Wulf Space Jam – Match 2: Vs Bugmans Best (Dwarf)

Match 1

Match 3

With our first match being a resounding triumph, it is time to get ready for the next one. The itinerary says we will be facing Bugmans Best next, a Dwarf team. Let’s see how well we’ll do against our former comrades.

We'll take their ale!

Dwarf Blockers are very similar to our Chaos Dwarf Blockers, but they largely have just other Dwarfs with similar stats, and not big stuff like our Minotaur and Bull Centaur. Still, we should be wary and try to keep any Troll Slayers they have down, and head off the Runners as best we can. Let’s take a look at their team composition.

Edit: Added a (hopefully) clarifying sentence to the description of how assists work.

We'll just take a... look.

Holy crap, what?! They have a total of… 88 SPP amassed. 3 Level 3 players and 4 Level 2 ones. And they’ve gotten a Deathroller, somehow! Looking at their career stats, it’s clear that they started with quite a lot of this. I’m tempted to ask whether that’s cheating, but few things are in Blood Bowl. Except that Deathroller. Secret Weapons are not allowed.

Okay, I did already cover the base Dwarf players here, but let’s go over how these will affect us.

Kraund sounds like a messy name.

Getting +1 Agility on a Dwarf Blocker is almost a bit curious. I mean, he’s too slow to be a ball-carrier. It could allow him to jump out of tackle-zones, I guess. And Stand Firm will make it impossible for us to shift him, so we’d best hope for an injury or KO to remove him.

The level 2 Blockers, Urklin and Zarkuk, both have Guard, which means the Dwarfs will have a much easier time punching us than we do them. They should be prime targets as well.

Damnit, I want wings on our helmets too.

Loklok seems to have been set up as a ball carrier. Neither of the Runners have any throwing skills, but at the average of Agility 3 it could happen. I think perhaps our Puttymaker should stay on top of this one.

The other Blitzer, Ullagrom, has Guard and Mighty Blow, which are good punching skills. I have this hunch that Bugmans Best want to hurt us badly. Well, the feeling is mutual.

Does Kaz-Troll mean 'anti-troll' or something?

I am unsure what to think of +1 Strength on a Troll Slayer. I mean, he’ll have a better chance against Auluff, since it’s less chance of the Dauntless roll failing, but it’ll also only make him the equal of Puttymaker, so the Dauntless won’t proc against him. It sadly also means we need two Blockers to keep him in check. Hopefully Auluff can keep Krag off of his feet.

Quick feets!

Only one of the runners is leveled up, and Furgroth here has gotten Block, the scumball. At least he doesn’t have Dodge as well, so we should have a fair chance of knocking him over.

Bloody blighter.

This guy can murder any of us, easily. Even Auluff would need Dauntless to get over this guy. It is highly unlikely we’ll be able to knock him over. We could hope he rolls all Attacker Down and Both Down. Our best chance is ending whichever drive they put him in as soon as possible, as he’ll be taken off the field afterwards. I really don’t have a good plan for this one.

I honestly hope we get to receive the ball first here. If they get the first turn, I foresee a messy game.

Topic of the Day: Stats, Tackle-Zones and Assists

Considering how related these things are, I figured I’d attempt to explain all three in order. Let’s start with the Stats. There are four Stats in Blood Bowl, and while that might not sound like much, it does offer a fair bit of complexity.

Movement Allowance (MA): This is really the simplest one. It’s how many squares you’re allowed to move. Your players can move diagonally as just one square, just in case you were wondering. It would be a quite different game if you couldn’t.

In addition to their MA a player can move two extra squares (three with Sprint) so long as they make a go-for-it roll per square. It’s a 2+ roll, so not a huge risk, but Nuffle loves to throw 1s at you when you try to go for it. Then you fall over and have to make an armour roll, so it’s possible for a Blood Bowl player doing a go-for-it to just fall over and die.

Strength (ST): Strength affects punching things, quite naturally. You might assume it would have an effect on armour rolls, but no. Strength affects how many Block Dice you’re allowed to throw when attacking another player, and not how hard you punch.

Two players of equal strength will get one die against eachother. A player with at least +1 Strength over his opponent will automatically get two dice, though you need more than double strength to automatically get three dice. So for a Strength 2 you’ll need Strength 5, and then for a Strength 3 you need Strength 7.

