Wulf Space Jam – Match 6: Vs Marauding Mashers (Chaos)

Interlude 1

Match 5

Match 7

Okay, time to stop being distracted by other games and get on with the show. We’re moving into Division 3 of the Shamoose Invitational, and it’s time to face something new.

May the best Chaos win!

There are different teams in Blood Bowl serving different Chaos gods. We are one of them, and the Marauding Mashers are another. Honestly I am not familiar enough with Warhammer to know which Chaos God either of us are serving, but regardless I assume we’re at war. Even if it’s the same god.

I will refrain from making any jokes about how chaotic this match will be (or at least try to), so let’s just take a look at their roster.

Hoo boy.

So yeah, they have a lot of dudes, but not a lot of variety. I mean, I thought we were limited with a mere four player types, but these dudes have only three. I actually think the Ogre and Halfling teams are the lowest, with only two different player types, though there might be more teams with just that. Also, I’m kinda noticing a theme with the names.

This is actually pretty similar to my Nurgle team. There’s a big Strength 5 guy, four Strength 4 Warrior linemen and then lots of tinies. Though I would claim that the Beastmen are not quite as good as my Pestigors, but perhaps that’s just personal preference. Then again, maybe the game agrees since I can only have four Pestigors.

Any relation to Auluff?

So they also have a Minotaur, who is also level 2. They have picked Juggernaut instead of Guard, and I can’t necessarily fault them for that. Patigors is a better Blitzer because of it. But with our excess of Guard, we should be able to easily two-dice this guy. Maybe I should try to keep Auluff and Silas close to him. His stats seem identical to our Minotaur.

Looks less cool than expected.

I am slightly amused, as Lektor is an Scandinavian word for a teacher of higher education. So these guys are faster, stronger and more agile than our Blockers. But they start with no skills. They have this guy here with Block and Claw, two level 2 Warriors with Block and one level 1 Warrior with nothing. We really only need three Blockers to two-dice these guys, so I think we’ll be alright if we’re careful.


Holy balls, that guy has two heads! It’s not that big a deal though. It gives him +1 to all Dodge rolls, so he’s like an Agility 4 player in regards to dodging. Meaning he’s probably the main ball carrier. Or maybe they’re setting him up as a catcher, since they have a level 2 guy with Extra Arms, who is better at picking up and passing the ball. They also have two level 2 Beastmen with Block, one level 3 with Block and Strip Ball, and the final six Beastmen are level 1, so probably reserves. They do all have Horns, so they could Blitz to get Strength 4.

This is going to be a bashy game, and I kinda like those. So long as we’re not the ones being hurt. I am really glad we were able to afford to bring Clare onboard before this match.

Topic of the Day: Weather

Weather is not a huge part of Blood Bowl, but it can drastically change up how a match works. There are five different weather types you can encounter based on a 2D6 roll and I’ll go over them now.

Nice – Perfect Blood Bowl Weather

This is the most typical result. On a roll of 4-10, the weather will be nice and no modifiers will be added to gameplay. On a Changing Weather kick-off event, a Nice result will make the ball bounce an extra square when landing.


A roll of 12 produces a Blizzard, which makes the field icy. The result of this is that Go-For-It rolls are now 3+ instead of 2+. Which makes them a lot more risky. Suddenly there’s a 1 in 3 chance you’ll fall down instead of 1 in 6.

Pouring Rain

This happens on a roll of 11. The rain makes the ball slippery, which gives a -1 modifier to ball handling. You can still pass without penalty, but pick-up, catch and intercept rolls will be trickier to pull off. If you’re not Elves, good luck with that one.

Very Sunny

This is excellent weather that you get on a roll of 3, but the sunshine is so strong that it puts a -1 modifier on all passing. Which I’d say sucks even for Elves. Suck it, Elves!

Sweltering Heat

On a roll of 2 you get the worst weather. You might remember this one from the last match. At the end of each drive (which does include the end of the first half) you roll a D6 for each player, and if you get a 1 that player is out for the entire next drive.

– – – MATCH BEGINS! – – –

In what was certainly a surprise to me, it seems the winnings from Division 4 managed to put us in equal team value to the Mashers, so we’re both at 1690. This means no inducements for either team, since neither of us are willing to actually transfer money from the treasury for this.

