Wulf Space Jam – Interlude: End of Division 4

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Match 5

Match 6

So we find ourselves in a transitional period as we’re waiting for the Division 3 matches to start up. I figured we’d take to time to check in on our players, and see what sort of opposition we’re up against in Division 3.

Campaigning against the sun!

But before we get into that, we will introduce our newest player!

Clare Chargalot

Clare Chargalot

It took a while to get the license to add a second Bull Centaur to our team, but Clare was more than happy to fill the role. While she is technically a mathematical genius, she has no patience for it, and prefers to run around chasing fluffy animals. You might imagine it’s for nefarious purposes, but she just loves them. She is not quite as fond of people, and since Blood Bowl allows her to both run and stomp on people, it was an easy decision to sign up. It is unsure whether Chargalot is her actual surname, or just a nickname due to her tendency to sprint everywhere. Hopefully this will improve our odds for Division 3. And yes, she does indeed style her own beard.

It also appears that we received 300 000 GP for advancing out of Division 4. 280 000 was spent on getting us two more re-rolls, and I’m looking to spend the last 20 000 on one cheerleader and one assistant coach. Anyone willing to accept either job?

Of course you might prefer the idea of being an active participant on the field, and we will be looking to hire a few more Hobgoblins as reserve players in the future.

So how is the current state of everyone on the team? What have they been up to? Let’s take a brief look at everyone:

Auluff has started calming down a bit. As one of the few from the expedition, he actually seems to thrive in the great outdoors. He has even been seen admiring flowers, though he claims he was simply pondering if they were edible. With less blind rage and more focus on the field, he has become an ever greater asset to the team.

The surface world has been an uneasy experience for Pink Puttymaker. A lot of his calculations had to be rethought, as when you’re underground the softness of the ground, varying temperatures and wind factor don’t really need to be taken into account. He is working it out though, and expects to be back to full operating capacity soon. And of course he still has to figure out the best spots to kick all these different races up here.

Silas Punchreys feels happy with the artistic statements he’s been able to make so far. Seeing the snowy fields of the Norselands painted red with streaks of blood has enkindled a longing in him that he had only been vaguely aware of before. In the dark underground there is a not a lot of contrast. If only they could do something about that damned sun, it might actually be fun to live on the surface.

The fact that the world has not ended yet is a constant source of surprise for Jar Entropy. Perhaps Blood Bowl is helping to keep it going? It does seem to help avoid some wars, at least. Perhaps he shouldn’t partake, but… there’s all this wine, and roast meat, and curious fruits, and succulent sauces that still need to be sampled. It could be worth it to have the world go on for a wee bit longer. Whether the end of the universe happens tomorrow or in a thousand years doesn’t really make a difference, since the Chaos Gods are timeless.

Brutus Bashings feels like the voices in his head, or at least one of them, has gotten louder since he got to the surface. He still can’t make out what it’s saying over the din of argument in there, so he’s learned to mostly tune it out. It can get a tad distracting at times though, which he thinks might be why his punches haven’t always hit their mark as he intended. Right now he’s trying to figure out what to make of trees. Sumanai swore that they can move, but so far they seem to be quite still.

Alexander Bloodthirst has become quite the diligent farmer, even if the ‘fertiliser’ he uses is somewhat unconventional. The field; now fed with Dwarf, Goblin, Troll, Norse, Norsewolf, High Elf and even Squig blood (he was unable to get anything from the Yhetee, and the Khemri don’t bleed); is now host to a number of strange growths. Since no one from the expedition knows anything about plants, they have no idea whether or not it’s normal, but it doesn’t look healthy.

As any form of Dorf, Darken Cloud naturally has some tinkering skills, and he has been working on a device to let him get closer to the sun. It is essentially a large cannon, but he is hesitant to test it out himself. Perhaps one of the other Dorfs… if he gave them an axe he said was a sun-destroyer, and told them he’d get them close enough to use it. That would at least determine the validity of the plan. For now he’s content with a hill close to the camp.

With his smash debut on the field, Jay-P Hurtington has been enjoying somewhat of a celebrity status. He even gets gifts, which he hadn’t expected. Like a whole roast Squig, which Jar helpfully volunteered to help finish. He is rather used to going unnoticed though, so he is not quite sure how to handle this new experience. Perhaps he could come up with a disguise?

Still being alive astounds L.V. Lovecrafter. The old family motto of “Lovecrafter always dies” has not come true yet. He even scored the winning touchdowns of the last match with an ease that caught everyone unaware. You might think this would instill a certain confidence in anyone, but this particular Hobgoblin is more certain than ever that he’s being set up for a fall.

Sumanai Jones has developed a certain joy from being able to convince the daft Dorfs that he knows more about the surface than them. His acting skills are so good that with only a few exceptions his tall tales are believed. And he’s even been able to knock over the occasional enemy player, and gotten cheered on for it. He knows it won’t last, but he might as well enjoy it while he can. And get some sort of sun-cover mounted on his hat before he goes blind.

The injury changed Bran Aldowyn. A lot of his naiveté died that day, and he’s now determined to pay back as good or better than he was given. On the upside he was actually fed well while recovering. They also shouted at him to heal faster, but he’d made enough of an impact for them to want him to come back. The sun conspired against him last match, but he will have his day. He swears it on his earlobes.

Physik Bowie is pleased with his progress towards the throne so far. He was even given this fancy new hat from the supporters of his rise. And the coach took him aside after the last match and said that based on the performance of all the Hobgoblins so far, Physik is being made the main ball carrier. He’s even got a new training regimen towards that purpose. Maybe he’ll get an even fancier hat. And some kneeling. People kneeling would be good.

With our team checked in on, let’s see what sort of teams we’re running up against in Division 3. The five other teams are:

Marauding Mashers (Chaos)
Vampire Coast Swashbucklers (Vampire)
Red Face Rocketeers (Ogre)
Mittledorf Smashers (Human)
High Sea Surfriders (Elf)

I have played against all these races before, except Chaos. And it just so turns out the Marauding Mashers are our first match-up. I did briefly skim them, and saw they were similar to my Nurgle team, except less diseased. So it should be interesting. I’ll do a closer analysis before the actual match.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into how we’re doing so far, and aren’t overly angry that I didn’t just move on to the next match.

Team Intro

Match 5

Match 6



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