Battle Screen Writings

I have not been writing a lot here lately. That’s partially because I haven’t really been writing much at all, due to depression-related things, but also because most of my efforts now go towards stuff on Battle Screen.

Battle Screen is a new games site started by some people I know through Twitter, so I signed on as an occasional contributor. My level of contribution comes and goes in waves, but I’ve been able to do some reviews, and I do some news and stuff as well.

I figured I’d start doing a short post here whenever I put up a review.

Okay, let me list the reviews I’ve done so far.

I started with Banished. I haven’t really played it much more since, so I don’t have any further comments.

Next up is Betrayer. While I can certainly see why people called it repetetive, I for one felt tense all the way up to the end. And what an end.

Then there was The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3. I do wonder why I felt like ep 3 was the one that felt more railroaded, while ep 2 had all the great choices, when I’ve heard so many people express opposite sentiments.

Child Of Light was last week. I still feel that slight temptation to have given this 10/10, but in the end I felt its shortcomings were grave enough to deduct a point.

Earlier this week was Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure. Looking back at that review, I do wonder if I maybe didn’t do a good enough job highlighting the game’s strong points, especially since I gave it a strong score.

And finally I reviewed Bound By Flame. Don’t get this one. It’s not worth it. Feel free to read for the rage, though. Final note: That Edwen is sure reminiscent of Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins.

That’s all there is for now, but next week I am gonna look at DreadOut, and I will probably play Transistor the week after, though I don’t know if I’ll get the review for that one.

As for this site, I don’t quite know yet. Reviews for older games will still go here, but otherwise it will probably just be various opinion pieces and strange thoughts. Depends on my mood, energy and time, really.



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