League of Legends – Sensible Champions Lists update 2

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve touched this, though all three articles still bring in a lot of views to my blog.

If they do a sequel they can call it '20 000 Leagues of Legends Under The Sea'.

But Riot have now been gracious enough to update their official Champions list, so I figured I’d take a look at the changes, and the two new additions: Quinn and Zac.

Before I get to those though, I’d like to have a look at Karma’s revamp, and also check out any updated portraits for other Champions.

You can find the full posts here: FemaleMale 1Male 2

All artwork below accredited to Riot Games.

I’ll do a new vs old comparison here.


I'm gonna getcha! vs Come meet my teddy.

I guess she’s a little older now? No sleeves, a shirt over the dress top, and the backpack looks smaller on her. There also seems to be an attempted upskirt shot here, which is a little iffy, but they don’t go through with it. Nothing here to really make me re-think the rating or anything, so I’ll just keep the old image.


Now in hi-def! vs I'm more the arty type.

The new image looks a lot clearer than the old one. Different artist, or just drawn by the same artist with a few years inbetween? Unfortunately the new image also really shows off just how exposed she is. What’s with that ghost image behind her though? One of her abilities? Ah yes, she can cast Mirror Image. That’s cool. No change in the rating.


Now with more cleavage. vs I R WARRIOR!

I didn’t notice this before the comparison just now, but they have really trimmed down her outfit for this one. And made her skin paler? Odd. I guess she’s prettier now, for what that’s worth. I kinda like the more grungy look of the old image. No change in the rating here either.

Okay, now for the revamp of Karma. Talking to someone who actually knows a bit of League of Legends, apparently no one liked Karma. Not her abilities, not how she played, not her story and possibly not even how she looked. Even though I put her on my Pro list. I honestly don’t remember the old story though, and I’ve only skimmed the new one. I’ll be looking at the just the outfit, like normal.


I can sleep standing up. vs Oh, hey there.

I will state again that I really liked the old Karma design, and I while her main profile will be updated, I will save the old description below here for posterity. But first, the new analysis:

This was a bit of a tricky one, as this little image doesn’t really show too much, apart from deepening the mystery of how her spine works. But I searched around and found some model viewer images and alternate poses, so I have gotten some more insight. Her outfit is okay. While I don’t really understand why she has one leg exposed, the tattoo is pretty rad, so I’ll forgive that. I honestly do not understand how those shoulderpads stay on though. Possibly glue. And the top covers her up well, so I do like that. Okay, it’s just cloth, but she’s a caster, and she needs to be fast and agile. Which brings me to the only point of contention. High-heels. They look more like plateau shoes than pointy heels, but still. Running around with that stuff is far from sensible, even though you could call it badass. If you feel like it. It is with a sad heart that I’m bumping Karma down to a balanced Neutral.

Old Karma

What does she actually do? Wizardry? Spine-twisting pose notwithstanding, this attire is actually not bad assuming she’s a magic user of some sort. I can’t see her feet, so while I suspect she might wear high heels, I have no evidence of that, so consider this a tentative Pro.

The new stuff! Another female Champion, and another male monster champion have been added. Let’s look at them.


Birdy! I love this. I really do. I checked a few alternate images to make sure, but yeah. I love this character design. Even the bird has gotten a light plate to deflect arrows. She’s a ranged character with a fully covering outfit with strategic armour plating and a nice colour-scheme. And it’s feminine, graceful and honestly sexy. It all seems very well thought out, and I can find no fault with this. They’ve even given her sensible footwear. Good job, Riot. I mean, I knew you had it in you after seeing Diana, but it’s nice to know that wasn’t a fluke. I’ll give this one a straight-shooting Pro.


He'd probably be played by Robin Williams in the movie. I actually ended up reading the bio for this one. Most of it, at least. Was kinda interesting. I’m not exactly sure how liquid vs solid this guy is, but since it’s been a while since I’ve played Metal Gear, I’m just going to assume he can change his firmness at will. While I can possibly see him being vulnerable to boiling, I don’t really see much in the way of weaknesses here. He’s a goo-man. No point in having clothes, since he doesn’t really have anything to hide. A blobby Pro. Possibly sticky too. … ew.

And that’s it for this time. Update 3 will come… um… probably next time Riot update their Champions list, going by how often they’ve done it so far.



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