So we go into the game and… we’re still on the Norse field? Bloody hell… I even tried restarting the match several times, but nope. Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition is determined that this championship match will be played on the Norse field.

At least the weather is nice, and we get to pick the coin toss! As usual I go with Tails, and again it fails. There’s really no point in switching my routine to Heads though, as that won’t affect the odds.

Now that we have two Bull Centaurs I guess I should switch up the formation a bit. Since we now only have room for two Hobgoblins on the field in normal circumstances, I let Physik and Lovecrafter start, and I’ll switch in the other ones later.

I like the bow-like structure of this formation.

Physik kicks off, and we have Changing Weather event. Which keeps the weather nice. So that was largely pointless. The ball flies towards the left and bounces close to three Beastmen. Yayyy…

Turn 1

The Beastmen move about a bit to set things up, and then San-nogor goes over and picks the ball up effortlessly. Lektor knocks over Jar, Dekan Blitzes down Pink and Leshtrigel stuns Alexander. Then their dudes move around to tie up ours, and Patigors decides he’s too angry to move up. Fair enough. I don’t want him here anyway.

Not a great start.

I get Jar up and move him over to Dekan, so Pink can Blitz his way up and take revenge. Dekan goes down, and Darken can now hit Mras’mulgors. I’m just gonna call him Mras from now on. Which sadly results in just a double Pushed.

Auluff gets the shot at taking down Leshtrigel, and gets himself a Defender Stumbles on the Frenzy. Which places him nicely right next to Brutus. Not quite planned, but I’m happy with it. Okay Brutus, hit Wal’gors!

Good enough.

Yeah, that’ll do. Since this is one of the evil buggers without Block. Okay, time for Clare to do her first attack! Far’mulgor is going down! … or not. Well… he’s pushed to the edge. I could wait a turn and push him out, or… I could have Jay-P take a swing at him.

Damn it.

Well… screwed that up, didn’t I? Curses. Now I won’t be able to take him out of the game so easily. Curse my greed.

I have Lovecrafter and Physik move up to Lektor so Silas can punch him. …or push him. No follow-up. No point in standing alone next to a Strength 4. End turn.

They're too strong.

Turn 2

The bastards get back up, and then Grafagors Blitzes Jar. Which thankfully only gets a Pushed. But then Mras manages to one-die Darken to the ground, which opens an avenue along the left side for San-nogor to run down. And I have no one in easy intercept range. Ugh… and to make it better Far’mulgor decides to red-dice Clare.

Just wonderful.

Yeah, I have a feeling that Nuffle is not on our side this match. As I have the choice of how Clare will fall over, I go for the Defender Stumbles. Just a normal knock-down, at least.


How am I going to play this? Ugh… okay, let’s see who we can free up. We need to Blitz San-nogor. Silas is the only one free, and… well… his Movement Allowance can’t get him there. Not without going through two tackle-zones. Not enough go-for-its to get around.

I get Darken up, which lets Pink get a two-dice against Grafagors. All I needed was a Pushed, but I’ll happily take the Stumbles. Jar is now free to move into position. Only it turns out no useful positions can be had. I do manage to get him down to try to block things off, but even with go-for-its it’s not enough with those tackle-zones in the way.

Well, at least I can now move Silas down to get his Guard in on the action. That’s my only chance for two-dicing this. And Physik has +1 Agility, so he can get out of that tackle-zone as well as any Elf. But… again, the tackle-zones means I need both go-for-its for this, with the Blitz. I have no choice though.

Ack! And of course there’s a 1. I have re-rolls!


I just… I don’t…

Turn 3

Well… with Physik out of the game due to a crazy double-1 roll, nothing is stopping these guys from just running the ball in. Okay, they’ll need two go-for-its as well, but I’ve already used up the 1s.

First though, they generously take the time to knock over Pink and Blitz Silas out of the way, so San-nogor can just run.


Bleh… a 3-turn Touchdown from a Chaos team. Did not see that coming.

I do see those chains.

Physik gets back up, so at least there’s that. Let’s set the team up again.

As we’re receiving, I move the Hobgoblins back a bit and hit the Accept button. Their ruddy Minotaur sends the ball flying and we have our Kick-off event!