Things get a lot more complicated when you try to account for assists, which I’ll attempt further down.

Agility (AG): Agility primarily affects ball-handling. Pick-ups, passes, catches and intercepts are all dependent on on the player’s Agility. The AG score is added to the dice roll to figure out whether or not you succeed. When passing both the thrower and the catcher need to roll successfully for the pass to succeed.

Agility also affects your chances of getting out of tackle-zones. Again your AG is added to the roll to see if you get out. The enemy player’s AG does not factor into jumping out of (or into) tackle-zones, only your own.

Armour Value (AV): This determines how likely you are to get injured when you get knocked down. An armour roll goes on a 2D6 not affected by any other stats, though certain skills (like Mighty Blow) can add modifiers. The roll has to end on +1 of your AV to succeed, so if you have 8, the result needs to be 9+, and an AV of 10 means the roll needs 11+.

If the armour does break, the game rolls an injury roll to determine what the injury will be. The mildest result is Stunned, which puts you out for two rounds. Then there’s KO, which puts you in the KO box. On the start of each new drive a die is rolled per KO’d player, and on a 4+ they get back up.

Then there are the actual injuries. “Badly Hurt: No permanent effect” puts you out for the rest of the match, but you can come back for the next one. Some injuries make a player miss the next game. Some injuries reduce a stat by 1, or give +1 to future injury rolls. And then a player can simply die.


Poor Amunis, never scored.

A player’s tackle-zone is the 8 squares surrounding them, like you see on the picture above. Enemy players in that tackle-zone are tied up and can not move freely, and have to do a dodge roll to get out. There’s a penalty for trying to jump into tackle-zones (moving directly from one to another), but you get a +1 for jumping out into a free square.


Assists are when one player helps another with attacking or defending, which affects how many dice can be rolled. Each assist is worth +1 Strength, so a Strength 3 player assisted by one additional player will get two dice versus an enemy Strength 3, and one die versus a Strength 4.


However, for a player to assist against an enemy, they have to be in only that one enemy’s tackle-zone. If they are in two (or more) different players’ tackle-zones, their assistance is nullified, like Silas and Pink have been up there (unless they have Guard). Jar on the right is only in Ament’s tackle-zone, so he is able to assist Pink or Silas against Ament, at least until Memher gets up. Downed players have their tackle-zones deactivated, naturally. So if you want to set up assists, be really mindful of where you move your players. You can also attempt to nullify enemy assists to increase your dice count, and if everyone is negated, it falls back to the standard 1-on-1 math.

Though should the game glitch out on you, and since this is Cyahnide’s Blood Bowl, it probably will sooner rather than later, then you’re out of luck.

Hint of the Day

Did you know: you can determine pathing manually? Blood Bowl has a built-in pathing system that attempts to determine the optimal (least risky) route for your players to take, but it’s far from perfect. You can right-click ground squares to manually set your own paths to make sure you go around tackle-zones or Blitz from a specific angle. The computer’s pathing will also go out of its way to not have you do go-for-it rolls, no matter how many tackle-zones it sends you through, even though go-for-it is less risky than a tackle-zone dodge.

Trivia of the Day

Did you know: Nuffle is the God of dice. I mention him a lot, but I figured some of you might be confused as to who he is, so I just thought I’d clear that up.

– – – MATCH BEGINS! – – –

With their team value at at 1460 vs our 1060, it means we are given 400 000 GP to spend on inducements. First thing I do is get a Wizard. At 150k they are really expensive, but I’m too worried about the Deathroller to not go for it. I also get one Wandering Apothecary because I foresee casualties, one extra re-roll and one Bloodweiser Babe. You can get up to two Bloodweiser Babes, and they each add +1 to the Wake-Up roll for KO’d players.

Let's hope for a good spell.

You get the option to use your Wizard at the end of each turn. He does one spell per match, and you can pick between Fireball, which is an AoE and requires 4+ to succeed, or a Lightning Bolt, which is single target, but only requires a 2+.

After the match, we're taking that longboat.

We are going up to the Norse-lands for this match, and though you might think otherwise, this is actually my least favourite field for exactly one reason: The snow makes the dice-log nigh-impossible to read. I should investigate whether I can change the text colour of the dice-log. Red would be nice.

I wonder whose guts we have to bring?

