Wulf Space Jam – Match 7: vs Vampire Coast Swashbucklers (Vampire)

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Well. This has been a while. The 8th of May 2013. Before I went on my meds, I assume, or shortly after. Maybe I even have new readers who have no idea what this is. If so, hi. Welcome to Blood Bowl, and Wulf Space Jam.

This is gonna suck.

If you can remember that far back, we fought the Chaos team “Marauding Mashers” last time, and it ended in a tie. Not my greatest moment as a coach, but at least we didn’t lose. Our next fight is against the Vampire team “Vampire Coast Swashbucklers”, so apparently they’re not only vampires, but vampire pirates!

After such a long time, I think it’s wise to link back to the team introduction, and the interlude where we looked at how everyone was doing. I do not have any Topic of the Day for this time, and honestly that feature is likely to drop off from now on, unless anyone raises a question or topic I feel deserves answering in such a way. We will still start by taking a thorough look at our opponents.

I will attempt to keep comments about sucking and biting to a minimum.

Lotta vamps.

That is a lot of vampires, and all of them leveled up. Isn’t that just wonderful? This of course means all of them have Block, making them tougher to deal with. As for the level 3s, one has been given Dodge, one has Tackle and the final has Strip Ball, meaning we need to keep him away from our ball carrier. As for the Thralls, they are largely harmless, but they have managed to acquire +1 Movement on two of them, and one of those also has Sure Hands, so I am going to assume he is their preferred ball carrier. Though any Vampire can also serve as a ball carrier, with those crazy stats. There are also a couple of Thralls with Block.

I am not gonna lie, the Vampires are a tricky team. Each Vampire has Strength 4 and Agility 4, and it will take three of our Dorfs to get a two-dice against them. Let’s hope Auluff and the Bull Centaurs aren’t going to let us down, and thankfully we have an abundance of Guard. They only have two types of player though, so let’s look a little closer at them.

I know a few guys named Karstein.

As you can see, a pretty tough cookie. With Strength 4 they’re pretty bashy, and Agility 4 means they’ll likely not hesitate to jump out of tackle-zones, which could be to our favour. And even though the Armour Value is only 8, the Regeneration means they’ll probably just get back up after an injury anyway. And Hypnotic Gaze could be annoying, or not a factor, depending on whether Nuffle smiles upon us. What works in our favour is the Blood Lust. Every time a Vampire wants to take an action, he’ll have to roll a 2+, or get hit with Blood Lust. If that happens, he has to end his turn next to a Thrall and suck their blood, or he’ll run into the crowd for a snack and be out for the drive. If a Thrall is fed upon, he’ll fall over and have to roll for injury. And vampires can feed on Thralls already knocked down. For this reason, a lot of coaches prefer to not field too many vampires at one time.

Apparently very delicious.

The cannon fodder, or vampire fodder as the case may be. Thralls have alright stats, but no skills to begin with. There are a few that are leveled up on this team though, so it might be tougher than expected to murder them all. If we do manage to either knock out or keep them away from the vampires, it will be considerably trickier for their team to function. I just really hope Nuffle is on our side. As for these two with increased Movement Allowance, I just kinda have to make sure the Bull Centaurs can chase them down.

Now before we begin the match proper, I wanted to come up with a name for our cheerleader, so I asked the dear people of Twitter. Of the suggestions that came in, I liked Gunther the best.

Here seen riding the Wulf mascot.

Now I honestly can’t tell if a Hobgoblin is male, female or neither. They might be created from mud or cave moss, for all I know. But I like the name Gunther, so Gunther it is.

– – – MATCH BEGINS! – – –

With their six vampires, they have a ludicrous team value of 1880 versus our 1720, so we get 160 000 in petty cash for inducements. In a puzzling move, the VCS coach transfers 200 000 gold pieces from their treasury to petty cash, which he spends on extra team re-rolls. I have to question how Cyahnide program their AI, because with 520 000 gold pieces in the bank, they could have just bought two regular team re-rolls and had them for later matches… I mean, it’s cheaper short-term, but…

Anyway, we get one extra re-roll and a Bloodweiser Babe to help with KOs, so let’s get the match rolling!

