Video Let’s Play – Informers: War For Cybertron episode 31

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Another mission completed!

I finish talking about the Powermasters, and also briefly explain the Targetmasters.

Now, if you want to avoid spoilers for the end of the mission, you should stop reading here until you’ve watched it.

So we had a big moment. We talked to the Core, which even though it wasn’t named, I have to assume is Primus. That fits with every bit of lore established so far, especially how he kept referring to himself as “I”, and even said the Matrix was “a part of my spark”. And having it placed in Optimus’s chest like that… gave me the chills. I am such a nerd.

I do have to wonder though… they called it the Matrix of Leadership, but that it’s a part of the core of Cybertron does insinuate that it could have the powers of the Matrix of Creation.  Unfortunately it is never brought up again in Fall of Cybertron, and who knows if they’ll get to make more games in this series, since the contract was just to make games of what happened before the Transformers came to Earth.



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