Video Let’s Play – Informers: War For Cybertron episode 23

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And now we wrap up mission six.

Which I suppose means I should record the next mission today.

The main topic this time ended up being the late relationship of Ratchet and Megatron. And of course some other nonsense. Like I always do.

The supplementary material for this time is about Goldbug, Blaster and Blackrock encountering the Scraplets and the first Decepticon triple-Transformers: Blitzwing, Octane and Astrotrain.

See, Ratbat had hired a neutral pilot to transport a macguffin for him, but the thing had ended up crash-landing on Earth, so the aforementioned triple-Transformers had been sent to retrieve it. Turned out the pilot had picked up some Scraplets that had been floating around space like malicious debris.

Scraplets are tiny mechanical lifeforms that look like nuts, bolts, screws and the like when inert. They attach themselves to larger mechanical lifeforms and slowly consume them to replicate. Like a flesh-eating bacteria for robots, I suppose. They can transform into tiny vile-looking robots to move about.

Goldbug and Blaster are now officially independent (though Grimlock would likely call them traitors), and with the help of Blackrock they hear about the crashed ship and go to investigate. There they get attacked by the three Decepticons, and while Blaster is skilled, it’s still three-on-one. Goldbug manages to get the story out of the pilot, even the bit about how there’s supposed to be a cure that’s incredibly rare. It was discovered during the last breakout, and forgotten since then.

Blaster ends up infected, and Goldbug wrestles between helping his friend against the Decepticons, or going off to look for the cure. Keep in mind they’re in the middle of the desert here, without a way to contact the other Autobots, so even if he was to go, there’s no guarantee he’d reach anywhere before Blaster and the Decepticons were consumed. In the end Blackrock convinces him to leave, which causes Blaster to swear to hunt Goldbug down like a traitorous dog after the Decepticons are dealt with. Unfortunately Goldbug also gets infected by a stray Scraplet that had probably been knocked off one of the Decepticons.

They take off immediately, but by the time they finally reach any hint of civilisation (which turns out to be a petrol station (gas station for you Murr’cans). That’s where they discover (by accident) that the Scraplets are extremely hydro-allergic and die at the slightest contact with water. So Blackrock borrows the phone, because no one had mobile phones yet, and orders a huge load of water dumped on the crash site to murder all the little horrible Scraplets. I guess it makes sense that water wouldn’t be around much on a mechanical planet…



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