Noitu Love 2: A Xoda Rap Admiration

I have not played Noitu Love 2: Devolution yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from writing about games before. :3

All those pixels!

I first heard of this game when I saw a Youtuber called Medibot do some speedruns of it, and it looked pretty amazing, but what impressed me the most is the main character; Xoda Rap; seen in green above.

Now, followers of the blog and my Twitter might have noticed that I have a thing about female character designs. Because so many of them are crap, don’t make sense and try to be sexy when they’re often not especially.

It of course depends on what the person watching considers sexy, so the ones I feel ‘meh’ about, I’m sure others love more than anything in the world. And then I found Xoda Rap.


I absolutely adore this design. It is both sensible, attractive, and retains a unique style. And looking at the gameplay I’d say she kicks more ass than any other videogame character I’ve seen. Without even needing to touch the ground! Though she has the cutest ducking animation I can think of as well.

So yes, I find Xoda to be very sexy. If that makes me weird, so be it. Here, have another picture.

I have a present for ya.

She gives absolutely no fucks, and will punch anything with her bare hands, and get away with it scot-free. It’s amazing. And to top it all off she wears good shoes, nice stockings, smart trousers, a sensible jacket (that is even drawn to cover her fairly realistically (by which I mainly mean no boob-socks)) and a neat hat.

Though there are also certain drawings I’ve found that seem to miss the point of the character. Like there’s this one I found on DeviantArt (oh DeviantArt *sigh*) where someone seems to have stolen her trousers and jacket, and I honestly don’t find her to become more sexy that way. Just more silly.

And the one with her in a bikini, which… just… doesn’t really work. It’s highly possible I’m the weird one here.

I admire Xoda, and I admire Joakim Sandberg for creating her. Good job. And I should probably actually play the game now. It looks fun.



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