if you’re just rolling a single die. The Block Die is a D6, and has five different faces: 2 Pushed, 1 Defender Down, 1 Attacker Down, 1 Defender Stumbles and 1 Both Down.


The Pushed result is the most common face to get, and it will push the target/defender back to one of three squares picked by the attacker. If all three possible squares are taken by other players, one of them has to pushed as well. The Stand Firm skill negates Pushed, so the target won’t budge.

Defender Down

This is the ideal result to get for the attacker. Defender Down will always cause the target to fall over and have to roll an Armour roll (if you have Armour Value 8, it will take a 9+ on 2D6 to break your armour) to gauge the extent of the damage. As far as I am aware, there is no way to negate a Defender Down result. In addition to being knocked down, the target is also knocked back a square like with Pushed, though that part will again be negated by Stand Firm.

Attacker Down

This is what you hope you don’t get, and what you really hope your enemy gets. If Nuffle really hates you, he will let you roll triple dice, make all three Attacker Down, and when you re-roll you will get another three Attacker Down. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s painful. Rolling double Attacker Down and then re-rolling for the same result is also rather frustrating. Attacker Down causes the attacker to fall straight down on their square and they have to roll an Armour roll. The team also suffers a Turnover.

Defender Stumbles

Defender Stumbles leads a strange dual life. If the Defender doesn’t have the Dodge skill, it works the same as Defender Down. If the Defender does have Dodge, then it works the same as Pushed, unless the Attacker has Tackle, which reverts it to Defender Down again.

Both Down

Normally this will make both Attacker and Defender fall down, and cause a Turnover. But if one player Block and the other doesn’t, this works like Attacker/Defender Down, but without any pushback. If both have Block, then it’s a stalemate and nothing changes. If one or both players have Wrestle, both will fall over (even if they have Block), but don’t have to roll for Armour, or suffer a Turnover. This can be exploited, even if only the enemy has Wrestle. If you Blitz and the attacker has Juggernaut, a Both Down can be treated as Pushed, if you prefer.

Ideally you don’t want to roll Block dice unless you get at least two, but sometimes you have no choice and have to roll just one. Having Block makes one-die rolls somewhat safer, but it’s still a terrible risk to take.

If you hover your mouse over an enemy player adjacent to your player you will see how many Block Dice they get to throw against the enemy. If the dice are completely red, you really shouldn’t do it. Red dice means that you roll two (or sometimes three) Block Dice, and the Defender gets to pick which die is applied. You might get lucky and roll two Defender Down, but the chances are big that at least one die will be Attacker Down.

– – – MATCH BEGINS! – – –

What loads up first is the inducements window. As the Underworld Judges have a team value of 1300 vs our 1000, we get an automatic 300 000 gold pieces to spend on inducements. We get 1 Wandering Apothecary for 100 000, and 2 Extra Re-rolls Per Half for 100 000 each, and we’re set to go.

Let's do this!

The game starts with the coin toss, and the Underworld Judges are allowed to guess the result. They lose, so we are allowed to pick whether we want to receive or kick off. I prefer receiving when I get the choice, so that’s what we’ll do.

Kicker or Receiver?

Today’s arena is set just outside a Dwarfen stronghold in the mountains, and we have Perfect Blood Bowl Weather: A nice, sunny day that infers no modifiers to the gameplay, but is sure to piss our Chaos Dwarfs off (a graphical bug makes it look like it’s raining, since that was the weather in the last match I played with Kattunger).

What a view.

Then we hit G to see the grid and enemy tackle-zones, N twice to see player names, and set up our starting formation before receiving the kick-off. Auluff goes in the middle on the front line, flanked by his friend Silas on one side and Brutus on the other. Jar and Alexander take up the sides, while Darken hangs slightly back to prevent any of the Khemri from getting by too easily, while Lovecrafter accepted the role of covering the left flank. Pink is ready just behind the front line to charge in wherever it’s needed. Bran, Physik and Sumanai hang in the back in the hopes that at least one of them will be close to where the ball lands.

Ready and willing.

The kick-off happens, and we’re in luck! The kick-off event is Quick Snap, allowing everyone on the team to move one square before the ball lands, and it just so happens to be aimed right beside Sumanai. So we move him into catching position, move up Physik next to him in case the catch fails and the ball bounces, and Bran one square closer.

Please, dear Nuffle.