We are allowed to guess the coin toss this time, so I go for Tails, since that’s the one I’ve had the most luck with. Sadly that doesn’t help this time, and the other Dwarfs choose to receive and with that start their turn first. What I was hoping wouldn’t happen, so that’s just great.

I see they’re starting with the Deathroller on the field, probably hoping to be able to cripple me early on. I hit G, and double-N again, and start arranging my players. I put all the Chaos Dwarf Blockers on the line to help ward off the Deathroller, and set Auluff in the middle as usual. Pink Puttymaker is placed a few squares behind to be ready with a Blitz on anyone who tries to come down the sides. I set Bran, Sumanai and Lovecrafter on the sides, and Physik is put back in kicker position.

Show that ball what-for!

The weather is perfect this time as well, and Physik charges. The ball flies, and…


The rarest Kick-Off event happens. And for some reason we get the +1 Fame instead of them, even though they had the 2-star Fan Factor. It’s mayhem.


After the dust settles, six of their players are stunned, and three of ours: Alexander, Pink and Lovecrafter. Well… that’s a twist.

Turn 1

The Dwarfs do their best to salvage the situation. Skarak the Blocker moves into position to keep us away from the ball, which landed right next to the line. Ullagrom the Blitzer moves in the pick up the ball, and the blighter actually succeeds. And then Vargg tries to crush Brutus with that Deathroller of his.


The best he managed to roll was a Both Down, and for all the fancy stuff they put into that death-machine of theirs, the Dwarfs forgot to give it the Block skill. Brutus shows it the error of its ways and socks Vargg so hard he gets Stunned and is out for two turns. Excellent, excellent. Our turn.

Our Stunned players sadly can’t get up, but we’re still three players up. Actually four, since Brutus stunned the Deathroller. So I start with Auluff charging straight into Skarak.

Good thing we got that third die.

Skarak goes down and also gets stunned, so he’s out for bit as well. This is really turning out well for us. Auluff is now right in Ullagrom’s face, so let’s see about making the Dwarf Blitzer fall over as well.

First though, since Lovecrafter is down, we have to send poor Bran up to block off Krag the Troll Slayer. Jar moves up behind Ullagrom, Sumanai blocks up the fallen Loklok the Blitzer, and I’m ready to go for it. Darken gets endowed with the might of Blitz, and runs at Ullagrom, having to go around all his fallen comrades.

All praise Nuffle!

As Ullagrom goes down and drops the ball, it bounces onto Auluff, who rolls a 3 when he needs a 5 to pick up the ball. I don’t go for the re-roll, because I have a better plan. Physik has not yet moved, so he runs up and grabs the ball flawlessly. I move him right behind Auluff in the hopes that he’s safer there.

I maybe should have moved him back a square instead.

I am tempted to move Brutus and Silas up to assist, but I don’t really want to leave Vargg unattended, so they have to hold their ground.

Turn 2

Most of the Dorfs can get up now, and so they do, moving closer to Physik if they can. Krag tries to take down Bran, but only manages to push him, even with his Frenzy follow-up. Bran is now on the side-line though, so one more push will bring him in close contact with the crowd, which is never pleasant. That’s really all they can do though, so they end their turn there.

I get Lovecrafter up and send him up behind Krag to give Bran some assistance. It still only gives me one die, but probably better than two red.

I debate for a moment, and then have Pink Blitz his way up and attack Kraund the Blocker.


Kraund drops straight down, since his Stand Firm saves him from being pushed. Finally we get Alexander up as well, and with his assistance Auluff knocks Urklin on his arse, and then Jar pushes Ullagrom to the side to try to free up a path for Physik. Brutus wants to knock Ullagrom down, but can only manage a push. Then it’s time for some riskier stuff.

Roll roll roll roll.

Nuffle smiles on Bran he manages to make Krag stumble with just a single die, and actually get Stunned. Okay, more risky stuff. Silas and Brutus will try to Foul Vargg. We risk getting Silas expelled, but getting Vargg out of the game would be worth it. It doesn’t come to anything, though. Vargg’s armour holds, and the referee ignores the action.

There’s really nothing else that’s worth doing, so I end the turn.

Turn 3

The Dwarfs get back up, and Loklok tries to clock Sumanai, but he only manages to push him. Zarkuk decides to Blitz the Puttymaker, and apparently gets two red dice, because I get to pick the result.