Turn 2 (Again)

Well, we just got a little more time. Let’s see if we can make use of it. The ball lands almost in our end-zone, and bounces up a square. Physik runs down, picks up the ball, and gets up as far as he can without go-for-its. I don’t trust him with those any longer. It does mean that only him and Lovecrafter are back there, but I don’t see the Mashers breaking through in one turn.

Now Auluff can headbutt Dekan.

Finally some good news.

That went well. Clare then Blitzes down Leshtrigel, and Pink helps Brutus stun Lektor. I try to plug all the holes, and then end turn.

Still a chance.

Turn 3 (Again)

Everyone not stunned gets back up, and Mras Blitzes Darken to the ground. Patigors manages to overcome his wild instincts and get down to the frontline. After some more moving about, they hand the turn over to us.

Slow and steady.

Physik runs up towards the line, and Jar Both Downs Wal’gors. I have the Puttymaker Blitz Patigors, and the Minotaur is actually Stunned, which I am happy about.

This allows Brutus to move over and help Silas attack San-nogor, but the best he manages is a Both Down. And they both have Block. Ah well, at least Auluff has more luck with a Defender Down against Dekan, though Clare only manages to push Leshtrigel away. If they have to waste their Blitz to attack with the big guys, that’s good for us. End turn.

Tough line to break.

Turn 4

The Beastmen gang up on Silas, and San-nogor knocks him over. Evil buggers. Far’mulgor manages to dodge away from Jay-P with his extra head, but then runs back into the tackle-zones for both Jay-P and Jar. And then Mras once again rolls a one-die against Darken and sends him to the ground before they hand the turn over.

Why won't they die?

Getting Darken and Silas up is the first course of action, and then I have to figure out where I want to try to get Physik through.

I try to have Brutus knock down San-nogor to get something on that side, but I only manage a Pushed. Well, the right side is fairly open as of now, so I could attempt to focus on breaking through there.

Clare knocks down Leshtrigel, so Physik and Lovecrafter can move up and start working on a cage. Auluff manages to Frenzy down Dekan, and Pink pushes Lektor away. Jar and Jay-P each knock down a Beastman, and things are looking fairly decent as I end the turn.

This has potential.

Turn 5

Patigors fails to get up, but the rest have no problems. And then Lektor Blitzes and Both Downs Auluff. Oh. That could be a problem…

The Beastmen start moving, and Tra’nogors attempts to dodge away from Silas and Brutus.

I laugh.

Not a two-dice in sight. Well, if Auluff gets up, Clare can attack Leshtrigel again. …nope. Auluff is pissed off and won’t listen. Well, let’s have Pink come over and assist instead. That should work.

Except it doesn't.

Son of a… okay, we still have re-rolls. Which does get us a Defender Down. Good job there. Clare moves up a square, Jar smacks down Wal’gors, Physik moves up and this allows Jay-P to two-dice Far’mulgor and knock him down.

With Lovecrafter in place we now have a complete cage, but the rest of the field is only one-die blocks. I do still have a Blitz, so… if Darken can one-die Mras successfully (at the very least push him away), he can move up to assist Brutus and Silas afterwards.


Well… that accomplished nothing. Okay then. Alexander is the highest level, so perhaps it’s best to try to one-die with him first.


Turn 6

After getting everyone up, they start with having Grafagors Blitz Jay-P to the ground. They start piling up in front of the cage, even managing to dodge two Beastmen away from Brutus and Silas. Before they hand the turn over, Mras throws a Both Down against Darken which again accomplishes nothing.

Looking grimmer.

Auluff still doesn’t want to get up, which really isn’t helping. I probably should have Blitzed. Pink does manage to stun San-nogor, and after some fiddling I get Jar to push Wal’gors away. This means Jay-P is able to two-dice-Blitz Grafagors, and Physik is now free to move. But to where? I do consider sending him to the left, but it’s really no safer there, so I hop him through a tackle-zone further right.

My only remaining options seem to be to end the turn, or have Clare throw a one-die against Lektor.

Which doesn't end well.

And a KO. Marvelous.

Turn 7

Damn. Only one chance to score now, and that’s to run for it. Sadly they get to go first.