And the catch failed, and the ball bounced to the right.

Turn 1

We turn on our dice log, and move the Hobgoblins into position, but we don’t attempt to pick the ball up yet, since we need to do less risky stuff first. Pink moves up to a square next to Iumut, so he can assist when Darken Blitzes him. Two dice rolls, here we go! Success! Defender Stumbles and Pushed, so we pick Stumbles and Iumut goes down.

Taste the lightning!

No real damage done, however, so he’ll be getting up again as soon as the UJ get their turn. Lovecrafter moves up to tie up the other Blitz-Ra, and we examine the dice rolls on the front line. Auluff gets one die vs the central Tomb Guardian, and we take it. Defender Down! Because of his Frenzy, Auluff follows up automatically.

Get back here!

But even with that tackle-zone nullified, and there’s now two on one, the Dwarfs still get only red dice vs the Strength 5 Tomb Guardians. So instead we ask Physik to pick up the ball, while Sumanai and Bran get ready to pick up the bounce.

Mine, mine, all mine!

He pulled it off flawlessly, and I’m about to end the turn, but Silas convinces me to allow him to try to roll red against Hathor. I am hesitant, but he seems so confident. It doesn’t end well, and not even a re-roll can save him.

All the pain.

So that’s a Turnover, and the Underworld Judges get their turn, but we were done with ours anyway.

I now finally turn on my dice-log that I just noticed I forgot to do earlier, and hit Esc to see without the Automatic Camera. Why that’s the default, I do not know.

Iumut and Menthi get up, and the Khemri players start moving. Satayt and Ament, a Skeleton and the fourth Tomb Guardian, flank around the sides to move towards our Hobgoblins, then Hathor attacks Jar, but only manages to push him back. Memher the Skeleton moves up to assist so Maaiamthys the Thro-Ra can attempt a Blitz. They really want to take Jar down.

Coming for you, Jar!

But to get that far Maaiamthys has to perform a go-for-it roll, meaning that he can attempt to move up to two extra squares above his Movement Allowance, but has to roll a 2+ to succeed. Nuffle has lost his patience though, so Maai rolls a 1, falls over and gets Stunned, meaning he can’t get up until turn 3. This forces another Turnover, and we are back in charge.

Turn 2

The left flank seems like the safest bet, as Ament the Tomb Guardian is coming in from the right, so the Hobs move up that way. A Skeleton is much easier to deal with.

Forming the cage.

They take advantage of Alexander and Brutus already being in position to form a complete cage, making it much harder for the UJ to get at Physik. Silas gets back up and moves up behind Hathor to assist Jar and Pink against the giant mummy. At this point Jar charges his fists and throws a beautiful one-die block against Memher which stuns the Skeleton despite his Thick Skull. This gives the Puttymaker two dice against Hathor, and he charges.

Pow! Lights out!

Hathor goes down, and even though he’ll shortly get back up, I count this as a success. Assured by the success of his team-mates, Darken throws a one-die against Iumut and is met with an astounding result!

Accursed Regeneration.

Iumut was punched so hard that he died, but his Regeneration saved him. He is out for this drive though, so that increases our chances a bit. And in spite of the Regeneration being a success, Darken still gets 2 Star Player Points for causing an injury, the first on the team, and the crowd cheers jubilantly. Auluff is so happy that he knocks Menthi over again.

Will you stay down this time?

Brutus is tired of having Nekhebet standing so close to him, so risks the red dice and manages to push the walking corpse away. That being done we end our turn and see what the Underworld Judges will do.

Which turns out to be not much. Hathor and Menthi get back up. Nekhebet moves back to where Brutus pushed him away from. Satayt moves up behind Bran and Sumanai. Neshirkeosh attempt to take down Lovecrafter, but can only manage a push. And finally Ament tries to Blitz Pink, but he can’t manage more than a push either. Esemhe the Skeleton moves onto our half of the field and moves towards the cage before they end their turn.

The Puttymaker will not go down that easily!

Turn 3

We start with Sumanai throwing a right hook at Satayt, knocking him down, and then Bran moves up next to Lovecrafter, who then gets two dice against Nesh and makes him stumble. Physik moves up slightly, trying to stay guarded still, before Darken moves up behind Menthi, allowing Auluff to get two dice as well. Which he uses to push the Tomb Guardian back, and then the follow-up Frenzy knocks the mummy down.


