Kotoura-san – Anime Recommendation

While I don’t write about it very often, I do watch a fair bit of anime. Far from all of it, like some of my friends, but I tend to rely on them for a few recommendations and then check things out. I have yet to get to anything from this season, but instead I’d like to bring attention to a show from last season.

All the faces!

Kotoura-san is about Kotoura Haruka, a young girl born with the ability to read minds. Something which has caused her a lot of hardship. She’s grown callous and cynical in a world that fears and fails to understand her, and just tries her best to just get on with things. And then she finally meets some people who are interested in her because of who she is, and starts to make friends.

This show goes to some very dark places at times (the first 10 minutes of episode 1 can be especially brutal), but it also has very light-hearted segments. I’ve heard friends say they couldn’t get into it because of the tonal shifts, but to me that was key to the experience of watching Kotoura-san.

See, I have been battling depression for many, many years. And I feel like because of that, this show struck a chord with me. The way I interpret it is that it’s all about surviving a world that can be very dark and hostile, by clinging onto the points of light you come across. It’s not all hopeless. There are things and people worth it out there.

Kotoura’s reason for being ostracised is rather unique, but I’m sure more people than me can identify with the sensation of being left out or shunned because you are different, and eventually trying to fit in just becomes more pain than it’s worth. And yet there were always be someone who understands. Who resonates. A shining beacon in the fog.

Kotoura-san is a story of growth and love. Love for family, love for friends, and love for… you know. It’s not afraid to tackle how difficult human relations can be, how selfish we often are, and it all comes to a head with a brilliant finale that actually feels like a good ending.

I will highly recommend it for anyone who wants a show that isn’t afraid to be a little more mature, and yet indulges in silly things, because that’s how life works.

I leave you with the opening of the show, which I absolutely love. I’ve noticed most of the openings and endings, and even complete versions of the songs, have been taken down from Youtube at a steady rate, so it’s quite possible this video won’t last either, even though I’m setting it to Unlisted.



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