Wal’gors Blitzes Physik, and pushes him right into three other enemy players. And Lektor promptly knocks him down. Fuck. I think we just lost our chance. Especially since Physik is also Stunned.

Far’mulgor uses his double-head to hop away from Jay-P and go for the ball.

At least that's something.

Lovecrafter is really our only chance here, and even then I’m not sure he can make it.

Auluff still refuses to get up, so I have Brutus two-dice Dekan, and Silas one-die Patigors, both of which turn out well, though only by burning a re-roll for Silas.

I activate Blitz on Jar, knock over Wal’gors, and have Jar move up to Jay-P so he can Stun Far’mulgor. Now all Lovecrafter has to do is dodge away and pick up the ball.


Turn 8

Patigors gets up, Lektor moves down and Grafagors Blitzes Jar. Which KOs him. Our luck just keeps rolling. I’m still saving the Apothecary in case of actual injury, and just hoping both he and Clare will get up at Half-time.

So Wal’gors gets up, gets the ball and tries to hop back out again, but it seems Lovecrafter is feeling spiteful that he couldn’t pick up the ball.


So what can we do? Honestly, very little.

Physik gets up, which lets Lovecrafter knock Grafagors on his arse, and Auluff finally deigns to get back up as well. This allows me to knock some people around, but there really isn’t much accomplished, so we might as well just end the turn.


– – – HALF-TIME! – – –

Clare and Jar both get up, and I finally get to take a closer look at our cheerleader. Let’s just say he or she is not exactly what I expected.

Where'd they get a wolf?

I expected a Hobgoblin in a skirt with Pom-poms, like I’ve seen for other Chaos Dwarf coaches. Has this one been patched in later? I must say I do like it. What should we name this dude? Or perhaps dudette?

Aside from switching out Lovecrafter and putting in Bran, I set up the team the same as it was, and Patigors kicks it off again.

I'll take it.

An extra re-roll will probably be handy since we burned them all last half. The ball lands just south of Clare, within one go-for-it range of Physik.

Turn 9

Well, since picking up the ball is just two 2+ rolls, that’s probably still the least risky thing to do, and it would make me feel a lot more comfortable. Physik pulls it off without a hitch, and Bran moves up to support him. Now to try to clear a path for them.

Clare Blitzes her way up to Far’mulgor, but the best she can do is Pushed. Ah well. I follow up, and then tell Jay-P to move up next to her. Except I missed my click and instead told Clare to jump one square to the right.

I am an idiot.

After cursing my own stupidity for a few moments, I decide the only thing I can do is re-roll, even though it will likely fail. At which point Clare makes a leap I didn’t know she was capable of and lands safely in the other square. Thank you, Nuffle.

Now I move Jay-P up, and into a more advantageous position. Pink and Darken move up the left side to block things off there, and it’s time for Auluff to attack again. The Frenzy takes care of things, and Lektor falls over.

Brutus manages to push Dekan away, while Jar knocks Leshtrigel to the ground. I leave those two free, while I move Silas and Alexander up, then hand the turn over.

Actually not a bad turn.

After moving around some Beastmen, the Mashers spring into action. Dekan knocks down Silas, and Grafagors Blitzes Alexander, which results in a KO. That’s just… ugh.

They push Jay-P back, and San-nogor actually red-dices Pink.

*exclamation of frustration*

I really wish Nuffle wouldn’t let them get away with this.

End of turn 9.

Turn 10

I have Pink get back up, and Darken take down San-nogor. No permanent injury, unfortunately. I get Silas up as well, and then unleash Auluff upon Grafagors, who ends up Stunned.

Jar moves up by Jay-P, and Clare Blitzes right into Far’mulgor and kicks the Beastman to the ground. Now I can move Bran and Physik up to form a half-cage and block off any access to our half from this side. I try to have Brutus one-die Mras, but it only gets me a Both Down, so I hand the turn over.


Again the buggers pile up in front of the cage, and Pytigors tries to knock down Clare, though he only manages to push her back.

And then they activate Blitz on Mras and have him try to dodge away from Brutus.

De Nied.

Turn 11

My first action is to ask Auluff to attack Dekan, but he doesn’t want to. I consider whether it’s worth a re-roll, and decide that no, it isn’t. Instead I move Brutus closer and have Silas two-dice instead.


