Video Let’s Play – Informers: War For Cybertron episode 2

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Yup, there’s another one already. I mean, they’re really short, so why not?

For this episode I finish up the talk about how Transformers got going, and speculate a little on Barricade and why he got put into the game. Along with other aimless ramblings, of course.

I do wonder if I should be saying more about the game itself? Is that something people would want?

I do really enjoy the transforming. And how alive they’ve made the robots look. Even when standing still, you can see part moving around on them, as if they’re breathing or something like that. And just the… just the feel of switching forms, even in combat, to better address certain situations, I really like that.

Anyways, if all goes well, there will be a new episode tomorrow.



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