I do like their icon. It's almost sexy. Almost.

And our arena this time is…


Seriously? The Norse grounds again? That’s 5 out of 7 matches, that is. With the amount of playing fields that are in the game, the odds do not seem in favour of this result, and yet… here we are. Again.

At least we have nice weather, so that’s not something to worry about.

They let us pick the coin toss, and since it’s been so long I fall for the “tails never fails” fallacy, which of course fails. I don’t at current remember what I’ve picked in the past, but I seem to recall having more luck with heads. I’ll try to remember to pick heads from now on. The VCS demand that we kick off first, so we get to set up first as well. As we’ll be defending, I want a strong line here. I am not sure how many vampires they plan to field to begin with, so I’d rather not leave any openings.

Auluff front and centre as per usual, and since I can’t remember where I used to place the Dorfs, we are going by level here, I think. As Alexander and Jay-P have the fanciest hats, they get to be Auluff’s wingmen. Hornmen? Whatever! And I set up Jar next to Jay-P, and Silas next to Alexander. Brutus guards our left flank along with Pink, and Darken shores up the right along with Clare. As for the Hobgoblins, I let Physik and Lovecrafter field the first half, and I’ll let the other two on in the second half.

A Physikal kicker!

The VCS decide to field only one Vampire to begin with, which is a sensible choice to reduce risk, and shove a lot of Thralls in our faces. I could swear I saw a happy glint in Auluff’s eye.

Physik takes the kick, and our kick-off event is… Perfect Defence! So we get to rearrange our people. Apart from moving Physik up a little to be symmetrical with Lovecrafter, I leave it as is, and see the ball fly far. It lands a square from their end zone, and bounces into it. That’s pretty much as lucky a kick as we could get. Nevertheless, I don’t intend to play rashly and charge in there.


Turn 1

Toma the Thrall moves into our half, a square away from L.V., Pink and Brutus Jar, and then Duke Varghulf just runs up and picks up the ball. Even rolls a 6, the bastard, as if to rub it in how superior Vampires are. Wanker.

Redoslav runs up to Darken, which allows Basil to do a Blitz! Which really only results in pushing Darken towards the sidelines. Great going, guys!

And now I see I somehow managed to switch Jar and Brutus during the defence set-up, and the Thralls gang up on both Silas and Brutus and knock them down.

Symmetrical knockdowns.

Then central Thrall Dobry jumps away from Auluff, and I can visibly see our poor Minotaur’s disappointment from here as they hand the turn over to us.

First thing first, I tell both Brutus and Silas to get up. And then I assess the field. While it is tempting to attempt to charge up there, we are not the most mobile team. For now we hold the line. And punch whomever we can reasonably get our hands on.

While it is highly tempting to perform a Blitz with Auluff, I don’t want to leave our centre open. You’ll have your time, I promise.

Alexander can get a two-dice on their Sure Hands Thrall Ivan, so I take that happily. Unfortunately the best I can do is Pushed, because I don’t want to use re-rolls yet, but it does get Alexander more into the fight, where he is quite happy. Brutus does not have Guard though, so Jay-P can not get a two-dice on Sevko. I try to move Physik in for the assist, but unfortunately put him in the wrong square because I momentarily forgot how assists work. Clare can get a nice Blitz on Basil though! Charge!


It looks more impressive than it actually is, as she merely pushes him back. Alright, let’s do some one-die stuff. Darken manages to score a Defender Down on Redoslav, and-

Ding ding ding!

We have a Knockout! On the very first turn, nice work mister Cloud. I decide to avoid any further risk there, and move Pink towards the centre in case of weird plays, and leave Jar free for now. End of turn.

Line still strong.

Turn 2

Duke Varghulf moves forward, and Thralls move back to form a pseudo-cage in front of him. And then they make some cheeky dodges and Blitz Jar onto his back on the very sideline. Vengeance will be coming for you, Volodomyr!

