Neverwinter is now in Open Beta

It is as the title says. Neverwinter has now entered Open Beta. I did a look at the beta weekend almost two months ago, and while my impressions were not entirely favourable, I will probably still check out the Open Beta and see how things have changed, if at all.

Call to arms, I guess.

You can go here if you want to try the game out yourself, and there’s also a pretty neat opening cinematic over at Gametrailers. It is naturally not representative of the game, but it adds some lore and context, plus some decent action and a dracolich.



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  1. I tried it earlier, and it’s incredibly laggy, and was also not particularly impressed (even aside from the launch day blues)

    The voice acting in particular seems pretty terrible…

    • Hm… I won’t have time to try it until this weekend anyway. Maybe they’ve sorted out a few issues by then, or at least the servers are managing better.

      Not so much to do about the voice-acting, which is indeed rather lacklustre from what I recall.

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