It's rare for the CPU to take these risks.

It’s a shame there was no Attacker Down, but I can definitely live with a Pushed. Guess who Pink is punching as soon as it’s his turn?

Which is right now, as the Dwarfs end it there. Pink gets a Defender Down, and Zarkuk gets a rest. Lovecrafter and Bran both move up to Ullagrom, and then I have Jar attack Kraund. Defender Stumbles does make him fall down, but he’s still not out, which is getting annoying. Now it’s Auluff’s turn, and Urklin is the target. First roll, Pushed. Frenzy follow-up… oh. Oh my.


First injury of the match, and no Regeneration or Apothecary for them! So Urklin has to keep his Pinched Nerve, miss the next game, and Auluff gets a proud 2 SPP.

Darken pushes Skarak back, Physik moves up a square, and Alexander gets a Both Down vs Furgroth, which does nothing. Now… Silas can get two red-dice vs Vargg… should I? SHOULD I?

I did.

Nuffle was on my side, and that’s the power of Block right there. It’s just one turn down, but it does mean they’ll have to burn their Blitz to have Vargg attack next turn. Speaking of Blitzing… Brutus, go!


Ullagrom has to rest for a bit, and we end our turn.

Turn 4

All the Dwarfs (except Urklin) get up now, since we haven’t gotten a Stun since turn 2. Zornlin Blitzes Jar, but only gets a Both Down, and both are Blockers, so… Super Effective! (Not really.) Varrik does somehow manage to get a two-dice vs Auluff, but both results are Pushed, so someone is getting smacked when it’s our turn.

Which it now is! Physik is getting slowly surrounded, so we should try to clear that up. Pink Stuns Zarkuk, Jar knocks down Kraund, Auluff puts Varrik in his place, Sumanai moves up to neutralise Loklok’s tackle-zone, and then Alexander Blitzes at Skarak.

Get down!

Darken pushes Zornlin back, and Physik moves up a square again. It’s slow, but I’m sure we’ll get there by turn 8. Brutus now attempt to double-red-rice Vargg, but we get Pushed and Defender Stumbles, so of course the bugger picks Pushed, and doesn’t even move because of his Stand Firm. Okay now, Bran can get one die against Ullagrom, so I think we should just try it.

*funeral march*

Oh shit. Bran flatlines, and we rush out the Apothecary. As you see, the best he can do is leave poor Bran Aldowyn with a Broken Jaw, so he’ll miss the next match. Both teams are now one player short, and I just hope we can win enough money to get a new player before next match. Also, it’s a Turnover.

Turn 5

Now before we properly hand the turn over to them, I am now pissed off enough to call in the Wizard.

By the power of Zeus!

Vargg is not gonna be allowed to attack this turn either, because we’re going to shoot a lightning bolt at him. I was hoping for an injury or KO, but it’s only a Stun. Fair enough. Better than it failing.

First thing the buggering Dorfs do, is have Loklok throw a punch at Physik. He rolls a Defender Down, and Physik gets Stunned, as if to make up for the Wizard stunning Vargg. The ball bounces upwards, everyone fails to catch it, and it lands on the ground. Zornlin pushes Darken back so none of our guys are standing near the ball, and Ullagrom runs in to pick the ball up!

*point and laugh*

Okay lads, let’s see what sort of murder we can do. Silas moves up next to Kraund, Pink knocks the Dorf down, Darken knocks down Zornlin, Alexander clocks Loklok, Auluff charges down Skarak, and finally Jar Blitzes down Ullagrom.

Which leaves Sumanai completely free to go pick up the ball.

Run Jones, run!

And run as close to the End Zone as he is able! Now, if only we can keep him safe for one more turn, he’ll be able to score! Did he expect this? I certainly did not expect this. Maybe he was setting it up like this all along.

Loklok is the only Dwarf able to reach Sumanai from his prone state, so we take a risk by having Lovecrafter run up and block him off. Krag fails at stopping him, so we end our turn there.

Turn 6

The downed Dorfs get up, and then Krag attempts to Blitz Lovecrafter to free up Loklok.

Critical Failure!

He has to do a go-for-it, and rolls a 1, so that’s a pretty quick Turnover. Nuffle seems to want us to get this Touchdown, so I figure it’s probably safe for us to beat up some guys first.