Then Levko attempts to dodge away from Physik and Brutus, but Brutus’s tripping foot is too quick for him.

I laugh at thee!

Good man, mister Bashings! Our turn again.

We get Jar up, because I have a plan, but first Lovecrafter will move up to Ivan to let Alexander get a two-dice. Two Both Downs, which is excellent, because Alexander has Block, and Ivan doesn’t. Down with you, Sure Hands! And it’s a Stun, which makes me smile.

Now for the plan… Pink! Charge Volodomyr! … pushed. Ah well, at least it’s two on two, now, and I think we have the left flank locked down. Now because I really want another 2 SPP on Brutus, I give him a shot… at… the second Levko. There are two of them. Huh. Two Levko Klychkos. Another Stun, and they’re now resting next to eachother. Weird. Well, Clare also has a clear two-dice against Basil, so let’s try that again!


I shimmy Darken up to hopefully make it harder to break through, plug a possible hole with Physik, and end the turn.

Holding the line.

Turn 3

The Thralls that can get up, do get up. The Duke moves up a little more, along with one Thrall, and then they just wait for like half a minute before handing the turn over, leaving me quite puzzled.

Why are those two Thralls just staying back there?

Poor Basil gets knocked down by Clare’s hooves again, and I try to figure out if I can reasonably reach the Duke. Having Auluff jump into a tackle zone seems like the worst idea, so I check if I can free up the route.

Well, Brutus knocks down the Levko that got back up, Stunning him, and meaning only one will get up next turn as well. I still can’t really get at the Vampire though, so instead I tell Auluff to Blitz Prokop! First hit just gets us a Pushed, but with Frenzy and Horns we get a shot another two-dice!


Poor Prokov sinks into the ground as the bells toll around his head, and Duke Varghulf is now alone with an angry Minotaur. It doesn’t last long though, as I move Darken and Jay-P up to gang up on the Vampire. Now what sort of damage can we do?

Pink knocks back Toma, and Jar manages to lay flat Volodomyr. Vengeance has been claimed! I move people about a little bit to stay defensive, and end the turn there. We’ll get that Vamp next turn.

No chances.

Turn 4

First thing they do is gang up on Darken and have Mandek Blitz him, and…

Oh come on!

Darken is out. Well, damn. After this follows a long pause where the VCS do nothing, before they attempt to have Toma dodge away from Jar and Lovecrafter. Jar will have none of it, though, because he’s all fired up now, so the natural result is:

Sit. Down!

We start by having Brutus make sure there are two Levkos on the ground again, and Clare pushes Basil all the way to the edge. Next round, Basil. Next round. Jar and L.V. tie up Toma and Volodomyr, so that if they get up, I’m sending them off the field too. Okay! Enough messing about, Auluff! You have a Vampire to deck! Pushed! Okay, we have Frenzy! … pushed again… okay, not quite what was planned. Pink helps Alexander knock down Ivan while I consider a Blitz on the Duke. It’s just one die, but… I believe in you, Physik!


Okay, we have re-rolls, and it gets us a Both Down, which at least means Physik isn’t going down, even though the Duke isn’t either. Nothing more to be done, so we end the turn.

Not ideal.

Turn 5

The Levkos and Ivan get up, but predictably the two on the sideline do not. The VCS coach thinks for a while, before the Vampire makes a cheeky play.

Acting like an Elf. We will end you!

The devil gets away with it, too. After a little more thinking, Dobry dodges over to Clare, and Basil makes a play!

It failed.

Clare holds the line! And punishes fools! Now to see about punishing this cheeky Duke.

This does mean having to free up a few dudes. Blitzing a Strength 4 player should never be taken lightly. Physik is still in the best position to actually perform the attack, but he needs assistance. Which means freeing up players first. So I start by having Auluff attack Mandek. The first is a Pushed, but on the Frenzy we score a Defender Down!


