Plants vs Zombies 2 is now out on Android – First Impressions

This one honestly snuck by me, partially because I figured it would be iOS only for yonks yet, and partially because I didn’t really have that much interest in keeping tabs on it despite owning PvZ1 on three different platforms.

Found this on what I think is an Italian site.

Anyways, since it is free, and now on a platform I own, I decided to download it and give it a bash. I think it was actually over 100 megs to download, which I’m not used to on my phone, but it went quickly enough over the Wifi. This will depend on your area and phone plan, of course.

So is it any good? I only played for a little over an hour, and… Yes, I’d say so. They’ve done some nice tweaks to the art style, my sunflowers have wizard hats, it feels very good to play, and they’ve added some interesting new plants.

And the way they’re doing time travel stuff now adds new options for interesting new types of zombies as well. Like the Ra Zombie who tries to steal your sun energy, and the Explorer Zombie who carries a torch to burn down plants.

I also got to dip into the power-up system, which seems to run entirely on in-game currency and drops, rather than on real money payments.

And here is my actual real problem with it. The free-to-play model with the micro-transaction system. I dislike it. Immensely. You can buy plants, and/or upgrades like additional plant slots, or power-up slots, or boosts to sun generation. Most of these seem to be 3 or 4 dollars each (or your regional equivalent), or you can get bundles to maybe save a few dollars. And it really makes me think less of the entire game, even if it isn’t strictly necessary to buy anything.

Look. Popcap and EA. Make a version without the micro-transactions. Put it on the PC. Charge like… 15-20 dollars for it. There seems to be enough content there for it to be worth that. Ideally I’d like to tell you that you could get away with a 10-dollar version on iOS/Android as well, but considering you can get the original for a single dollar, I can’t say that with all honesty.

But please, just please give me a version I can buy that doesn’t have the real money transactions, and I will. Because this seems like a fun continuation of the first one, and I’d like to play it unleashed, so to speak.



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  1. I think the hats on the sunflowers, and the Frankenstein and mummy motifs on the Peashooters and Wallnuts, might just be a Halloween thing. 🙂

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