Oh bother...

And apparently Nuffle also wants us to use our final Re-roll. Pink gets a Defender Down, and Kraund has to spend another turn on the ground. Darken Blitzes Zarkuk hoping to score an injury, but a simple knockdown has to suffice. Auluff knocks down Skarak, Jar clocks Ullagrom and Alexander punches Zornlin off of his feet. The last thing we do before Sumanai runs for it is to have Lovecrafter stun Loklok, and then…


Sumanai Jones scores the first Touchdown of the game! Things have largely been going our way so far, and I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, okay, Bran was nearly killed, but apart from that…

Turn 7

We have to arrange to kick off again, feeling fairly safe in the knowledge that the Dorfs can’t score in two turns. And bonus, Vargg now gets expelled from the field because of his secret weapon, so that even with their reserve player, it’s still 10 vs 10, and they now only have their Troll Slayer above Strength 3, which is a plus for us.

We go for a more conservative set-up this time, and send Physik to kick the ball again.


This kick-off causes a Riot as a kick-off event, which can result in one of two things. The referee turns the clock back one turn, or let’s the clock run for one turn, and we get the final result, so now we are on…

Turn 8

The ball lands in the middle to the left, and the Dorfs move in to get ready to pick it up. Furgroth manages to get the ball using Sure Hands, and actually move towards the End Zone. I am honestly not sure why the CPU still attempts to score when it’s clearly not possible. Maybe the AI is easier to program that way.

They even set up a cage, as if I’m going to bother attacking it. And then they attack.

Kraund knocks down Silas, Zarkuk fails to knock down Brutus, Loklok Blitzes and pushes Auluff back, Skarak knocks down Jar, and they end their turn.

Auluff rages out, so we aren’t really able to do much. Thankfully he doesn’t do that often.

We got there, we got there.

– – – HALF-TIME! – – –

The Dwarfen cheerleaders get drunk and pass out, so it’s a bit of a messy Half-Time. We focus on setting up our team for receiving the kick-off.

We move the Hobgoblins back to try to cover every part the ball can land in, and leave the rest of the team up on and close to the line.

More off-kick than kick-off, amirite?

The ball lands right at the edge and bounces off the field, so we’re allowed to hand it to whatever player we want. While it’s tempting to give it to Pink, I feel that Physik deserves another shot. The odds are more on our side now without that Deathroller, so we should be able to get up there.

Turn 9

We start by setting up an optimal cage, as I will show you.

Making it difficult for you, Dorfs!

Having the ball carrier in the middle and one player in each diagonal square makes it the most difficult for the opponent to get at your ball-carrier, while also allowing the carrier to be able to escape in any direction they should need.

Silas knocks down Zarkuk, and Jar smacks down Skarak, which allows Auluff to three-dice Kraund.


Good thing we got that third die. Darken moves up to Loklok, and then we let Pink Blitz! Go go go! Defender Down! Yus! A simple knockdown, since AV 9 is hard to break, but it helps. And in a few turns, we might be able to push him out of bounds. Let’s end our turn and see what the Dorfs will do.

They get up, Ullagrom moves down, and Zornlin Blitzes Jar. Which unfortunately turns into a knockdown. Well, he’s right next to Auluff now, so next turn should fix that. Krag, Varrik and Furgroth move further back to slow us down, and more Dorfs move in to get in Auluff’s way.

Turn 10

I just have Jar Blitz straight up from the ground and take his revenge on Zornlin. With an amazing result!


That’s a Smashed Knee. Zornlin is out for this match, and will suffer +1 to all future injury rolls, and curse Jar’s name each and every time. Enjoy your SPP, Jar!

Pink assaults Loklok, and only gets a Pushed, but that is actually the optimal result here, as it puts him in a prime position to get knocked out of bounds. If he was knocked down, he just wouldn’t get back up to allow us to push him out.

See, if you attack a player straight on when he’s on the side-line, you can push him straight out to the mercy of the crowd. You can also attack from other angles and have it happen, but you’d have to block off any other way they could go.

Okay, let’s reinforce the wall here, and then Auluff can charge straight into Kazgund. Yus! Mighty Blow let’s us get a Stunned result. That should help. Silas tries to knock over Kraund again, but a Pushed vs Stand Firm does nothing. Alexander pushes Ullagrom away, and Brutus knocks down Zarkuk. We then move Physik up to the side and end our turn.