Silas decides that he doesn’t like Amunis’s face, and uses a Both Down result to ground the shambling Thro-Ra. Pink returns the favour to Ament and pushes him. Sadly Jar still can’t get a good punch in, so he bides his time. Brutus sizes Nekhebet up again, and goes for the red dice again.

Thank you, Nuffle!

Nek goes down, but just for one turn. With that done Alexander moves up a bit and we end our turn.

The Underworld Judges spend most of their round getting their players back up and moved into position. At the very end they decide to attack, and Hathor knocks down Pink, while Ament catches Jar with a sucker-punch. Annoying, but no permanent damage done.

Turn 4

We get Pink and Jar up again, and then see what we can do to free up Physik for a sprint to the end zone. Lovecrafter attempts to knock down Nesh, but the best he can do is a push. This does free up Physik to make a run for it.

I see it! I see it!

He is now close enough to the end zone to make it there next turn without having to make any go-for-it rolls. Unless something crazy happens, we should have this touchdown in the bag. Darken moves up behind Menthi to assist Auluff, and Bran moves up to help guard Physik during the enemy’s turn. Auluff charges, then only manages to push the Tomb Guardian back, but the the Frenzy follow-up gives him a Defender Stumbles.

He fell down again.

Menthi falls, and now has no chance of reaching Physik to block him off. At least the Minotaur is enjoying himself. Silas figures that Amunis needs another knock-down, and promptly delivers. Then Sumanai gets fed up with Satayt being in his space, and goes for a one-die roll.


Since this turn’s re-roll was spent calming Auluff down from his rage, Sumanai has no choice but to go down with Satayt. Unfortunately the Hobgoblin gets stunned, while the Skeleton only gets knocked down. So much for hoping that dusty, old bones would break. The ensuing Turnover hands control back to the UJ. Can they manage to stop Physik?

They start with the usual round of getting everyone up, before they throw any punches. Maalamthys knocks Silas on his arse, Nekhebet pushes Alexander back and Neshirkeosh smacks Lovecrafter hard enough to make him fall over. Esemhe the Skeleton has largely stayed out of things so far, but now he Blitzes Alexander and manages to knock the Dwarf down. After Hathor and Ament take their complimentary swings at Pink and Jar (Jar manages to duck), they end their turn.

Can't touch this.

Turn 5

Physik is still free! The touchdown is practically ours! But first… can we do any damage? Everyone gets up, and Darken moves to assist Auluff again, who promptly knocks Menthi down once again. They’ve moved across half the field doing this dance now. Since Bran can tell that Physik is in the clear, he moves down to Memher to help set up a Blitz for Brutus. The Dwarf charges in, and gets two Pushed. I pop a re-roll! Defender Stumbles!

Ding ding ding!

In spite of the Skeleton’s Thick Skull, he actually gets knocked out and carried off of the field (technically he melts into the ground). Brutus is living up to his family name. With no more relatively safe options left, there is just one thing to do. The crowd cheers louder and louder until…


Physik has scored the first touchdown of Wulf Space Jam, and earned himself 3 Star Player Points! The crowd goes mental and a new drive is set up. Memher is happily still KO, but Iumut can get back on the field. This time it’s our turn to kick off, as the UJ prepare to start their 5th turn. Sumanai and Bran are put up in positions to better block off any entry to our part of the field, and Physik is allowed to take the kick.

All my might!

But the aspiring David Bowie is still a bit jittery from scoring, so the ball flies out of bounds and the UJ coach is allowed to hand the ball over to a player, circumventing the need to actually pick it up. It goes to Amunis, possibly as compensation for being Silas’s punching bag during the last drive.

They turtle up on our right flank, and then commence trying to smash a hole through our defensive line. Hathor socks Jar hard enough to KO him, so we have to put him in the KO box for now.

The bell tolls for thee.

Then they try to take out Darken, but the attempt fails. Once they tie up as many of our guys as they can, the turn ends.

Turn 6

I move Bran and Physik over to the right to help slow the UJ ball-carrier down. We only need to hold out till the end of turn 8, and it’ll be half-time. Silas gets the unenviable job of standing in Hathor’s way, so the Tomb Guardian won’t be able to as easily assist the ball-carrier, then I send the Puttymaker in to Blitz Iumut.

Nooo, Nuffle, why?!

