League of Legends – Sensible Champions Lists update 5

Well, this has been a while, hasn’t it? Figured I should get one done before it got way out of hand. I… honestly don’t know if there has been any re-vamps since my last update, but feel free to let me know and I’ll do another, shorter update. I have also added a collection page for all my LoL related posts.

I can't think of a new joke right now, it's leagues beyond me.

So let’s just get into it, shall we?

You can find the full posts here: FemaleMale 1Male 2

All artwork below accredited to Riot Games.

As usual, let us start with the updated portraits.


I AM FIERCE! vs Still not Batman.

So he’s gotten more fierce, a new haircut and more wear and tear on his armour. I guess the years have not been kind.


MOAR FIERCE! vs The beard is warmer that it looks.

Uh-huh, uh-huh… what’s with the screaming faces? Again, seems to have gotten grittified a tad. I think Riot are really into wanting to be taken seriously.


I stab at thee! vs Very big sword, it turns out.

I guess Riven has a grudge against the ground now. I like the new art style, but design-wise there doesn’t seem to be much new here.


MUCH FIERCE! vs Anti-gravity boobs, engage!

Well, if you look at the full picture, you will see she is now about to full straight on her face. Or possibly slide and smash her hip. Uh… huh… I actually think I like the art for her old face better, but otherwise the outfit is an improvement.


SET. ME. FREE! vs Definitely shiny.

This is basically just an expanded version of the old artwork, and I’m fine with that, because I liked the old artwork.

Okay! Onto the new stuff. This should be… interesting. :3 (At least I hope so.)


Is that helmet or hair? So… what am I looking at here, exactly? Is he… is he nude? Is that some sort of body suit? He doesn’t seem to have any genitalia, which might explain why his race is dying out… I am honestly confused. His scaly bits seem similar to those of Shyvana, but otherwise he seems to have a lot of uncovered skin. And those wings… I mean, I don’t know how tough his skin is supposed to be, but I have to admit it does not look very sensible, so I guess I’ll just give him a spiky Con. Sorry, dude.


How long does it take to braid that hair? … no. No no no, nope. The design is cool, I love the bazooka, and there’s nothing bad to be said about her boots, but… come on. There is absolutely nothing sensible about her outfit otherwise. Showing so much skin, wearing garish stockings, having 2-metre long hair braids and using an ammunition belt to secure the bra… no doubt it gives her a thoroughly unique look, but this one is definitely an insane Con.


Come get some! I can’t find a flaw in this. At a stretch I could say the long hair, and long, flowing robe might be too easy to grab for the hordes of undead he’s tasked with fighting, but honestly? They’re very minor compared to whole picture. He has a well-covering suit, the material looks tough enough, he’s even made sure to cover his neck, I assume in case of vampires. There’s just next to nothing in the way of obvious weak points. I am thoroughly impressed. Gun-toting Pro, for sure.

And there we go. That’s it for this time. There will be another update at some point in the future. Can’t promise more than that.



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  1. Jinx has every excuse to look the way she does. I mean, she’s a psychopathic killer. In her dialogue she even says “I’m wearing lots of belts, for no apparent reason at all.” I think the design of Jinx fits her bio perfectly.

    • That is as may be, but it’s still not sensible, and that’s really the only criteria I’m going after.

      • what is sensible about really anyone on there. I mean lets just look at fiddle, he is a scarecrow, what is stopping brand from just burning him? the point of their look is to personify their personality. not for absolute armor perfection

        • Amusingly, that point about Fiddlesticks is something Varewulf himself has made earlier.

          • Even still though, the game isn’t supposed to be sensible. All of the characters are just for show.

          • That is definitely not the point of why I started doing this though. :3 I’ve played like… what… 2 hours of League? None when I started this. It was just meant to be an outsider’s look at the characters, with me going “oh come on” at the silliness.

            But of course, feel free to disagree with my methods and views. If you actually want me to change my text, you’ll have to use a different approach though. Because I don’t disagree that the point of the characters is to have a unique, distinct look, rather than looking like reasonable combatants. That isn’t what I’m arguing at all. So arguing with me on that point is essentially pointless. 🙂

            But if it’s what makes you happy, then by all means. 🙂

          • It’s also not really a strong argument: I understand that these characters are designed to look cool and to appeal, but that shouldn’t prevent them from being called out for being sexist bullshit (a category a lot of female League characters fall into) and/or just straight-up weird and ludo-cognitively dissonant.

  2. I completely agree with gerken, I don’t think she would look right if she had full armor on her. No one would be able to take her serious as a psychopathic killer if she had armor or to have a turtle neck cover like Lucian.

  3. Huh. You know, putting Garen, Olaf, Riven and Sivir in a sequential list like that does show a certain… let’s say ‘obvious tendency’ in Riot’s new splash art direction.

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