Collisions On Aether: Chapter 8 – Descending Towards Agon

Chapter 7

I want to try to get one of these out per week, so here we are again!

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

It’s been a more active time than usual for me lately, with several short posts being done. Maybe I should do more of those? We’ll see.

As soon as I get through the door I find a curious sight. Some sort of cloud made of lights is floating in front of me. Well, time to put my upgraded database to the test. Scanning…


Really now? It seems pretty harmless to me, but perhaps I’m just too far away yet. Still, I’m going to trust U-Mos data on this, and take them out preemptively.

Let’s see, there should be another elevator just through here… ah yes.

Ah! This is right behind the gate I couldn’t access earlier. Yet now I can!

Let this gateway forever protect our sacred temple.
May you find enlightenment and peace.

That rumbling is really loud… it kinda makes my teeth shake. I… see… more splinter cocoons over yonder. It seems like the gate didn’t wake them, by some miracle. Perhaps I can just sneak past…

Of course not. I take out a couple of them before they can be possessed, but the para- the Ing are quick. Not that they last much longer, of course.

The door with the blast shield can now be opened, so I check it out. It’s just a simple storage cache, though little of this is of use to me. Though… I think I can maybe use some of this to help repair my suit. It was quite a scratching the Ing caused, so speeding up the repairs would be nice. I just have to absorb this, and I could take this bit here back to my ship… I should be able to open the way there now.

Back through this tunnel, and… oh yeah, this is where I activated that crane for the first time. That means I’m almost back at the GalFed outpost. There was one of those security gates here as well, I seem to recall. Aha!

Beyond this door, the path to the Agon Wastes lies.
Once fertile plains, now sands scorched and ruined by war. May life thrive there again one day.

Interesting. Oh… There a dead Luminoth in here. This one seems a bit different from the others I’ve seen. Let’s see…

Luminoth Datapac translated.
(J-Fme’s Testament)

Final entry, Warrior J-Fme.

Their army swells. Beasts and rogue machines join the ranks of the Horde, all eager to bring death to the Luminoth. The Ing sent these new additions to the industrial site to do battle with me, while they watched from safety. Cowardly mongrels! My only regret in death is that I did not live to see the day of their defeat. May it come soon!

Hm… I feel like this has some significance I’ve yet to discover… I mean, why would the Ing send such a big force after a single Luminoth? Was he that great a warrior? Not great enough, in the end… I’ll note this down as a mystery for now.

Okay, the way back to my ship should be right through this tunnel. Yep, there’s the elevator to the outpost, and there’s the gate.

Security clearance approved. Door systems online.
Through vigilance and strength, we create peace.

And another gate right beyond it? But… there’s nothing really inbetween… most curious. Anyway, there’s my ship.

Gunship under repair.

Hm, repairs have not progressed much, but hopefully this will help speed things up just a little bit. I might as well recharge everything while I’m here as well.

And now to get back that large gate I opened. It’s curiously quiet now. The only critters I see are passive, and no sign of the Ing trying to possess anything. I know now that they can’t survive in their normal forms in this dimension, so at least that’s something, but the possession thing gets annoying.

I wonder if I could take one of these plants with me? I like the way they’re waving back and forth.

Okay, this bridge is pretty impressive. The glass is somewhat cloudy though… can’t really enjoy the view.

Aha, here’s the elevator, and – whoa… talking about a view…


Hey, there’s one of those lore projectors on the wall here. Strange.

Luminoth Lore translated. (Golden Age: Our Heritage)

Our search for a home took us through the cosmos. For many a great cycle we roamed, yet a place to call our own eluded us. In time, we began to despair, feeling the search was in vain. We considered remaining among the stars until a scout returned with news of a world unlike any other. When we beheld Aether for the first time, so great was her beauty that we forsook the stars forever to live upon her surface. From that day forth, the Luminoth were of Aether, our blessed paradise.

I wish I could have seen this place in its prime. Even now it’s pretty spectacular. I have another glimpse at the view before I turn around and activate the elevator. The ride down gets me thinking, wondering about what I’ll be facing down here.

The first thing I notice are several strange plants dotted around the elevator cavern. They display themselves in several shades of blue, and look spiky. Upon closer examination, I find that the ‘spikes’ are soft. Almost like leaves, I suppose. They’re rather pale compared to the main body. After a scan Wiki reveals that the Luminoth refer to these things as Bearerpods. They used them to store supplies. It doesn’t really specify how, or how they were retrieved, but destroying them should do it. Seems like a shame to blast such a thing apart, though.

Anyway, I should proceed. The next room reveals a new type of fauna.


Well, they seem docile enough. I’ll just pass b – whoa! Or not. A sharp response of power beam shots takes down a couple of them and the rest scarper. I guess the splinters aren’t the only creatures with a lack of proper threat recognition on this planet.

Hey, more strange plant-life. This looks like a type of grass… but surely there can’t be much water around here? The straws are remarkably flexible, so it’s definitely alive. Let’s see what the Luminoth data has to say about this. Sandgrass. Survives only on sunlight, which seems to be the one thing this region still has plenty of, besides sand. This is interesting… it seems to have been bioengineered to fit into this environment… a Luminoth project maybe? The data I’ve received so far has no mention of that, but maybe U-Mos didn’t feel it was relevant.

Oh… I almost didn’t see the dead Luminoth there… let’s see.

Bioscan complete.
Target has been dead for 1.1 decacycles.
Body has been badly damaged by sandstorms and heat exposure. Judging by the number of blast wounds, the target was dead long before the desert got to it.

She’s been here a while then. Nothing I could have done. … It doesn’t really help. I’ll just move on.

Wow… this place must have been breathtaking before the meteor struck.

Next we’ll be making our way towards the Agon Temple.

Chapter 7



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