First a KO, and now an Injury. Auluff is really on fire today. The Apothecary is not called in, and I assume that is because they’re saving it for a Vampire. I attempt to have Jay-P take down one of the Levkos, but a Both Down is the best I get, and they both have Block. Brutus succeeds with the other Levko though, which does eliminate a tackle zone that was making it hard for Silas to get down.

Pink makes it over to the Duke with two go-for-its, thanks to his Sure Feet, and just for giggles I have Clare two-dice Dobry.


Well… shit. I have re-rolls, that’s not the problem, but I had hoped to save them in case of tragedy in the rolls against the Duke. I have no choice though. If we get a Turnover now, that Vampire is going to score. Thankfully we get a Defender Down next, and our turn is saved. Now to rely on Nuffle.

Silas needs to make a go-for-it to get there, but that’s much better than trying to dodge a tackle zone, and praise Nuffle, he gets there safely. Now we can have Physik charge down and liberate that ball! Yus! Defender Down! That ball is ours!

Oh my!

Whoa… Physik managed to injure the Vampire. The Apothecary is called in immediately and gets him back on his feet, but he’s out for the drive. They have like… 6 Thralls yet, and that’s it. Mister Bowie even manages to pick up the ball before we end our turn.

Darken is still sleeping up there.

Turn 6

Right then. What can they do? Well, they get up the downed Levko and Dobry, and have Ivan dodge away from Alexander and move over to Jay-P, before the other Levko tries to attack him! On a one-die…

So much for that.

They didn’t even try to re-roll that Attacker Down, and Levko suffered a smashed collar bone. At least we only have to keep track of one now.

Brutus gets a Both Down on the other Levko and lays him flat, and Alexander moves over to help Jay-P do the same to Ivan. And finally we have Clare assault Dobry and knock him down again before we have Physik move up with the ball. Pink follows to make sure Basil can’t get up and next to Physik, and I ask Auluff ever so politely if he also wants to be part of the cage. Not seeing anyone around to headbutt, he shrugs and walks up. I move the rest around a bit and end the turn.

Looking good for us.

Turn 7

Aside from getting everyone up, and have Basil made a really stupid dodge-roll into Pink’s tackle zone, they don’t really do much before handing the turn over.

And because he lined himself up so neatly, I immediately tell Pink to attack him. All I need is a Pushed! It’s all I get too.

No pity. No mercy.

The crowd eagerly help him into the injury box, and I am just sad that such an injury does not give any SPP. You’ve been on 0 all season, Pink. And it’s not for lack of trying. I also have Clare attack Dobry, but she doesn’t get anything better than a Pushed either. Brutus manages to Both Down Levko again though. That’s something. Lovecrafter smacks Ivan hard enough to Stun him, and Jay-P finishes the job with Dobry. The last thing to do is move Physik up as far as he gets without using a go-for-it. I have plenty of re-rolls, but I also have another turn, so might as well let it run till half-time.

No game, I do not want to pass the ball.

Turn 8

Well… Dobry and Levko gets up, and Volodomyr makes a successful Blitz against Jay-P, but they don’t bother with anything more.

Brutus makes another attempt at injuring Levko, but it’s just not sticking. A shame. I also attempt another Blitz with Clare, using Jar as backup, but no injuries there either. With no other Thralls in punching range, there’s only one more thing to do.


– – – HALF-TIME! – – –

There we go! We’re leading 1-nil! Gunther goes absolutely bonkers on his little drum, and the crowd cheers with wild abandon.

Unfortunately Darken doesn’t get up, even though the Bloodweiser Babe gives him both ale and attention. Sumanai mumbled something about how he’s probably faking it to get more ale, but surely that’s not true.

Bran and Sumanai are both brought in, while Lovecrafter is put in the reserves box. Physik stays on for the KO’d Darken, because let’s face it, he’s kinda our star player.

Bran has Block though, so I let him take Darken’s place on the right flank, while Physik and Sumanai are both brought back to cover the field depending on where the ball might land.

Their two KO’d Thralls get up and back on the field, but that does still leave them with four Vampires having to take the field. Hoping for some Blood Lust to kick in. Duke Varghulf steps up to take the kick-off!

Mo vamps.

