Video Let’s Play – Informers: War For Cybertron episode 16

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More delays. Part laziness, part obsession with Hate Plus and cake-baking. Episode 17 is currently rendering.

We start making our way towards the Autobot Ion Cannons in the hopes that they have the firepower to take down Omega Supreme.

I continue talking about Omega, and also move over to the issue of the Matrix, and even Primus himself.

On a sidenote: I kinda wish my car had rocket boosters like Breakdown does. <.<

Edit: Forgot to mention that I screwed up the names again at some point, saying “Starscream and Thundercracker” rather than “Skywarp and Thundercracker” when talking about Omega’s first battle.



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    • Cake? I actually baked one, you know…

      • I jury-rigged one, myself. Dense bread, nutella, icing, “mmmmm (sort of)” (I freely admit to choosing “You’re sweetness enough” when asked if it was good 😉 ).

        (Had to jury-rig because #NoFlour.


        • I waited until the shops opened and went shopping. It became a terrible mess, but at least it tastes alright. Sent a picture to the email address noted, but not been awarded the achievement yet. 😦

        • Maybe. I wasn’t able to send from the e-mail that I have attached to my steam account though. For some reason it refused to send the images I wanted to attach to it. So I had to send from a different account, where I just said my username and what e-mail that is for, and asking her to contact me if she needed more.

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