Wulf Space Jam Update: Strength and Assists

So yes, I have learned more about how Assists work and how Strength plays into how many dice you get when blocking. So I’ll be updating the original post, and also posting just the new, updated content here so it’ll be easier for those who have already read the write-up for Match 2.

Learning is fun!

Strength (ST): Strength affects punching things, quite naturally. You might assume it would have an effect on armour rolls, but no. Strength affects how many Block Dice you’re allowed to throw when attacking another player, and not how hard you punch.

Two players of equal strength will get one die against eachother. A player with at least +1 Strength over his opponent will automatically get two dice, though you need more than double strength to automatically get three dice. So for a Strength 2 you’ll need Strength 5, and then for a Strength 3 you need Strength 7.

Things get a lot more complicated when you try to account for assists, which I’ll attempt further down.


Assists are when one player helps another with attacking or defending, which affects how many dice can be rolled. Each assist is worth +1 Strength, so a Strength 3 player assisted by one additional player will get two dice versus an enemy Strength 3, and one die versus a Strength 4.


However, for a player to assist against an enemy, they have to be in only that one enemy’s tackle-zone. If they are in two (or more) different players’ tackle-zones, their assistance is nullified, like Silas and Pink have been up there (unless they have Guard). Jar on the right is only in Ament’s tackle-zone, so he is able to assist Pink or Silas against Ament, at least until Memher gets up. Downed players have their tackle-zones deactivated, naturally. So if you want to set up assists, be really mindful of where you move your players. You can also attempt to nullify enemy assists to increase your dice count, and if everyone is negated, it falls back to the standard 1-on-1 math.

Though should the game glitch out on you, and since this is Cyahnide’s Blood Bowl, it probably will sooner rather than later, then you’re out of luck.

And that’s it! I hope it helps! Though I still have much to learn, so if I find out I’m wrong about more stuff in the future, I’ll do more updates.



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