The Kick-Off Event turns out to be High Kick! Well… I figure I might as well attempt to let Sumanai catch it. He has a fair chance at it.


It just bounces off of his chest as if he doesn’t care. Ah well.

Turn 9

I move Bran and Physik in for support, because I am determined that Sumanai is going to pick up this ball. But first we are doing some damage, because Auluff can get three dice on Ivan! It takes the Frenzy to get him down though, but I’m still fairly happy with that. Brutus and Silas manage to knock down Toma and Dobry, and we are ready for the pick-up.

Good job!

Well… it burned a re-roll, but we have the ball. We complete the cage with our two Bull Centaurs, and move the Dorfs around a little to make it harder for the VCS dudes to reach us, and I just hand the turn over.

Bring it.

They start moving some people down towards the cage, and also start surrounding Auluff, which is slightly concerning. And then after like 30 seconds they just end the turn without doing anything special. Okay?

I am... puzzled.

Turn 10

Okay then. If they’re gonna be like that, I will move the cage upwards to make Auluff a part of it, and then I have Silas knock down Redoslav. Oh, and let’s have Auluff smack Ivan!

Son of a-

Really? Ugh… I mean… if only Auluff had Block, but… we have never been that lucky. I have to risk a re-roll. On our angriest player, with Loner. Oh please, merciful Nuffle, keep my Minotaur calm.

Oh, thank Nuffle.

I could not be happier. Really. I couldn’t. No way. Ivan goes down, and Auluff is now staring down Count Marek. I shore up the cage even further, making sure to have a Dorf on ever corner. And then, just because I can, I have Clare Blitz Prokov, for the offence of being in Bran’s face. And oh! That’s a KO. Clare is now towering over Duke Rex, and having one less player to worry about certainly pleases me. I move people up some more, and hand over the turn.

Top right, sleeping Prokov, courtesy of Clare.

They make a couple of Thralls get up, and then the Vampires start ganging up on Auluff before Count Marek takes a swing, and we have a Minotaur down. Whom I expect is *very* angry right now.

Duke Varghulf Blitzes straight at Jar, and manages to shove him a little. He even follows up, just so we can get a shot at his face next turn, how considerate. Also, Duke Rex pushes Clare back. Having a Vampire do a one-die block seems unnecessarily risky, but their coach has been acting weird throughout this game. They move about a bit before ending the turn.

There they are.

Turn 11

First off we have Jar lay Duke Varghulf flat. Easy enough. Jar’s a trooper. Now… I would like to get Auluff up. Auluff does not like standing up, because he’s a Wild Animal. But if I promise him that he’ll get to punch something, that is usually bait enough. Count Marek is looking like a very juicy target for a Blitz. Get ‘im! Boosh, that’s a Vampire Down. Silas then knocks down Redoslav, and Physik pushes away Levko, which allows Jay-P to get two dice against Toma.

Welcome to the smackdown.

Another Thrall down, and Pink heads over to help Clare lock down Duke Rex. I move the cage off to the right, but… Alexander has to make a go-for-it, and he fails, which I have to re-roll. It allows me to move into a mostly complete cage. Okay, that done, it’s time to look at our one-die rolls. Brutus can get one against Levko, who doesn’t have Block!


Oh crap… Nuffle has abandoned us. Is Brutus gonna die now? … Thankfully not, but this does mean a Turnover. Curses.

Duke Varghulf gets back up, along with Count Marek. Toma also gets up, and Duke Rex Blitzes straight into Sumanai.


And of course he has Tackle. Of course. Bran fails to catch it, and now it’s just lying there. Duke Walach dodges away from Auluff, and easily picks up the ball, the bastard. Ivan also attempts to get away, but Auluff has had enough.


Turn 12

I consider how to get the ball back, and start with having Jay-P lay down Toma. I also elect to push Duke Rex away a square, which I immediately regret because Bran and Physik now only have one die after that. However, Pink has a clear line to Blitz Duke Walach. Charge! Walach is down, and the ball is again free. Clare moves up the other side, to allow Physik to knock down Duke Rex towards the side-line. Okay, Sumanai, time to get up and pick up the ball again.

