Video Let’s Play – Informers: War For Cybertron episode 32

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And thus we start mission 9! Almost at the end now. Only three more episode after this.

Regardless of how long the final battle is, I’ll post it in one chunk, like I did with Omega Supreme.

I start talking about Silverbolt this time, and eventually veer into Superion territory. As some supplementary material I will do some brief introductions on the other parts of Superion. Fireflight today, Skydive tomorrow and Slingshot and Air Raid on Sunday. Unless I get delays.

The individual parts of Superion haven’t really gotten that much time in the spotlight, they were basically just there so they could make more toys, but they do all have bio pages. Fireflight is the daydreamer of the Aerialbots. He loves the view from up high, and easily gets lost in thought and distracted while flying. Which has a tendency to lead to near-collisions with his team-mates, but they have difficulty getting mad at him for too long because of his childlike sense of wonder.  He turns into a red jet that I don’t really know much about the capabilities of. It’s certainly not a Concorde.



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