Get him!

Both Krag and Furgroth move up to block off Physik, but curiously neither of them goes for the Blitz. The free Dorfs move around a bit to get ready to receive the ball. They’re cocky little blighters, I’ll give them that. And then Skarak believes it’s safe to attack Lovecrafter.

He was wrong.

Turn 11

We start in the most logical place. Have the Puttymaker push Loklok out of bounds. The crowd isn’t strong enough to break the thick Dorf armour, but at least he’s out for the drive.

A beautiful sight!

Now onto more ball-related matters. Darken clocks Furgroth for a Stunned result, and Alexander smacks down Krag, which leaves Physik free to run up the side. He’s not quite in range to score next turn, but then again we don’t need to. To make things safer, we have Auluff charge at Ullagrom. It starts with just a Pushed and Both Down, but the Frenzy gives us a Defender Down!

So now Sumanai and Lovecrafter are free to set up half a cage, and considering how slow the Dorfs are, that might be enough. Okay, let’s have Silas take another swing at Kraund.

Sit down!

And it’s a KO! Excellent! One less Dwarf to worry about! They’re down to 8 players now. Good job, Silas. Sadly KOs do not award SPP, but you’re helping the team win. This also frees up Jar who can move up and be in the way of players about to wake up next turn.

The Dorfs do the regular round of getting their players up, and I almost forgot they had Zarkuk and Varrik free on the side, both of whom now move closer to Physik. Zarkuk actually takes two go-for-its to reach Brutus with a Blitz that knocks him over, but they hand the turn over to me and I just get him back up.

Turn 12

Physik moves as many safe squares as he can, which puts him one square from the End Zone, and Sumanai and Lovecrafter follow after him to keep the half-cage intact. This close to the side and End Zone, it’s more like three quarters of a cage.

Eat hooves!

Pink kicks Krag in the face, Auluff headbutts Ullagrom to the ground, and finally Jar Blitzes into Skarak before we let the Dorfs move again. They get up, move up those who can, and then Kazgund makes the puzzling decision of trying to get away from Jar and Darken. They snag him and he falls over and hits his head, Stunning him. Turnover!

Turn 13

Okay, now, we can just run in and score. But first, I wanna hit more people. Auluff, you go first!

Gods damn it.

This is not the time to start rolling 1s, Auluff! Okay, okay, I’ll re-roll. Nooo! The first time your Loner triggers, and of course it’s now. Though actually it’s amazing it hasn’t happened until now.

Okay, okay, we can still get some damage done. Let’s move Darken up behind Krag to give Pink some assistance, and roll those dice!


Are you kidding me? You’re not kidding, are you? And I already wasted my re-roll on Auluff’s bone-headed Loner proc. Ngh. Please don’t die, Pink! Phew, just a simple knockdown. We still have several turns left to score, and I don’t think the Dorfs can stop us at this point.

Ullagrom knocks over Brutus, Krag Frenzies and smacks down Darken, and then Zarkuk attempts to assault Auluff, but he only manages to push him back. Varrik and Furgroth move dangerously close to our Hobgoblins. Skarak attempts to red-dice Jar for some reason. Revenge maybe. I pick Both Down. And then there’s nothing more the Dorfs can do.

Turn 14

Let’s not screw this up, but I really want to punch something. So Silas knocks Skarak over, Pink pushes Krag around, Jar assists Auluff, and then we roll the three-dice!


Just a simple knockdown, but I think our Minotaur’s just happy to be allowed to headbutt people. Okay, there’s a few more things I could do, but I don’t want to do any more risks now. Okay, Physik Bowie, you know what to do!


Their KO’d player does not get up, and they still have two injuries and an expulsion, so we’re at 10 vs 8. We are way too slow to be able to get the ball from them and score in just two rounds. We’re not bloody elves.

Let’s move everyone up, except Physik who will do the kick-off again. While they still have their turn 14 left, it’s doubtful whether they can make it all the way to our End Zone, but regardless we won’t make it easy for them.


Straight off Krag Blitzes and knocks over Lovecrafter, who probably expected this to happen. Furgroth picks up the ball, Ullagrom and Loklok form a half-cage, Zarkuk moves onto the line, and Skarak rolls an Attacker Down vs Jar. Turnover!

