Among The Sleep Playthrough

Oh hey! Yes. It’s a thing. I played through Among The Sleep a second time and recorded the whole thing to bring you…


I made a playlist you can check out.

There will already be more than enough face-cam and/or commentary vids of a horror game, so I figured I’d offer an as smooth as possible experience of the game without commentary for those who want to experience it, but do not feel like actually playing it themselves. Some people do better with watching spooks than playing spooks, that’s just how it is.

I even made custom thumbnails and used part of the intro for an opening segment that is pretty much identical for each video. (You might notice that it is slightly different in the first one, because I didn’t make the cuts as fine.)

Was hard to not put some text commentary in the descriptions though, even though I know only like 1% of viewers actually look at those.

As stated it is best to view them in HD, considering it’s a dark game even with the brightness turned up as much as I did. Recording a thing tends to make it look darker, and putting it on Youtube definitely makes it look darker. So I put it as high as I thought I needed to compensate, but hopefully not ruin the experience.

I did have to make a few cuts when things went wrong, though I did my very best to make them look as natural as possible. I am not great at video editing though, simply through a lack of experience, so I imagine they’re really obvious. I haven’t dared look. It’s not exactly a game with that many optional paths, so I would normally be doing pretty much the same things if I had to repeat a section. Also cut out all loading screens and I think I managed to avoid including the word ‘Loading’ at any point as well. Sometimes that would show up before the loading screen even happened, so I wonder if those cuts look weird.

I also tried to show as little of the monster as possible. Still ended up being a little bit more than in my first playthrough, but hopefully not enough to ruin it. My only regret is that you couldn’t hear my heart pounding when I could tell it was behind me and I was too worried to look. I’m not sure you can tell that I was trying to hurry through as quickly as possible when that was happening.

As I mentioned in the review, I actually didn’t figure out the ‘twist’ beforehand, possibly because I never actually took any sort of close look at the monster, or paid that much mind to the symbolism behind the changing paintings in the swamp manor. I tried to make sure to show those off clearly in the recorded playthrough. So the reveal actually chilled me to the bone, as I just went ‘oh’.

So yeah, I am happy with how this game turned out. It could have used a little more bug-fixing perhaps, but I am excited to see what Krillbite will bring out next.



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