Video Let’s Play – Informers: War For Cybertron episode 26

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My shame continues.

I get continually distracted as I try to tell a story about Sunstreaker, because that’s kinda relevant to Sideswipe, because they’re brothers. How that works, no one knows.

Two things:

1) I believe the eventual point of the Sunstreaker story was that they were gonna reveal that Shockwave was somehow behind the whole human special agency-majig.

2) Speaking of brothers, in one of the Dreamwave comics, it was revealed that Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime were brothers. I don’t know if that’s an official part of canon. Ultra Magnus’s armour broke off, and underneath he looked EXACTLY like Optimus, only pure white. Fairly certain they quietly removed that from canon, along with most of the rest of the Dreamwave comics, when IDW took over.



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