Just a knock-down, but I’ll take it. Clare kicks over Far’mulgor, Physik runs over to the left to a better cage, and Bran gets a Defender Down against Tra’nogors. Jar manages to push away Pytigors, and then Pink puts on his steel horseshoes and kicks San-nogor hard enough to KO him. Good riddance.

As my final acts I have Darken move over to put Mras in a tackle-zone for when he gets up, and move Jar down a square to complete the cage, then hand the turn over.

I like them on the ground.

Everyone gets up, and then Lektor Blitzes Silas, and… oh shit.

Evil claws.

Good thing I still had the Apothecary. I select the “No long-term effect”, and Silas gets back up, ready to join the next drive, but we’re down two Chaos Dwarf Blockers for now. This really sucks.

I think I’ve figured out how the Apothecary works now. On a result of “Badly Hurt – No Long-term Effect” the Apothecary can get the player back on his feet, but any other result remains as it is.

They start ganging up on Physik, but they’ve already spent their Blitz, so they can’t directly attack him. Jar gets knocked over by a one-die roll from Wal’gors though, and Clare stumbles from a two-dice from Pytigors. Patigors refuses to come down yet, which I certainly won’t complain about, and they end the turn.

Not the best turn.

Turn 12

We start by letting Auluff headbutt Leshtrigel, which certainly does wonders for my morale. Pink comes in from the side to Blitz Lektor out of the way, and Physik throws a very successful Both Down against Pytigors, who gets Stunned for his insolence.

I see that Tra’nogors has no Block, so I figure it’s safe for Bran to one-die him, and I was right, even if I only got a Pushed. I also see that Brutus can one-die Lektor, which should be as safe, so I’m going for it.

Ding dong, merrily on high.

Go Brutus! Not an actual injury, but I’ll happily accept a KO, especially of a Chaos Warrior. Since we’re on a one-die success roll, I try Darken against Mras as well, but that just gets me a Both Down. Handing it over.

Looking up.

Leshtrigel gets up, Far’mulgor manages to dodge away with his extra head, and they finally get Patigors to join the action by letting him Blitz Pink. Which only results in Pushed and another Pushed on the Frenzy.

And then Wal’gors seems to think it’s a great idea to red-dice Jar. Well, okay, it’s worked for them so far, I’ll give them that.

But no further.


Turn 13

Straight off I tell Brutus to knock down Grafagors, which he does happily, and then Jay-P stuns Tra’nogors.

I move Clare right up into Far’mulgor’s face… er… faces, and then Physik runs down the field, with Jar and Bran following him. Jar even makes a successful go-for-it to slot into the half-cage.

Now then… who can we knock down? It’s all one-die blocks, so… might as well start by introducing Auluff to Patigors.


And that’s the first injury we’d managed to cause this match! And interesting enough it was our Minotaur fracturing their Minotaur’s leg. They fixed it with the Apothecary, but I still call it a victory. Good job, Auluff!

Pink can now two-dice Far’mulgor, and does get a Defender Stumbles, but this bugger has Dodge. So just a push. And Darken can one-die Mras. Here we go. Ack, Attacker Down. Eesh, well! Re-roll!

... bugger.

Why would the re-roll also give me Attacker Down? Ugh…

They get their players up and start moving up to try to stop Physik. Leshtrigel gets in the way, and Far’mulgor Blitzes Jar out of the way, though he fails to knock him down, and they end the turn.

Yeah, yeah...

Turn 14

Bran moves in, and Jar pushes Far’mulgor back. This leaves Clare open to Blitz Leshtrigel for two dice. That’s a Defender Down, and Physik is free to run. Can we do anything else? Well, I can move Pink and Auluff so Brutus can Stun Grafagors, and Jay-P can push back Wal’gors.

Anything else? No? Okay, go!


We are now 1-1 in Turn 14, and I doubt either team is gonna score anything more at this point. And I doubt this match is important enough to go into overtime.

Alexander doesn’t get up, but Silas is back on the field, and I add Sumanai as well. Physik gets the kick, while Bran and Sumanai go on the line to make up for the lack of Alexander.


