Video Let’s Play – Informers: War For Cybertron episode 9

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And with that we wrap up mission 2. Things are moving along quickly.

How are you guys liking the pace so far? Is a daily schedule okay? Or is it too much to keep up with? I started pondering this as I was wrapping up the last of work today. So please let me know.

The topic of this episode is the occasionally rather extreme size differences between Transformers and their alternate modes in Generation 1. And of course I wrap up the story of Starscream’s bid to control the Underbase.



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  1. The schedule seems fine. It’s pretty fast, but the eps are short. Sometimes the eps are a little uninteresting (I’ll get to that in a moment), but the fast schedule alleviates that, by providing more frequent chances for interest.

    The ‘uninteresting’ parts have mostly been recently, with the recounting of the Starscream/Underbase plot arc thing-y. Plot arcs are always going to be a lot less interesting than, frex: your actual thoughts on the series, little bits of trivia/history, and comparative analysis. Compare this recent plot-dump (meh) with how you talked about the various origin stories of Megatron and Optimus Prime (very interesting).

    Basically, you want to tell less and analyze more :/ (don’t just tell something – actually talk /about/ it).

    (I’ll note that this is NOT because ‘I already know this stuff’ – I really know nothing about Transformers beyond a decent understanding of the basic characters and factions. (As a kid, I mostly saw the 1986 movie and Beast Wars, and had some minimal access to older toys. Also, I don’t really remember plot of those ones anyway, just characters, scenes, aesthetics, etc. (“Bah-weep-grah-nah-weep-ninnibong” / “Why universe hate Waspinator?!” etc). It’s just that plot specifics are rarely interesting :/ (And, let’s face it, frequently seem overwrought in comics.))

    I have at my left a *dual* cassette deck, actually 😉 (intended for simultaneous play and recording) (it’s part of a larger integrated sound system (cassette decks, equalizers, radio, 33/45 player)).

    • Hm… considering I was both distracted and a bit stressed while recording the third mission, I fear you might not find that all too interesting either. I’ll see what I can do for mission four.

      • (Hm, I thought I had left a follow-up comment, but I guess I exited the tab before submitting it. Derp. Anyway, it basically said that my suggestion wasn’t something that is at all /easy/ to do, especially since you’re having to play the game at the same time (which takes some attention and thus makes straightforward retelling even easier to fall back upon). Just that it would make the show better.)

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