Transformers: Titanfall – Titanformers?

It is that time again. Time to throw out ideas for a hypothetical game that will never, ever happen.

See, IGN did a silly April Fool’s thing about Optimus Prime DLC coming for Titanfall. The trailer is quite amusing, but can (for now) only be seen from IGN’s own site using their own player. But what it did was give me ideas for an actual Transformers: Titanfall game, and with the help of lovely people like Jarenth I have expanded them enough that I feel they need to be written about. They’re still pretty rough though, as all of this was thought up in the past 3 hours, and no thoughts on balance have so far been spared.

Now first off I want to state that Transformers having human partners is not a new idea. Headmasters didn’t come out that long after the main series started. There’s also firm precedent for miniaturised Transformers in the shape of Micromasters, and I know in at least one continuity they could combine with larger Transformers to power them up.

That said, for now we aren’t really worrying about any sort of story/lore reason for why a load of small human-sized Transformers would run around fighting a ground war, and only occasionally calling in big Transformer support.

So the original idea was that in addition to having two sides of Transformers you could pick from as your Titanformers, you could also pick from different types of pilots/partners.

The Headmasters would become the head of their Titanformer, and when combined would get better accuracy and battlefield awareness than any of the others. Maybe like a special suite of sensors or something, and they can share their findings with other nearby Titanformers.

The Powermasters would become the power core of their Titanformer, and provide increased strength and speed over the others.

The Targetmasters would become some sort of super-weapon.

I was also thinking of re-doing the Pretender idea a bit, maybe make a fourth pilot class out of that. And when they’d combine, they would form a damage-resistant shell/shield on the outside of their Titanformer (or possibly reshape the Titanformer itself around them) that would change their appearance, and possibly make them harder to target or something. Either immunity to auto-targeting, or maybe their Friend of Foe indicator would be gone? And perhaps only Headmasters would be able to detect them properly?

So yeah, different Titanformers on each side, and different pilot classes for everyone!

Then I was proposed the idea of two different pilot “races”. Like you’d have the human partner stuff, cyborgs enhanced to be able to transform into a part of their Titanformer, and they’d have the regular parkour abilities and such that Titanfall pilots currently have. But you could also choose to be a Micromaster, and be a fully robotic pilot/partner. They’d be tougher, but less mobile in that they can’t sprint as fast, and would either have no, or limited, parkour. But they’d have an alternate form, some sort of small vehicle they could transform into to get around faster on the ground. They would not be able to use weapons in that form, but I would be willing to give them ramming speed.

The final idea we’ve come up with so far, is that maybe if one team manages to get all six Titanformers up, they could all combine into a super-Titanformer thing and wreck house.

Do you have more ideas or suggestions for this silly thought experiment? I’d love to hear them.



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