Collisions On Aether: Chapter 7 – Meeting The Sentinel

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So Easter has come and gone, and with it the break I took for myself. I’ve been staying with a friend, and exploiting his PS3 to play lots and lots of Ni No Kuni. Didn’t expect I’d like it as much as I did, honestly. But I’m properly hooked, and I can no longer play.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

So now I have to get back to my normal schedule, and figured I’d start with another chapter of Samus’s adventure. Or at least give it my best shot.

This chapter is very text-heavy and image-light, as it mostly deals with exposition. You have been warned.

Regular text is Samus’s thoughts; bold is Wiki and other instances of computer text/speech; “” designates speech; cursive is the narrator.

Okay, fuses and capacitors are holding. It seems Wiki was right about it having no negative impact. I can… feel it, in here. It’s… warm. Huh…

The way behind me has been blocked by one of those gates, a security measure I presume. So only one door remains unblocked. Hopefully someone is alive and awake further in. Or at the very least there’s a computer I can run my translation software on.

Another elevator. Let’s see… there. Hardly an express ride like the last one, but it’s not going far.

What’s that light up ahead?

“Do not be afraid. I am U-Mos, Sentinel of the Luminoth.”

His speech is strange, yet my translators are able to handle it, unlike their writing. Perhaps he is intentionally speaking with that in mind. His assumption that I would be afraid is a tad annoying though. Okay, he is huge, and clearly of impressive strength and speed, but I’ve handled worse. The gun stays up.

“I have prepared a gift.”

As he says that, a prompt comes up on my HUD. U-Mos wants to send over a data package. Wiki posts an analysis for me.

Data package contains translator files.
No corruption or invasive software present.
Safe to transfer.

I confirm.

“Now we can converse more easily. I am sorry that the files are incomplete, but I didn’t have much time to prepare. This will allow you to access any Luminoth devices encrypted with purple holograms.”

I lower my gun and respond for the first time.

“Very well. I am Samus Aran, bounty hunter. I came here on a mission to rescue some stranded Galactic Federation Troopers, but I was too late, and now I’m stranded myself. What is going on here?”

A look of fatigue and sadness drapes across the Sentinel.

“Please listen, and hear of our world’s peril.”

He conjures up a holographic image of the planet and I see it get struck by something as he continues talking.

“Long ago, a cosmic object fell to our planet, Aether, exploding with great force. A rift was torn in time and space, and a strange power flowed over the world.
Where once there was one Aether, there were now two. One of light… and one of shadow, each existing in its own dimension.
It was the end of peace on Aether, for a new race was born that day on the dark world… one filled with hate and terrible power. They are the Ing.”

He raises his other hand and brings forth another image. Of one of the creatures that assaulted me after I went through that rift portal.

“The Ing are creatures of shadow and darkness, knowing nothing of peace and mercy.
For decades, we stood against them… yet we now lie on the verge of defeat.”

His right-hand hologram splits into two worlds.

“When Dark Aether was born, our planetary energy was divided. Half for our world, and half for theirs. Should one world gain control of this energy, the other will perish.”

He floats closer to me and conjures a new image; of the object that just attached itself to me.

“Before you arrived, the Ing had stolen a device from us… one that collects planetary energy. With it, they have weakened our planet to the verge of collapse.
But fortune smiled upon us this day, for the Energy Transfer Module… is now bonded to you.”

U-Mos points at me, and I can feel the device thrum inside me. Or perhaps it’s just my imagination.

“With it, you can help us… help us restore our world.
You’re our only hope, Samus.”

I sigh inwardly, and he lets his arms drop to his side before he carries on.

U-Mos and Samus close.

“Should we fall, the Ing will look to the stars for new planets to ravage and conquer. Your species could be their next victims.
The Ing have taken our energy to three temples on Dark Aether. Find these temples, and transfer their energy from them to our own.”

I can tell he expects a reply, and I attempt to take all factors into account. I am stranded. My mission is a bust. I should just leave at first opportunity. But even when my ship is fixed, there is no guarantee I’ll make it through the atmosphere. The loss of planetary energy likely explains the unstable weather. There is also the matter of my stolen gear. Leaving it in the hands of the Ing is unwise. And there are also Space Pirates somewhere on the planet.

Oh, who am I kidding? Even without all these good reasons, I likely would have said yes to help out. I’m too soft-hearted. I’m sure U-Mos has his own agenda, considering he’s only allowed me access to one class of security gate yet, but he will help me to help himself.

“All right, I’ll accept the task. I will need access to your databanks though. I need intelligence to succeed at the mission, and right now my own data on this world is… lacking.”

He seems to brighten up at my response.

“Thank you. You will of course have access to everything we have. It will take more time to get everything prepared, but our data on the Ing is ready, as well as anything relevant to the first area you’re going to: Agon. It includes a map to the temple there.”

We interface again and a stream of new data flows into Wiki, who immediately starts sorting and cataloguing everything.

“The temple contains more useful knowledge, and you should be able to compliment your translator files there.
Prepare well for your journey. The Ing know you possess the Energy Transfer Module. They will try to recover it at all costs.
Return to me once you’ve restored energy to the temple. I will aid you as I can.
May the Light of Aether Shine upon you!”

With that the Sentinel raises his arms and a stream of light flows into me via the ETM and I can feel it recharging my power levels. The warmth is unlike anything I’ve felt before. I’m really supposed to carry a fourth of the planet’s energy at once? I sure hope this Module is up to the task.

Before I turn around I have Wiki scan U-Mos as I gaze up at the ball of energy above the Energy Controller. The last remaining on Aether.

U-Mos, Sentinel of the Luminoth.

As I turn, I see one of those purple holograms on the wall, so I figure I can use that as a test for my updated translator files.

Luminoth Lore Translated (Golden Age: Origins)

It is told that the Luminoth were not born of Aether, but of the stars. In the early days, we roamed the greatness of the void, bathing in the glorious light of a thousand stars. We met a vast number of enlightened minds… the N’Kren, the Ylla and the Chozo among them. Each of them, we found, had claimed a homeworld and formed a deep bond with it. In time, we decided to do the same.

So they have records of meeting the Chozo? Interesting. I wish I knew more, because even the Chozo’s own records feel far from complete that far back in time. I wonder if U-Mos can tell that my suit is Chozo, but I decide against bringing it up. Maybe we can talk about that after this is all over.

I head back down the elevator and into the main chamber. As expected, only one of the security gates has a purple hologram, so I use my translator files to unlock it.

Pathway to Agon

Beyond, the pathway to Agon Sector lies.

The gate opens with a rumble and I step through, ready to undertake my new mission.

Next time we find out why they’re called the Agon Wastes now.

Chapter 6

Chapter 8



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