I attempt a re-roll, but get Attacker Down and Both Down. Since Iumut has Block, and Pink doesn’t that’s basically the same result. Pink falls on his arse and we get a Turnover, but at least we managed to get some good positions first.

Iumut starts the UJ turn by knocking over Silas. Even though he knew it was a risk of this position, mister Punchreys is not amused. Ament Blitzes down Darken, but Sumanai and Physik and still holding the line, preventing Amunis from just running through. Menthi tries to take some revenge on Auluff with Esemhe’s assistance, but only manages to push the Minotaur back. Nekhebet has more luck and forces Auluff to the ground, but then Satayt tries to attack Alexander.

It doesn't end well.

Turn 7

I try to figure out how to best hold Amunis and his crew back. Bran is sent over to help enforce the wall beside Physik, and then Pink Blitzes up from his downed state and exacts his revenge on Hathor! The Tomb Guardian falls over, and the wall is further strengthened.

There is not a whole lot more I can do except move some of the players into better positions, but Lovecrafter wants to try to take a swing at Neshirkeosh.

I should have known better than to let him.

It goes about as well as expected, but there was the slight chance that it could have worked.

Poor Silas is knocked over again by Iumut, and Amunis tries to get into a better position. There’s no chance he’s reaching the end zone with just one turn left though, so we did it! We did it, you guys. It’s not quite over yet, as Ament rolls a Defender Down against Sumanai, which sends the poor Hobgoblin into the KO box with Jar. After Nesh does a failed Blitz against Alexander, they end their turn.

Turn 8

Now it’s really all about how much damage we can do before half-time. Any injuries or KOs would help us out in the second half. Auluff makes use of his Mighty Blow and sends Neshirkeosh to the KO box. Alexander Blitzes straight into Esemhe.


He only manages to stun the lousy Skeleton though, but he helps with tying up Menthi and Maaiamthys. Pink wants to hurt Hathor some more, but it doesn’t go well. Attacker Down and another Turnover. The UJ have no chance to score though, so let’s see what they’re going to do.

Not a whole lot, it turns out. They knock a few players around, but don’t really cause any damage, and then Maaiamthys tries to attack Alexander, which ends in a Turnover.

– – – HALF-TIME! – – –

Jar gets back up, but Sumanai is still knocked out. Neither of the UJ KO players get up, so they’ll be two short for this drive. We’re only one short.

We have to kick off again, since we received at the start of the first half. I let Physik have another chance at kicking off, in spite his poor performance last time. Hopefully his nerves have calmed down by now.

Aim for the middle.

The shot still goes off the mark, but at least it stays within bounds this time, so they will have to try to pick it up with their Agility 2 players. Should be interesting.

Turn 9

The UJ move to block off my players and get in position to pick up the ball. They even knock down Alexander, Brutus and Silas before they attempt to pick up the ball. The attempt fails, however, and the ball bounces out of bounds. The crowd throw it back in, and it lands all the way at the back of their end of the field. Luckily for us, failed ball-pick-ups also cause Turnovers.

All the way back there.

First we get our Dwarfs back up, and then we have another go at that star player of theirs. Bran moves up to one side of Iumut, while Jar Blitzes in from the other, and the Blitz-Ra goes down! Lovecrafter has another go at Maaiamthys, this time with Alexander’s help, but even so it only ends in a push. In hopes of better results I move the Puttymaker up to help Auluff take a swing at Hathor.

Going down!

The final thing I’m able to do is have Darken push Satayt back a little before I end my turn.

Turn 10

Amunis actually manages to grab the ball with his Sure Hands, and heads towards our right flank again. Satayt actually manages to hop out of Darken’s tackle-zone, and Blitz Jar, but the result is a mere push. After knocking down Alexander and moving some guys, they end their turn.

The possibilities.

Let’s get Alexander up, and then Jar can attack Iumut again. It forced me to do a re-roll, but I manage to knock the bastard down, and place him such that Bran is in a perfect position to push him out of bounds should he attempt to get back up. Auluff goes back to sparring with his pal Menthi and knocks him on his arse again, allowing Pink free reign to get in Esemhe’s way. The final move is letting Lovecrafter take another swing at Maaiamthys.