Oh for f-

Oh great… re-roll!

*unintelligible rage*

Most of their players get up, and Duke Varghulf hops away from a seething Auluff, quickly followed by Count Marek who Blitzes Pink with great success. This allows Volodomyr to knock down Alexander and push the ball onto Bran, who still doesn’t want to pick it up. Lovely. More of their players dodge away from our guys and head towards the ball, but it feels kinda like they’re pushing their luck with all these Agility 3 players…


Clare suffers no fools.

Turn 13

I am getting a bit angry myself at this point, so the first thing I do is activate the Blitz and tell Auluff to charge straight into Count Marek.


I… can’t believe it. I heave a great sigh as I hit the re-roll button, fully expecting Loner to kick in. Oh? Oh! Pushed! Yes! I’ll take that! Frenzy!


I don’t… have… words…

… *deep breath*

Okay, we can move on now.

The VCS start crowding around the ball, and then Duke Walach throws a block against Bran. Both Down, so it’s Block against Block. They don’t give up though, as Duke Rex attacks right after and gets a Defender Stumbles. Poor Bran.

Conga line.

For some reason they have Ivan “Sure Hands” Prokov pick up the ball, instead of a Vampire. Curious. He hops away from Sumanai, and Dobry hops away from Silas. Just not high enough.

Getting there.

Turn 14

I have everyone get up, and give Auluff permission to Blitz Duke Walach.

Gruff gruff gruff.

With that, and the Regeneration roll failing, I am in a much better mood already. We follow that up with having Physik lay Toma flat, and Jay-P helps Clare put Duke Rex in a much more precarious situation. Silas makes sure Dobry can’t get back up unhindered, and Jar strolls merrily up there to get in Ivan’s face. That is pretty much all we can do, except that Sumanai has a single die against Duke Rex. All I need is a Pushed. Defender Stumbles, that is excellent.


The crowd are more than happy to accept Duke Rex into their firm, swinging arms and legs. Again a real shame that there’s no SPP gain from this, and the Regeneration gets him back on his feet, but that is two Vampires out in a single turn. Things are looking up as we hand the turn over.

Count Marek hops up to support Ivan against Jar, and then Duke Varghulf performs a Blitz!


Turn 15

I look over the situation for a bit before I have Bran and Physik knock down a Thrall each, and then have Pink Blitz right up into Ivan. Which just gives me a Pushed. Alright. At least we have more players by the ball now. I then tell Auluff to attack Redoslav.


I have one re-roll left. I’ll save it. At least Wild Animal doesn’t cost him his tackle zone. I move Sumanai up around the side to Ivan, and Alexander moves up around the other side to Count Marek. This allows Jar to two-dice the Count, and get… a Pushed. Ugh. Okay, at least it wasn’t a double Attacker Down. Silas does a one-die push against Dobry, and that only leaves a few players to move around a bit. I move Jay-P up to the downed Volodomyr, and then decide I’d rather have him free, just in case.


… okay, there goes my last re-roll. Blarg. At least Clare has Sure Feet, so I feel it’s still safe to have her make a go-for-it before I hand the turn over.

Their dudes get up, Count Marek makes Jar sit down, and Redoslav thinks it’s a great idea to try to dodge away from a super-angry Auluff.

Great plan!

Turn 16

Final turn. Final chance for another Touchdown. Who can make it? I look over all options, and it seems like Sumanai is the only one close enough to end zone. Auluff, do your magic! He Blitzes straight into Ivan, and knocks the Thrall flat. The ball lands in a perfect position, and I make a newbie mistake. Let’s see if you can catch it. I walk Sumanai up, and he picks up the ball flawlessly. Then I think that I can do some damage before I run the ball in.

Pink pushes Count Marek, Brutus knocks down Toma, Alexander pushes Dobry, and Bran knocks down Volodomyr. Then I go back to Sumanai to have him score, only to find that… I can’t move him any longer. Oh… oh right. Have to do all actions with one player before I switch over to another… and since I had already started my actions with Sumanai… I had to finish it there and then. Shite. Utter shite. All I can really do now is hand the turn over.


