DreadOut – Demo Playthrough – No Commentary

As I’ve mentioned before, I watch The Greenlight with Jesse Cox and Josh Mattingly, and their latest video was on the horror game DreadOut. I felt it looked interesting enough to check out the demo myself, and bring you another no-commentary video of my playthrough, since the Among The Sleep one was met with fairly good response.

DreadOut is made by an Indonesian team, and uses their local myth to make somewhat different experience from what we’re used to. Though I will admit there is some resonance with what little I know of other Asian mythologies, like the Japanese.

And there is of course the resemblance to Fatal Frame in that taking pictures of the evil spirits is the only way to hurt them and make them go away. And yes, it is apparently part of Indonesian myth that evil spirits can come back as insects, or possibly possess insects. Or both. Maybe that sign on the door was a warning to not open it.

It is fully possible to go finish the demo without heading back to confront ghost girl and getting the cat. Jesse and Josh proved it. The cat just makes me feel safer, okay? And I assume you don’t have to let out the bug either. It certainly intrigues me that the game has this optional stuff, even in a small demo like this. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what the full game has to offer.

If you want to support the Greenlight campaign you can go here (or search it up in your Steam client), and if you want to try the demo yourself, you can go here.



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