League of Legends – Sensible Champions Lists update 4

Another update so quickly? Why yes indeed. I have to go where my inspiration takes me. It’s a pretty short one this time though. This is the small, but costly in time, update I was talking about, where I’ll update all the posts with links to full-size images.

A plan for a knock-off called 'Cult of Comrades'.

Since there doesn’t seem to full-size images for some of the older small shots I’m using, I’ll also be updating to the newest small shots for all champions. Not a big change for you readers, but it took a bit of time to work out.

You can find the full posts here: FemaleMale 1Male 2

All artwork below accredited to Riot Games.

And here you’ll get some comparison shots for the ones I’m switching out (that I haven’t already covered in earlier updates), new vs old.


Burn baby, burn. vs Disco inferno!

Well, it’s bigger. And he has more facial features. Not really much to comment on here. Those trousers must be pure asbestos, though. I guess we couldn’t be showing off his fiery willy. Oh my gods, he probably ejaculates lava…

Master Yi

You spin me right around... vs All dem eyes.

He’s… ahm… shinier now, I guess. Still looks dumb. Don’t really have more to say. Decent beard, I suppose.


Metal smash! vs Yeah, I'm a badass.

I… honestly prefer the older photo here. The more golden look seems to suit him. His newer look seems less refined, more harsh. Maybe it fits his personality better. Still a shame.


If a song... vs .. could get me you.

Her dress doesn’t look quite as low-cut from the front, which just raises further questions about my old picture, but otherwise there doesn’t seem to be much of an update except in art style and pose.

Those were the ones I’d missed. Everything should now be working as intended. If anything isn’t working as it should, please let me know.



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  1. “Decent beard, I suppose.”

    By which I think you mean “Decent OBVIOUS GRAB POINT, I suppose.”
    There’s a reason why policefolk wear clip-on ties, after all.

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