Metro: Last Light – Transcribed thoughts from the Catacombs

Playing Metro: Last Light is certainly an experience, and as of right now I am kinda fearful of going back in, because scary things. So instead I will post an edited transcript of my thoughts as I was making my way through the church catacombs last night. I kept posting comments to a friend to try to alleviate my own nervousness.

Not eerie at all. Nope.

I’ve put my friend in italics where I felt his responses added to the commentary. I’ve also included (and edited) a few tweets that were relevant.

This will probably contain some mild spoilers.

Metro: Last Light is just fucking with me now. D: There’s… something, in these catacombs. Knocks out my light and night vision.

And there’s freaky stuff happening on my screen. It sounds like electricity, but looks like ice. Lighter still works, at least.

Oh gods, there are cobwebs down here. And I only have my lighter. And there’s noises like dozens of rats skittering about. D:

Why does there have to be spiderbugs when my lights aren’t working because ghosts are messing with them?

Are you… are you on something?

What I’m on (or in) is the old catacombs in Metro: Last Light.

Navigating dark areas so far has often been about figuring out when it’s safe to take out the dynamo and make sure you still have charge. But now… I’m in a zone where electrical things aren’t working.

And there are cobwebs.

Which means there are probably spiderbugs.

My lighter still functions, thankfully, but I’m not sure that’s enough light to drive them off.

Can you make a torch?

Not yet, at least. It hasn’t been needed before. Maybe I’ll get the option now. But like I have to put the lighter away to reload my weapon, I’d probably have to drop the torch to do so as well.

Have fun with that. =D

I don’t wanna. :<

I kinda wish I had fitted an IR sight on one of my guns now, but… no guarantee that would function either.

Make a flamethrower! The pilot flame will serve as a flashlight.

If only I could. No materials around to do so.

And fuel is in short supply in the post-apocalypse anyway.

And I hear… it sounds like rats. Dozens.

Or possibly bats.

That was a loud snarl…

But if it’s a mole-monster, I at least know I can shoot it. Spiderbugs have such a thick carapace that only their bellies are vulnerable. And they really only show those if exposed to too much light.

Have grenades?

Yes. Never really practiced using them though.

And I did find some torches! That I’m not allowed to bring. But at least there’s some light in this room now.

… what kind of a plant can grow down here?

It looks a bit like a fern…

I found some gear. Minus a body. But a blood trail is leading into a hole in the wall. Maybe I should stay away from the walls…

Whatever busted this door down and broke this barricade must have been strong… hopefully it’s long gone…

Also, my screen/vision just… rippled.

Another torch, thank the gods… and a… claymore charge… huh…

Also, there seems to be draft going through here. The smoke from the torches and my lighter are being pulled forwards.

Uh… I can actually see a room up ahead… lit by a soft, eerie blue light…

There’s an elevator! And… suddenly my light is working again… … oh no… this probably means the spiders are gonna come for me…

Those were some heavy footsteps… I’m not sure if I hope this elevator goes up or down, because on the one hand, gaming has taught me that down is bad. On the other hand, I know for a fact that the surface is horrible.

You should do a transcript of your thoughts like this for your blog as your next project

Hehe, maybe. A bit late now though… I think I’m over halfway through the game. Also, that’s basically what I did for System Shock 2. [ed: And yet I’m doing it anyway]

Also, the elevator does go down. Very slowly. I expect bad things at any moment.

Whatever made that noise, I don’t like it! Also, there are burrowed tunnels in the walls, perfect for the mole-monsters to come through.

Bah. Mole monsters broke the elevator. No sign of whatever made that… howling noise earlier, though.

(it’s behind you)

Actually… it sounds like it’s ahead of me. In the only direction I can go. Brilliant.

And there is a flickering light up ahead. I dare not run for it, though.

That’s… a shadow.

I’m… turning my light off.

The shadow moved away. I can still hear it, not far ahead, but… hopefully it’s moving away.

Shadows don’t make noise, btw. Only giant monsters do.

Things are quiet now… but there are a lot of dead men here, and several dead mole monsters too… not sure if the larger monster killed those, or the men did before they died.

Well, are they shot up or shredded?

One of them has a knife embedded in it. The others I can’t tell what they died of.

Also, I just remembered to check my night vision goggles. They still work, and they don’t give me away like the flashlight does.

Heavy footfalls… moving away… I so have a feeling this will be a boss fight later.

It sounded like it was coming towards me, so I retreated as far as I could. I don’t wanna do this. ;_;

I just quit the game. I can’t deal with this right now. I should be going to bed, and my nightmares will probably be bad enough as it is. >.<

That was pretty much what was going through my mind as I was playing Metro: Last Light last night, in the darkness. I should probably push on today, but… there’s a big thing waiting for me.



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