Thralls get up, Count Marek Blitzes Sumanai free of his ball, and Duke Varghulf picks it up. Which is basically all they can do.

We couldn't find a fat lady, but it's still over.

– – – END OF MATCH! – – –

Well, we won! Even with my mistakes. And the results are:

We had a good roll on our winnings and got 70 000 GP, so we now have 150 000 GP in the treasury!

Our fan factor increased again, and is now at 7.

Brutus Bashings was elected MVP, and got +5 SPP for a total of 9 SPP, which gave him a level-up.

Physik Bowie caused a casualty and scored a touchdown, and got +5 SPP for a total of 25 SPP.

Auluff caused two casualties, and got +4 SPP for a total of 16 SPP, which gave him a level-up too.

Jay-P Hurtington caused one casualty, and got +2 SPP for a total of 20 SPP.


Two of them this time, but no extraordinary rolls, I am afraid.

First up was Auluff, who is now Level 3. Since Strength skills are all I can get him, the most natural one seemed like Juggernaut. In the absense of Block, it at least makes Blitzing with him fairly safe. And as we know from before, level 3 means some new duds. Behold the swag:


Brutus got upgraded to level 2, and I just slammed Guard onto him. As much Guard as possible, please, at least barring any exceptional rolls.

Skills of the day

I am not sure whether this will be a regular feature any longer, but if there’s anything new and kinda interesting on our most recent opponents, I’ll probably note those. And Vampires do have two unusual skills, and at least one of them is unique.

Blood Lust

This is basically the trade-off to allowing Vampires to have both ST 4 and AG 4. Whenever they start their action, they roll a D6, and if it hits a 1, the Vampire is affected by Blood Lust. This means that they have to feed, and  have to end their turn next to an allied Thrall and suck their blood. The Thrall then has to perform an injury roll, but the worst that can happen is Badly Injured. And if the Vampire attempts a Block, and is hit with Blood Lust, they are allowed to move instead, to hopefully reach a Thrall. If they do not reach a Thrall, they run off the field to feed on an audience member, and is put in the reserves box afterwards. I.e. out for the drive.

Hypnotic Gaze

I believe this one is not restricted to Vampires, but I can’t think of anyone else I’ve seen who has this as standard. It basically means that they can attempt to hypnotise an enemy instead of throwing a block, and this can even be done after moving, without a Blitz. This is an Agility roll rather than a Strength roll, and it gets a -1 for each added enemy tackle zone. If successful, the target becomes as if under the effect of Bonehead or Really Stupid. No tacklezone, no option to catch, pass or intercept the ball, no assists, and basically can’t do anything until you are next able to take action with them. I am fairly certain that failing the Hypnotic Gaze does not result in a turnover, so not sure why I didn’t see it used at all during this match.

While I made a couple of annoying mistakes, I think I did fairly well for not having played for so long. The AI acted a little oddly though… almost felt more like I was playing an actual human being, with the way it would just stop to think at times, and curious moves that almost seemed like misclicks. I have absolutely no explanation for why the transfer from Treasury to Petty Cash at the start though… I mean, I’m fairly certain this is still set to Hard, but it was just downright odd at times.

Our next opponent is a human team called the Mittledorf Smashers. That should be interesting, especially if we manage to get our hands on those Strength 2 Catchers. Humans are a very middle-of-the-road team. A cursory glance at their line-up revealed an Ogre (which is practically standard) and a Strength 4 Blitzer. I don’t foresee either being a big problem, but in Blood Bowl anything can happen.

I will not promise any kind of schedule on these though. I have too much going on for that, and these take a while to complete. I hope you enjoy anyway. 🙂

Match 6

Match 8



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  1. Glad to see this going on again!

    Not so glad to see Nuffle still doesn’t particularly like my avatar, though.

  2. So did any occurrences of Bloodlust actually trigger during this game?

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