Turn 15

Now, because I am annoyed with Krag, I wanna set him up for a fall. I get Lovecrafter up, place Pink down below the Troll Slayer, and have Brutus Blitz in from the top!

Get over there!

A Pushed works just fine, since then Pink can shove him out of bounds next turn. I’m already rubbing my hands in anticipation. Auluff guns for Zarkuk, but ends up with Pushed, and then Pushed again on the Frenzy.

I have Physik block off Kazgund, and then Jar punches Varrik in the face. I finally move everyone who is free into blocking positions, and end my turn.

Good luck! Heh heh heh...

Oh wow. Loklok and Ullagrom both manage to one-die knockdown Sumanai and Darken. Furgroth runs for it! And stops way, way, way too short of actually reaching the End Zone on the last turn.

Zarkuk tries and fails to knock over Auluff over, and then Kazgrund pulls off another ridiculous one-die against Physik, stunning the poor Hobgoblin. Finally Krag throws a desperate red-dice vs Pink Puttymaker.

How did you expect it would end, dude?

Yeah, it’s a shame I won’t be able to push him out of bounds, but better he goes down than Pink.

Turn 16

Sumanai and Darken get up, and we see who we can hit. Auluff Frenzies Zarkuk into the ground, Jar and Alexander each swing at Varrik in turn, but achieve nothing. Silas Blitzes in from the side, and finally knock Varrik over. And… there’s really nothing more worth doing. End turn. Let’s see what the Dorfs try to do before the end.

Close, but no cigar.

This is where Furgroth stops. This is how close he gets. If there was another turn he could score. But there’s not. So it’s a futile gesture. Pathetic. Kazgund heads over to pat him on the back and tell him he did his best. Loklok attempts to Blitz someone, but Sumanai trips him up right away, which causes a Turnover and…

Another victory!

– – – END OF MATCH! – – –

Okay, wow, another victory. We got lucky with the initial Pitch Invasion, so Nuffle was on our side today. Mostly.

We win 60 000 GP.

Alexander Bloodthirst is named MVP, gaining him +5 SPP for a total of 7.

Physik Bowie scored a touchdown, gaining him +3 SPP for a total of 6.

Sumanai Jones also scored a touchdown, so he now has 3 SPP.

Jar Entropy and Auluff both got 2 SPP for causing an injury each.

Bran Aldowyn still has 3 SPP, but he’s out of the next match because of his injury.

Silas Punchreys still has 5 SPP from last match.

Darken Cloud still has 4 SPP from last match.

We are currently ranked 2nd of Division 4.


Physik Bowie reached level 2, and the dice were highly favourable towards him, so he now has +1 Agility, so he will become our #1 ball carrier from now on.

Alexander Bloodthirst also reached level 2, and I gave him Guard. It’s really the most useful skill for the Chaos Dwarf Blockers to get right now, since things can get really clustered on the line.

New Player: Jay-P Hurtington


Jay-P was Jar’s closest neighbour down in the tunnels, and the two had several adventures together. They both agreed to sign up to go to the surface, because it seemed like the next logical step. Jay-P is probably the stealthiest Dwarf you can imagine, and even the Chaos Gods would fail to notice him at times. You might not even know he’s there until he’s hit you. He wasn’t able to make the first line-up for the team, but he’s eager to join now that they were able to pay the fee to get him in. And with one Hobgoblin out for the next match, we can use the Dwarf-power.

Skills of the Day

Since tackle-zones was part of today’s topic, I figured we’d look at two skills that impact tackle-zones.

Break Tackle

This allows the player to swap Strength for Agility when getting out of a tackle-zone. So if for instance Auluff had Break Tackle, it would use his Strength 5 as the basis to get out of a tackle-zone, rather than his Agility 2. This can only be used once per turn though, so don’t think it’s going to get you through several tackle-zones.


This skills negates the effects of the Dodge skill, should an enemy have it. Dodge will not proc if they try to break out of the tackle-zone of a player with Tackle, and when attacking a player with Dodge, Tackle will also negate that, so Defender Stumbles still forces the Dodge player to fall and roll for armour.

And that’s a wrap. Good job, guys. Great job, in fact. Next time we face the Goblin team “Southstorm Squig Chasers”. I have never fought a Goblin team before, so this should be interesting.

Match 1

Match 3



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