Turn 11

They start by doing something dumb. Amunis moves within range of Bran and Jar. Perhaps they felt it was time to move closer to the end zone, but moving within range of two free enemy players is hardly a chess move. Nekhebet smacks down the Puttymaker, maybe fearing that Pink would go after Amunis, or just because he was there. Esemhe moves up to try to defend Amunis, even making two successful go-for-it rolls to get there. Maybe they realised they did something dumb. In an unexpected move Hathor actually manages to stun Auluff, which means Silas is now alone with two Tomb Guardians. Then Satayt makes a desperate move.


Darken holds his ground like a champ, and smacks Satayt down so hard that it smashes the Skeleton’s ankle, earning our Dwarf another 2 SPP. Regeneration triggers successfully however, and Satayt is able to walk off the field of his own power, ready to rejoin the match during the next drive. But now it’s our turn again.

Darken is now free to move and tie up Amunis. Pink gets back up, and Alexander takes advantage of Brutus’s back-up to punch Maaiamthys, killing the Thro-Ra outright. Regeneration saves the day for the UJ again, though Maaiamthys has to leave the field until next drive. Those 2 SPP are well-earned, Alexander.

Action Replay!

With little else to do on that front, it’s time to relieve Amunis of the ball! Blitz him, Jar! Both Down! Excellent! Amunis get KO’d, and the ball bounces one square closer to the UJ end zone! Hm… Bran is still free. He can move just enough squares to reach the ball. A 3+ roll… go!

Nuffle thinks I have too many re-rolls.

A 1?! Blimey, that has to be re-rolled. A 6?! That’s quite the turn-about. But you have the ball, Bran! And you’re in range to score next turn! Excitement! (Yes, that box says I need a 4, even though it says 3+ when you hover the mouse over the ball. That’s because all players get +1 when picking up the ball from the ground.)

Before we end the turn I move Brutus up a little closer, even though he’s probably too slow to get up there in time to help. And then I have Lovecrafter throw a crazy one-die against Ament the Tomb Guardian, and he gets a marvelous Defender Down, allowing Physik to run up towards Bran and the Dwarfs.

Turn 12

After their downed players get back up, the UJ knock back Pink and Silas, before Menthi tries something crazy. He Blitzes up the field, getting all the way to Bran, even having to roll go-for-its, and knocks the poor Hobgoblin to the ground, stunning him. It was so close, too.

The stars taunt us.

It seems they’ve run out of options now, and end their turn. Let’s see what we can do about this.

Brutus and Physik both move closer, Pink gets up, Alexander moves up behind him, Auluff gets back up. I try to see if Darken can get a good Blitz on Menthi, but no such luck. I am able to get one-die on Esemhe though. Go go go!

Of course.

Another re-roll gets burned, and a Both Down is produced, meaning that Esemhe is likely out of the fight over the ball for the next turn, at least. Nothing more I can do, so end of turn.

Turn 13

Esemhe gets back up, Nekhebet knocks Pink back again, which allows the mummy to tie up Alexander as well. Then Hathor tries to knock down Silas again, but the best he can do is a Both Down, so Silas remains standing and Hathor goes down! Turnover!

Auluff can keep Hathor busy, so Silas moves up towards the ball, and I get Bran up to assist in dealing with Menthi. Brutus can then Blitz his way up and knock Esemhe in his arse, giving Jar a clear two-dice against Menthi.


I have to burn another re-roll to achieve a Both Down, but Menthi falls. Physik is free to pick up the ball, and move towards the end zone! He gets it in one, and heads upwards. Since we already used our re-roll, I don’t want to risk any go-for-its, so Physik waits patiently on the line for the next turn.

Turn 14

Ament and Nekhebet pick on my Pink and Lovecrafter a bit, but there’s really nothing they can do. They are five players down. They hand the turn over to me.

All I need to do to definitely win, is have Physik walk one square. I try to score a few more points by attacking Esemhe and Menthi, but I only manage to push them back. Then the strangest thing happens. Physik refuses to cross the line.

I will do the right thing.

Physik David Bowie will be king. He is practically king already. And he will be a magnanimous king. He will be good to his subjects. He saw how close Bran came. How fast the dream was snatched from him. So he heads back to his fellow Hobgoblin and hands over the ball. Bran stares at it dumbfounded, not sure what is happen. Physik leans forward and whispers ‘Go.’ Bran goes, Bran runs!


Turn 15

Sumanai wakes up in time for another kick-off, and this time Bran gets the honour since he scored the touchdown. The ball hits almost exactly where he aimed it, which surprises everyone, especially himself.

