Video Let’s Play – Informers: War For Cybertron episode 7

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Moving on to the main event! Sorta.

In episode 7 I start the story of Starscream and the Underbase. Or at least begin the backstory for it.

Now there were a couple of things I forgot to mention that I probably should have:

1) Ratbat’s ascendancy to leader of the Decepticons. Ratbat was not part of the original crew that ended up on Earth, and remained on the drained Cybertron. He’s not the biggest or strongest Transformer, but he turned out to be an excellent, efficient and utterly ruthless leader, especially when it came to energy management, which was the most important thing on the planet. So he became leader by virtue of his intellect rather than his power, which is unusual among Decepticons. Which probably speaks to how bad the energy crisis actually was.

2) Buster Witwicky is Spike Witwicky younger brother, and took over the role of “helpless human helper” after Spike got upgraded to being the human partner of Fortress Maximus.



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