Papers, Please – PSA

Today, dear and wonderful readers, I am bringing word of a most curious little title I found out about this morning. It’s called Papers, Please, is developed by a certain Lucas Pope, and it’s about immigration.

Glorious low-res!

As you might notice from the title screen above, the game is currently in beta and free to check out. It’s trying to get through Steam Greenlight, and if you want to see it in action, Jesse Cox and Josh Mattingly did a video about it.

Now you might imagine you’re trying to immigrate to a country in this game, but no. You are the border guard deciding whether or not people are let in.

The year is 1982, and you are fortunate enough to be selected to be the border guard in charge of immigration as the great nation of Arstotzka opens a border post for the first time in many, many years.

You lucky bugger.

Your family will be depending on you.

You ask “papers, please” for everyone who shows up, hence the title of the the game, and then you analyse their documents and decide whether they get in or not.

Glory to Arstotzka!

A bright new day.

If you make a mistake, the nebulous M.O.A. will fax you a warning. You get two warnings per day without any penalty, and then they start deducting your pay. Your pay depends on how many you process a day.

I'm a rebel. That was a joke don't shoot me!


While most people will just be your standard immigrants, you will occasionally get curious and unique individuals. The idea is that you need to pay attention to everything you’re told. It even seems like there’s some sort of storyline in there, but the beta only extends to 9 days, so there’s not a lot of pay-off yet.

Filthy foreigners.

Go away, ma’am.

But it’s free! And fun to replay! It’s honestly a lot more fun than I’m probably making it sound. I’ve certainly never played anything like it. You should definitely check it out.



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