The ball flies, lands in front of Patigors, bounces onto him, but he fails to pick it up so it bounces to his side.

Far’mulgor immediately Blitzes Jay-P, pushes him to the side and gets in Clare’s face. And then Wal’gors runs up to pick up the ball.


Turn 15

I start by asking Jay-P to please knock some sense out of Far’mulgor, and he complies diligently. I then request that Auluff charges at Tra’nogors, but he doesn’t want to. After some consideration I go for the re-roll, and… Loner triggers. Yay…

Bran manages to finish the job though, and then Physik moves up to help Brutus and Silas push Lektor away. Clare Blitzes her way into the side of Leshtrigel, though that’s another Pushed. This does however mean that Sumanai now gets two dice agaisnt the Chaos Warrior.


With that done, I try to have Silas knock down Dekan, but he only manages to push him away. So I move the left side up and hand the turn over.

It's stuff, innit?

So they start by having Grafagors Blitz and Stun Jay-P. They really expect to reach the end-zone in two turns from all the way back there, huh? Wal’gors goes for the ball again.

Such a blinding success.

Turn 16

Well, what can we do? Try to do some damage, I guess. Clare makes an attempt at taking down Tra’nogors, but she only manages to push him back. Auluff refuses to do anything still, so I set up a Blitz for Jar against Far’mulgor, and the ugly Beastman goes down.

Sumanai manages to knock over Dekan, and Pink kicks San-nogor hard enough to stun him. And… that’s pretty much it. Handing the turn over.

Almost there.

They get their guys up, and Wal’gors actually succeeds at picking up the ball! Too little, too late, but I’m sure he’s proud.

The Beastmen move about a bit, and then Tra’nogors attacks and Stuns Clare! The bastard! And Mras makes a brave attempt at dodging away from Darken.


I think they keep forgetting they’re not Elves. Ah well, with that being that, it is…

Not our finest moment.

– – – END OF MATCH! – – –

So that was a tie. At least it wasn’t a loss, but that could have gone better. Okay, let’s look at the results.

We won 30 000 GP, giving us a total of 80 000.

Our Fan Factor goes up to 6, so at least the fans seem happy with the match.

Jay-P Hurtington is elected MVP, and got +5 SPP for a total of 18 SPP and a level-up.

Physik Bowie scored one TD, and got +3 SPP for a total of 20 SPP.

Auluff caused one casualty, and got +2 SPP for a total of 12 SPP.

Everyone else is unchanged.


It was only Jay-P this time, and the dice were boring, so I gave him Mighty Blow. He did get a new hat, like Alexander. Quite spiffy.

Awesome hat.

Skills of the Day

I figured we’d take a look at a couple of Mutation skills today. Mutation is neat in that it can take the place of other skills you might not normally get, and also update the look of your players. Though there’s usually a bit of a twist to it.


This either gives your player a huge crab-like claw, or razor-sharp talons. When a player with Claw knocks down an enemy player, it only takes an Armour roll of 8 after modifications (Claw and Mighty Blow is a great combo), which basically means that it treats all players as if they’re only Armour Value 7.

Extra Arms

It is called Extra Arms, but I’ve only ever seen it add one arm to a player. Regardless of how many arms they get, it gives a +1 to pick-up, catch and intercept rolls. I gave that to my Pestigor, because I didn’t have access to Agility skills that would improve ball pick-ups.

I feel that match was rather disappointing. We did manage to not lose, but I think this might have been the least amount of casualties we’ve ever caused. The match rating was a mere 11 out of 20. There was a lot of punching, but little results.

Next we’ll be facing the Vampire Coast Swashbucklers. Vampires are pretty tough customers, though they’re only AV 8, so we could get something done there. They’re all Strength 4 as well though, which could be a problem. On the other hand, the Thralls are really squishy.

Interlude 1

Match 5

Match 7



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  1. Auluff was really grumpy today, huh?

    The Chaos Beastman team isn’t associated with any particular Chaos god. Beastmen who do devote themselves to a particular god actually receive different denominations… like your favourite Pestigors, for instance.

    • I seeeee.

      And yes, Auluff was not a happy player this day. He did manage to take down the other Minotaur, but otherwise didn’t want to contribute much. C’est Blood Bowl.

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