Video Let’s Play – Informers: War For Cybertron episode 22

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Yes, I’m late. No, you’re not getting an apology this time.

This is actually the longest episode I’ve done so far, I believe. It kinda had to happen if I was to fit the remaining footage into two episodes, since I didn’t feel it was enough for three.

The main talking points this time are Bumblebee, his relationship with Blaster, the Mechanic and finally the Space Bridge.

And now, at the risk of using material I could have brought up in a later episode, I am going to go a little more in-depth on certain subjects.

Firstly the Space Bridge, and Blaster’s resistance movement on Cybertron, since these two first appeared in the same issue. I even looked up the Decepticon leader on Cybertron for this: Lord Straxus, not Jhiaxus or whatever I said in the episode. Straxus ordered the construction of the Space Bridge, but because of a lack of patience like most Decepticon leaders, he ended up forcing the scientist in charge of the project to just become the Bridge, and suffer great pain because of it. The scientist’s name was Spanner, because that’s how Transformers works, and he was technically neutral, though a friend of Blaster.

Blaster was running what was as far as he knew the last Autobot resistance cell on Cybertron, because the Autobots lost the battle for the planet a long time ago. With him was Warpath, Cosmos, Perceptor, Beachcomber, Seaspray, Powerglide and Scrounge. If you’ve never heard of Scrounge, it’s because he died in the first issue he appeared in. Warpath we’ll talk more about in the mission he’s playable.

The Autobots are trying to find Spanner and sabotage the Space Bridge project, and when Scrounge finally stumbles upon some useful info, he manages to get discovered and caught, and then killed in a smelting pool because the Decepticons were big believers in recycling. Blaster manages to show up just too late to save Scrounge, but is able to salvage the data. This ends up haunting Blaster for a while, because even though he didn’t see Scrounge as very useful, he still saw him as a friend.

So the Autobots initiate an attack upon the Space Bridge, carrying charges to destroy it.  This is when they discover that the bridge is actually Spanner himself, who manages to transform at great agony to inform them of the best places to put the charges. So Blaster not only had to watch one friend die, but he has to actively kill another. Was this comic really aimed at kids? Anyways, Lord Straxus transforms into his flying doom cannon form and attacks the Autobots at the bridge.

The comic-book Space Bridge works like this: When not activated it’s just a big bridge across a chasm on Cybertron. When activated the inter-spatial stuff starts up and the far half of the bridge materialises wherever the coordinates are set, which is usually on Earth somewhere during the comics run. As soon as you cross the middle of the bridge, you appear at the destination. While the bridge is active, anyone on it is safe so long as stay on it. Falling off the side exposes you to the compressed space and tears you to pieces instantly.

And Blaster, in spite of being an infiltration agent, is also a highly competent warrior. His weapon aims to scramble his opponents, putting them off-balance, and making fliers unable to actually fly, or ground opponents unable to aim. It’s both to help him escape, and because he prefers fighting up-close and personal.

So of course it ends up with Straxus and Blaster dueling, and of course Blaster manages to knock Straxus off the bridge before all the Autobots flee to Earth as the charges go off and put the Space Bridge out of commission for a while. And they run into Circuit Breaker, which doesn’t end well for them. But that’s a different story.

As for G. B. Blackrock, he was a human multi-millionaire who owned a lot of oil-based stuff, and his oil derrick was one of the first targets for the Decepticons after Shockwave took over. This is the same attack that paralysed Josie Beller and caused her to transform herself into Circuit Breaker to get revenge. Blackrock felt eternally guilty for that, and tried to do right by her as best he could, even after he learned the difference between Autobot and Decepticon from Jazz. Convincing her there was a difference and that she should care was not easy.

Blackrock became the Autobots’ main supplier of fuel in exchange for their protection, and even lobbied on their behalf when the opportunity presented itself. Oil was not the only thing he invested in though, so he would occasionally come up with some prototype tech. And at one point he was even mistakenly transported to Cybertron to help combat Unicron. That has to suck. This was towards the very end of the original Marvel Comics run, when Autobots and Decepticons were trying to find peace.

I also mentioned the Scraplets (though I think I called them Scaplings in the episode), but this has already run long, so I’ll talk about them under the next episode.



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