The odds are against the Underworld Judges on scoring even one touchdown in the two turns remaining, let alone two or three. They still go for the ball though, and a newly awakened Amunis manages to pick it up again. They turtle up on our right flank once again, then a dual-team of Hathor and a Blitzing Iumut knock Jar over to create a path for Amunis to get through, even though there’s no chance he can make it to the end zone.

There’s not much else they can do, so they end their turn.

Jar gets up, Bran moves up beside him, and Silas Blitzes straight into Iumut, knocking the Blitz-Ra down with a well-placed Defender Stumbles. Then Lovecrafter enlists Physik’s help against Neshirkeosh.

Easy as pie.

With the Puttymaker’s help Auluff manages to actually KO Nekhebet, though this late in the match it doesn’t really make a difference. We’re just playing for fun now. Alexander knocks down Satayt, and then we end our turn.

Turn 16

Ament knocks down Sumanai, which allows Amunis to run through, but it’s the final turn, and he can’t make it all the way, so it’s a pointless gesture. Hathor attempts to move around the cluster and get to Bran using two go-for-its.

It was to be expected.

Sumanai gets up and moves over to Amunis, so Jar can Blitz in and add some injury to the insult. The Thro-Ra goes down, the ball bounces out of bounds, and gets thrown back in near our end zone. No one can reach it now. A few final blows are exchanged, and then the match is over.

We won!


– – – END OF MATCH! – – –

2-0! Not bad for our first match against a tricky team.

Silas Punchreys is named MVP, though as always the criteria for who becomes MVP are known only to those who make the selection. While no one got a level-up, we still got a fair bit of SPP divided among several players.

Silas Punchreys has 5 SPP, for his MVP status.

Darken Cloud has 4 SPP for causing two casualties.

Bran Aldowyn and Physik Bowie have 3 SPP each for their touchdowns.

Alexander Bloodthirst has 2 SPP for causing a casualty.

We won 60 000 GP and got ourselves a regular Apothecary.

And our next match will be against a Dwarf team named “Bugmans Best”.

Skills of the Day

As if this post isn’t long enough already, but I did promise.


The only thing Block does is negate the Both Down result for the holder of the skill. And yet it is amazing how much better of a fighter this will make a player. Block is one of the most useful skills in Blood Bowl, and will always be my first choice if available.


Dodge has two uses. One is to grant the holder a free re-roll when trying to get out of an enemy player’s tackle zone. This can only be used once per turn, but does make the amount of bullshit a player can pull off significant. The other use is to make Defender Stumbles work as Pushed on the Block Die, meaning that a player that has both Block and Dodge is tremendously hard to knock down.

By Odin’s blood, this might be the longest blog post I’ve ever made. Certainly took the longest to write. If anyone actually made it to here, know that I will do my utmost to make sure the next one will be noticeably shorter. I’m worn out.

If you do have any questions about or suggestions for topics and/or skills you want me to explain/discuss in future installments, please let me know. 🙂

Team Intro

Match 2



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  1. “Bran Aldowyn and Physik Bowie have 3 SPP each for their touchdowns.”

    Aha, I /thought/ that sounded like some ‘gaming the system’ 😉 How much are individual star points worth anyway?

    • SPP are like EXP, basically. At 6 you get your first level-up, then the next is at 16, then at 31, and then 51, and 76, if I recall correctly.

      So I could have leveled up Physik there, but I did honestly feel sorry for Bran for having gotten so close, and yet failed because of enraged mummy. So hopefully it won’t come back to bite me in the arse that I didn’t go for the level-up. ^^;;

  2. Have you been watching the TGS Blood Bowl videos? Some of those matches have been great.

    • I have, yes. 🙂 They’re what I inspired me to get the game, and how I learned most of what I know about how to play.

      Never been too interested in sports of any kind, but watching Blood Bowl matches somehow keeps me in my seat.


    Have you actually ever explained the Blood Bowl stats and their various effects? I can’t recall if I saw that somewhere.

    • Not yet, no. I could make that the Topic of the Day for next match. The original plan was to give up what knowledge I’ve been able to glean about tackle-zones and assists, and how to get two-dice and three-dice blocks and so on. I probably don’t have the full picture, but I have sussed out a thing or two.

    • Though considering how related those two things are, I could merge them into one with little trouble.

  4. This is really making me want to play the game. Luckily my new HDD arrived today, so tomorrow I might actually be able to play.

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